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Anne Hathaway cried when a trainer made a comment about her 'baby weight'
Added 60 minutes agoSource: CeleBitchy
Anne Hathaway cried when a trainer made a comment about her 'baby weight'
Anne Hathaway is currently promoting her role in Alice Through the Looking Glass, which is why she appeared on The Ellen Show on Tuesday. This was actually her first TV interview since giving birth two months ago, and honestly, I already see a difference in Anne. She's really sleep-deprived, for one. And as I said yesterday, I think the sleep deprivation is making her kind of punch-drunk. Anyway, she told a story about going back to the gym after she gave birth to her son, Jonathan Rosebanks (who she calls Jonny). Is two months too early to go back to the gym' It's different for every woman, and I'm sure Anne's doctors gave her the nod. But still, she really did just give birth, so she had a particularly emotional reaction when some dude made a comment about her 'baby weight.'

Anne Hathaway gave birth only eight weeks ago, so she’s not totally ready to resume some of her normal routines. She did decide, however, that she would go back to the gym, but even that has been tough.

“Being a Mom has changed me in a couple ways. I actually, not based on this moment, but other moments feel a lot more confident. Normally you walk into the gym and you see, I work out in West Hollywood, so you see like Thor’s trainer, you know the people who have too many muscles to be in The Avengers that’s who works out at my gym,” she explains, adding that she has returned to the gym only three times. “So I would normally walk in and feel so intimidated, but I walk in I’m like yeah I work out with 5 pound weights, but I pushed a baby out of my body I feel good right now. So I don’t care what I look like, I feel great. I’m on this [row] machine, whatever that does.”

All of a sudden, someone started to stare at the Oscar-winning star, so at first she thought she was doing something incorrectly and became a little insecure. “I see this guy who does actually look like Thor’s trainer staring at me and I’m like, ‘Oh God. Am I doing something wrong'’” Hathaway recalls. “In the past I just would have slunk off my machine.”

With her new mommy confidence, Hathaway explains that she asked the trainer if everything was OK, and they struck up a short conversation. But it didn’t end there.

“He’s like, ‘So you been working out at this gym for a long time.’ And I’m like oh my God he’s hitting on me. Nice! New mom. I feel really good about myself and I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah I’ve been coming here for a little bit.’ He’s like, ‘Cool, I’m a trainer here and just wondering if you want some pointers.’ And I’m like, Oh no he’s not hitting on you he just wants a job.”

Spoiler alert: He didn’t get the job because instead of giving her the proper response after she revealed she had recently given birth, he body shamed her. “If somebody says I had a baby 13 years ago you say you look great. That is what you do that is the etiquette,” she explains on the show. “So I say to this guy I had a baby seven weeks ago. And he goes, ‘Oh, trying to lose the baby weight!’” Hathaway explains that she kept her cool in the moment, but afterwards she walked away and cried!

[From E! News]

To be fair to the dude-face trainer, he didn't assume that she had just had a baby, he waited until she said it. And he didn't say, 'Oh, that's why you look that way.' But yeah, it was rude. Really rude. There's such an epidemic of rude gym trainers, right' I've been going to the same gym for years and I have my routine and I know what I'm doing (for the most part) and I stay in my particular comfort zone. But inevitably, a new trainer will show up and try to tell me what I should be doing in a really patronizing way. Like, 'Oh, do you understand how the treadmill works'' Yes, trust me, I understand. Now go away. As for Anne's situation, the guy just wanted work and he probably thought he was being helpful. And she should have told him to just go away. Or she could have gone to the manager in tears and gotten the guy fired. Which is a revenge fantasy that has gotten me through many workouts.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani paying instagram users for relationship PR?
Added 60 minutes agoSource: CeleBitchy
Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani paying instagram users for relationship PR?
Embed from Getty Images

I know that hardly a day goes by without a mention of omnipresent pop culture couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, but today we've got a story packed with intrigue and shenanigans! Many of our commenters have remarked that the relationship between the pop/ska princess and the country singing cowboy is about as convincing as the Whitney Houston hologram. Well, you may be onto something, as evidence suggests that Gwake's PR people may be paying social media influencers to promote them.

