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Olivia Munn And Jessica Alba Make A Great Pair
Added 5 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Olivia Munn And Jessica Alba Make A Great Pair
Who knew Jessica Alba and Olivia Munn are friends. Now I know who Jessica is dressed up as, but I have no clue what Olivia is supposed to be? Also, who is Wilma Flintstone? Any help would be appreciated. I need names when Little Tuna goes to work.

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Demi Moore was 'spiraling down a path of self-destruction' I never felt good enough'
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Demi Moore was 'spiraling down a path of self-destruction' I never felt good enough'
It came out in late 2011 that Demi Moore?s then-husband, Ashton Kutcher, was cheating on her. One of his hookups went to the tabloids, which must have been devastating to Demi. Their marriage dissolved quickly after that. In January of 2012, Demi had a medical crisis/overdose, thought to be from synthetic marijuana, for which the paramedics were called. She went to rehab in early 2012. There were stories and photos of her into 2013 suggesting she was not yet sober. Demi achieved sobriety in 2014 I think, when she started showing up at events looking fabulous. She did this without much fanfare and without talking about it. I mention all this as background and am not trying to shame her. We all have our own journey and she never put herself out there as an example.

Anyway, Demi was honored over the weekend as Woman of The Year by the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House, which is ?the first residential program in the country for women recovering from alcohol and drug abuse.? In her acceptance speech she talked about her sobriety journey in general terms. She also alluded to an intervention, but she said it happened early in her career. I read these headlines thinking she was talking about that time following her split with Ashton but don?t think that?s the case. Here?s what she said.

I feel like theres a defining moments in our lives that shape who we are and the direction we go and early in my career, I was spiraling down a path of real self-destruction and no matter what successes I had, I just never felt good enough I had absolutely no value for myself and this self-destructive path, it very quickly brought me to a real crisis point and it wasnt clear at the time the reason. Maybe it was divine intervention.

Moore noted two unnamed people who she barely knew who stood up for her. As the actress joked, it was more like an ultimatum. Unless I was dead, I better show up, she quipped.

Without getting too specific, the G.I. Jane star said she was given a chance to redirect the course of my life before I destroyed everything.

Clearly they saw more of me than I saw of myself, Moore noted. And Im so grateful because without that opportunity, without their believing me, I wouldnt be standing here today.

Life is certainly not a straight line and I think everyone here has dealt with not feeling good enough at some point in their lives, she said. I know in a moment of great struggle for me, Ive reached out to a wise teacher and expressed my fear that I wasnt good enough and she said, You will never be good enough, but you can know the value of your worth. Put down the measuring stick.

As she finished, So today, I put down the measuring stick and I thank you for this beautiful acknowledgment and the opportunity to know the value of my worth.

[From E! Online]

It?s kind of impressive that Demi just got sober and didn?t say anything about it for years. At first this reminded me of Simon Pegg opening up about his sobriety a full seven years later, when he knew he was able to maintain it. Demi didn?t get into details here, which is her prerogative, and she phrases it like it happened decades ago. Plus I guess I cant assume thats what happened, because she didnt even specify. This is probably the most she?ll say, that it was hard and she felt ?less than.?

Also, I dont mind the oversize 80s jacket trend and I will admit to owning a couple, but this suit is messy and looks too big. You can wear a giant jacket, but maybe have a fitted shirt underneath and dont pair it with pants that are also loose. She looks great though otherwise.

photos credit: WENN

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VF: Seven years on, Duchess Kate's 'golden era' is finally upon us, or something
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
VF: Seven years on, Duchess Kate's 'golden era' is finally upon us, or something
Vanity Fair published a very interesting and slightly suspicious article about the Duchess of Cambridge. The article is called ?Welcome to the Golden Era of Kate Middleton,? and the point of it seems to be that Kate is coming ?back? from six months of maternity leave, and she?s ready to queen this bitch. After more than seven years of watching her duchessing, I can?t say that I really buy any of this. Is it true that Kate has seemed more relaxed in general? Sure. Is it true that the sense of ?competition? has made Kate more keen? Perhaps. But if you take away Meghan?s entrance into the royal fold, what are we really left with? Yet another story about how Kate *plans* to be super-keen very soon. These stories crop up about three times a year, on average. We?re always hearing about how this time, she really means it, she?s totally going to be keen now. She never is. You can read the full Vanity Fair piece here. Some highlights (yes, this is a really long piece, so I?m editing out some of the dumb fluff):

Kate?s turning point: Post-maternity leave and with Meghan around, ?It?s a huge turning point,? said Susan E. Kelley, the owner, editor, and Middletonian obsessive behind What Kate Wore. ?I think this is where Kate gets to make her markA couple of years ago, you might still have seen her being a little bit timid. Now, she seems like she?s in a more take-charge position. I?m beginning to see the person who?s going to be the queen emerging.?

Kate is a senior royal now: Kate is ?no longer the ?commoner? who married into the family but the future Queen Consort and mother of the future King. The role of princess-in-training has been passed on to Meghan?who, as a former actress and longtime humanitarian, is already perfectly comfortable in the public eye, but is just getting started with her own royal family and working with her chosen causes, including girls? education. Kate has graduated to an unspoken Level Two, where she is more free to pursue her own passions?including mental-health issues, underprivileged children, and art?in a more targeted way.

Kate finally knows what she wants to do: ?She found her role as a working member of the royal family through bringing up her own children and realizing what?s important to her,? said ABC News royal commentator Omid Scobie. ?One of the things that we?ll see her really focusing on for the months ahead is working to help support disadvantaged children in the U.K. . . . Kate has this plan in place to really work with a number of organizations, including the Royal FoundationIf you look at Queen Elizabeth, she has that strength without really saying much, that has held this country together through some of the the fiercest wars and times that we?ve faced. I think Kate has the ability to do the same.?

Katie Nicholl?s take on Kate?s ?work-shy? label: ?She?s a mother, first and foremost. Her children are going to be her priority while they are young, and she will juggle her work commitments around the kids. The Duchess of Cambridge has been labeled work-shy in the past. But, actually, she?s taken on just a few patronages, things where she?s really made a difference. Early intervention with young children in primary schools, putting mental health on the map with Heads Together, was her idea. She?s been very instrumental.

Nicholl believes Kate is ?quite grateful? to Meghan, not jealous: ?People who are often saying ?Well, is she jealous of Meghan?? She?s really not. Kate is happier in her life now than she ever has been. She has everything she wants. She has William, she has three beautiful children . . . she is where she always wanted to be,? Nicholl said. ?The fact that there is a new glamorous sister-in-law in tow is not going to worry her one bit. I think Meghan came at the right time for her, because it was at a time when Kate wanted to step out of the spotlight.?

[From Vanity Fair]

Sigh? I understand that Kate is more conservative and she has to be more conservative, because she?ll be a Queen Consort eventually. But I?ve never understood the point of waiting around and doing next to nothing just to avoid controversy because you?re going to be queen in 25 years. The argument seems to be ?well, different people are different, and Kate just wants to have a quiet life with her kids and her shopping, she doesn?t want to change the world.? And maybe that?s good enough for some of the British subjects. But if you?re paying for all of this upkeep, don?t you want a bit more? Don?t you want someone who understands their soft power and has passions beyond her kids? I don?t know. Anyway, we?ll be back here in another five months with another story about how Kate plans to be super-keen eventually.

Embed from Getty Images

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