The Cut's Allie Jones put on her Nancy Drew hat when she saw d-list faux celebrities and Instagram-famous individuals posting gushing endorsements for Gwake and their (still awful) single, 'Go Ahead and Break My Heart' on Instagram.

What raised the red flag were a pair of posts which sounded like they may have come from somebody's publicist. The first came from former Bachelor contestant, Becca Tilley. Tilly, who has over 700,000 followers, featured a shot of the couple singing their new duet at Blake's album release party back on May 9. You can see the performance, if you haven't had enough of them making goo-goo eyes at each other, below:

This is strange as this happened a few weeks ago and Becca just posted this on Sunday. Becca wrote, 'I have a weird obsession with these two right now!! Watching the whole performance for @iheartradio at — heart eyes!!!!’ ' @blakeshelton @gwenstefani.' Curious.

I have a weird obsession with these two right now!! Watching the whole performance for @iheartradio at — heart eyes!!!!’ ' @blakeshelton @gwenstefani

A photo posted by beccatilley (@beccatilley) on May 22, 2016 at 3:16pm PDT

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Angelina Jolie almost played the lead role in the iconic '90s movie 'The Craft'
Added 60 minutes agoSource: CeleBitchy
Angelina Jolie almost played the lead role in the iconic '90s movie 'The Craft'
This ^^ is a photo of Angelina Jolie in 1996's Foxfire, the story about five teenage misfits who gang together to take down the man who has harassed them. Foxfire was the film where Angelina met and fell in love with Jenny Shimizu, incidentally. It was also the film Angelina did instead of The Craft!! For '90s girls like me, The Craft is a pretty big deal. Personally speaking, Clueless was always a bigger deal for ME, but I did enjoy The Craft. The Craft is also a story of a gang of misfit girls banding together' but they banded together for witchcraft! The iconic '90s film starred Robin Tunney (in the lead role), Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True. The film turns 20 years old this year, and to celebrate, HuffPo did interviews with original cast members, producers and the director, Andrew Fleming. Fleming said that Angelina was very close to being cast in the lead role, which went to Robin Tunney. That's what's shocking to me, that Jolie read for Sarah and not Nancy (played by Fairuza Balk).

You may not be able to picture The Craft with a different group of teen witches, but that was almost the case when putting the coven together. During an interview with The Huffington Post to celebrate the cult classic’s 20th anniversary, casting director Pam Dixon and director Andrew Fleming revealed that the famous 1996 flick almost starred some now-huge A-listers, including Angelina Jolie, Alicia Silverstone and Scarlett Johansson. And they all went for the same part'Sarah, the lead role.

“We did these tests and we tested a lot of girls, some of whom have become really well-known,” Dixon shared. “We actually had a hold on somebody that we had to let go because she got offered another film, and we didn’t know if the movie was really happening. That girl was Angelina Jolie. She did Foxfire instead.” Oh, whaaaaat'

She continued, “Another person who came in was Scarlett Johansson, who was just 12 at the time. The other girl was Alicia Silverstone. This would have been '95. She had just shot Clueless, but it had not come out. Alicia also got something between the time that we read them and the time we were really going to make the movie, so we couldn’t pick her up either and she went to do something else. They were all really for Sarah.”

The lead role obviously ended up going to Robin Tunney, who actually auditioned for a smaller part in the film. “Robin was originally cast in the part that Neve Campbell played, but we wanted her for the lead. We had to talk her into playing the lead, which was weird. But she did it. She wanted to play Bonnie, and we said, ‘No, we want you to be Sarah.’ It was like a reverse-Hollywood story where she wanted the smaller part.”

[From E! News]

I could see how Alicia Silverstone would be in contention for the middle-of-the-road Sarah role, and I could also see how Angelina would have been outright offered the lead or any role in the film. But Angelina would have been better as Nancy. Perhaps they already had Fairuza at the time and they just wanted Sarah to be darker, thus Angelina. Because remember how Angelina was back then' She WAS The Craft. She was dark and witchy and goth and amazing. What could have been!

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of WENN, 'The Craft' and 'Foxfire.'

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Chloe Grace Moretz Struts Her Red Hot Legs
Added 8 hours agoSource: Popoholic
Chloe Grace Moretz Struts Her Red Hot Legs
Here’s Chloe Grace Moretz leaving her hotel in NYC yesterday afternoon in a red hot pair of skin-tight leggings that are doing one hell of a job of showing off her sexy legs, and thighs, and curves… hot dayuuumn! And as if her red hot leg show wasn’t drool-inducing enough (it is) she’s also running around braless. Wow. Oh yeah, and I’m totally digging the nerdy look as well. One more time… hot dayuuumn! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Chloe Grace Moretz photos
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Taylor Swift Super Cleavagy, And Leggy And Bootylicious In Sexy Leggings!
Added 8 hours agoSource: Popoholic
Taylor Swift Super Cleavagy, And Leggy And Bootylicious In Sexy Leggings!
Now here’s something we don’t see very often… Taylor Swift actually showing off some surprisingly plentiful cleavage… wowzers! I don’t know how she’s doing it (Push-up bra' Padded bra' Black magic') but that’s the most cleavagy I’ve ever seen her. And that’s not the only jaw-dropping surprise. She’s also busting out some groovy booty curves in a sexy/revealing pair of skin-tight leggings! Crazy! Speaking of those leggings… they’re also doing one hell of a job of showing off her insanely sexy/supermodel-like legs, so stop reading this and enjoy the show!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Ample Curves in New Swimwear Spread
Added 19 hours agoSource: Celebrity Gossip
Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Ample Curves in New Swimwear Spread
She loves creating apparel for women of all shapes and sizes, and Jessica Simpson unveiled her latest line of bathing suits via Instagram on Monday (May 23).

The 'Come On Over' songstress posted a series of drool-worthy snapshots that accentuated her curvy physique and added the caption, 'Sun's out, buns out.'

Jessica also recently told press she's hard at work on some new projects- 'I'm back in the studio ' I've been in the studio all week. It's been a very exciting time to rediscover music and I definitely have so much inspiration. I've been in the music business for so long, and it's interesting to see what I come up with as a mom and the perspective I have after all the records I have made and all the life situations I've been through. There's a lot to talk about. There's a lot to sing about. There's a lot I feel like people will relate to.'

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The Force Is Strong With Daisy Ridley's Insanely Sexy And Fit Body
Added 20 hours agoSource: Popoholic
The Force Is Strong With Daisy Ridley's Insanely Sexy And Fit Body
Here’s a photo that Star Wars: The Force Awakens cutie Daisy Ridley just posted on her Instagram showing off how insanely sexy and fit her body is for the currently-filming Episode VIII… wowzers! And that especially goes for her booty and thighs. Impressive. Most impressive. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Kaley Cuoco Struts Her Busty Braless Bosom And Booty
Added 20 hours agoSource: Popoholic
Kaley Cuoco Struts Her Busty Braless Bosom And Booty
Here’s The Big Bang Theory star/ultra hot babe Kaley Cuoco running some errands in Calabasas yesterday afternoon and busting out her huge braless bosom in a snug little top and busting out her booty curves in a pair of jeans while doing so, woohoo! Still the proud owner of one of the best bosoms in the biz, eh' Oh, and on a side note, I didn’t think Calabasas was that chilly this time of year. Alright, enjoy!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Cara Delevingne covers W Mag: 'My earliest memory is of cutting myself'
Added 25 hours agoSource: CeleBitchy
Cara Delevingne covers W Mag: 'My earliest memory is of cutting myself'
Oh, good. I was worried we were going to have to get through the summer without seeing Cara Delevingne roll her eyes through another promotional tour. Cara is gearing up to promote Suicide Squad, so she covers the June/July cover of W Magazine. And because she's an actress now and not a model, she's doing her Angry Baby Face in every photo ' you can see W's slideshow here. If Bella Hadid's one expression is set to 'sedated,' Cara's expression is always set to 'sullen.' Anyway, Cara says many words to W Magazine now that she's an actress! Some highlights:

Wanting to be someone else: 'When I was a kid, I always wanted to be other people. I went through different stages: I was a few Spice Girls for a while'first Baby, then Sporty, and then Ginger. I was never Posh, because she wore little black dresses, and I didn't want to be that kind of girl. Beyond that, I only dreamed of being male superheroes. Spider-Man, especially, had a cool costume and cool toys. There were not many strong superhero-type women, apart from Wonder Woman'but I didn't want to be a 5-year-old running around in, like, a bikini.'

How she got the part in Suicide Squad: 'I met the director, David Ayer, at a hotel in London on a dark and stormy night. He didn't tell me anything about the movie. Instead, he showed me pictures of these amazing, enlightened, powerful, but very evil women. He spoke to me about addiction and mental illness, which are things I find very, very interesting. The next time I met David was at his house in L.A. He asked me to read a scene from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' I love that play and had acted in it at school when I was 17, so I was excited. Somehow, when we were doing the scene, I became livid. I hadn't felt rage like that in years. And then I got the part! There still wasn't a script, but David asked me to go and try and find a forest and, if it was a full moon, get naked and walk through the woods with my feet in the mud, which I did. There wasn't a full moon, but I howled like a wolf. It would have been really funny if someone had seen me.'

Research for Paper Towns: 'Growing up in England, I thought everything I saw in American films was fake. I didn't think New York was a real place! So it was the same with high schools. When we made the movie, I actually got a locker and popped into classes at a real high school. Last year at CinemaCon, I received an award for Paper Towns, which was funny because the movie hadn't come out yet. I said, 'None of you have actually seen me act, but thank you for trusting that I can.'

She's dark: 'I like anything intense. When I was a child, I was obsessed with blood and death. This sounds really dark, but my earliest memory is of cutting myself. I was pretending to shave like my dad. One time, I covered my face in shaving foam, and I got his razor and ran it along the bottom of my finger and nearly cut it off. Do you want to see the scar' It's barely visible now. But I like knowing that it's there.'

[From W Magazine]

There's a lot to unpack. First of all, I wish she had said a bit more about cutting herself, meaning she should have and could have given that a better context instead of saying she was “obsessed with blood and death.” Cutting can be a serious disorder and it's important to discuss the psychology of cutting, and give it a proper context. I worry that she’s dismissing how serious it is. As for thinking everything in American films was fake' really' She didn't know that New York was a place that really existed' That seems very sheltered. And as for the director telling her to walk naked through a forest' that seems like an inappropriate suggestion, right'

Photos courtesy of Mario Sorrenti/W Magazine.

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Kim Kardashian in Cavalli at the Vogue 100 London event: tragic or sexy?
Added 25 hours agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kim Kardashian in Cavalli at the Vogue 100 London event: tragic or sexy?
To celebrate British Vogue's centenary, the magazine has organized several big events. Over the weekend, Vogue UK did 'Vogue 100' Q&A sessions with big-name celebrities. And on Monday night, Vogue UK celebrated their photo exhibition (featuring those portraits of the Duchess of Cambridge) for Vogue 100. The opening had a big red carpet, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West flew back to London from Rome (where they had attended the opening of La Traviata).

Unfortunately, Kim must have mixed up designers. She wore a British designer, Vivienne Westwood, in Rome and at the Vogue 100 event, she wore an Italian designer, Roberto Cavalli. Technically, this gown is Peter Dundas for Cavalli, for what that's worth. While I dislike how showy/exhibitionist it is, I have to say that I was surprised by how thin Kim looks here. She really has lost almost all of the baby weight. Her body looks great. It's just an unflattering dress that squishes her boobs.

More photos' here's Kate Moss, who was the last one to arrive. Moss covers Vogue UK, on average, twice a year. And it's been that way for two decades. Moss IS Vogue UK.

Demi Moore also wore Dundas for Cavalli. This is kind of tragic. Why are the sleeves so long'!

Alexa Chung in Prada. I'm fine with the gold tin foil dress, but WHY did she pair it with black polka-dotted pantyhose and black pumps' Tragic.

Bonus David Gandy, arguably the biggest male model in the world. And plus he's hot.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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