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Ariana Grande wanted Scooter Braun to cut off his vacay to manage her affair drama
Added 289 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ariana Grande wanted Scooter Braun to cut off his vacay to manage her affair drama
For years, Ariana Grande?s PR was all over the place. The donut-licking incident was indicative of a larger problem within her camp, especially when it genuinely felt like Ariana threw a tantrum over issuing an apology for licking donuts in a bakery. After the Manchester bombing at Ariana?s concert in 2017, Ariana?s team finally looked professional and competent, and Scooter Braun got a lot of credit for organizing the One Manchester concert for Ariana within two weeks. Ever since then, Ariana?s team has gotten high marks and she?s been pretty scandal-free. Then she started banging her married costar Ethan Slater and she dumped her husband simultaneously. Suddenly, it was amateur hour from Ari?s team as they navigated a quickie divorce storyline while also rolling out a series of lies about when she and Ethan started. Ethan?s wife started talking and it became a huge PR disaster for her. So, where was Scooter Braun, her manager? On vacation. And that?s apparently why Ariana is dropping Scooter.

Ariana Grande?s team were reportedly unhappy with Scooter Braun after he allegedly refused to cut his vacation short and help tackle the media storm surrounding her rumoured relationship with Wicked costar Ethan Slater.

Grande is among the music stars to have reportedly cut ties with the music manager in recent months. The Independent understands that Demi Lovato and Frozen star Idina Menzel have parted ways with Braun?s SB Projects, while Justin Bieber is also reportedly seeking legal advice to end his contract with the mega-manager. So far none of the artists have responded publicly to the reports. Braun appeared to mock the rumours earlier this week by joking that he was ?no longer managing himself?.

In a new report on Friday (25 August), Puck writer Matthew Belloni, who first reported news of Grande?s exit, claimed that tensions with the ?thank u, next? singer were amplified by Braun?s reaction to her relationship controversy earlier this year.

In his report, Belloni writes that Grande?s team wanted Braun to fly from his holiday in Europe to New York in order to help quell the media furore, which he reportedly refused to do.

?I deserve a vacation,? Braun is said to have told Grande?s team, according to Belloni?s sources.

The Independent has contacted Braun and Grande?s representatives for comment.

[From The Independent]

If this is supposed to make Scooter look bad, it?s hilarious that Ariana thinks that. Ariana fked up her PR and instead of working with the managers Braun put in place at SB Projects, Ariana threw a tantrum that a billionaire CEO wouldn?t cut off his vacation just to rescue her from her self-made catastrophe? Yeah, I?m on Braun?s side here. It?s not like he?s the Ariana-whisperer either she?s 30 years old, she has her own dedicated team PLUS the SB Projects team. That?s easily 20 people, all of whom could have helped crisis-manage this situation. It?s actually insane that she wanted Braun to cut off his vacation for THAT.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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Hailey Bieber on her very public life: 'I want kids so bad but I get scared'
Added 289 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Hailey Bieber on her very public life: 'I want kids so bad but I get scared'
I?m sort of quietly fine with Hailey Bieber. She?s not my fave or anything, but I believe she gets so much unnecessary hate and online drama from Selena Gomez?s fans. All Hailey did was marry Justin Bieber when he proposed. That?s it. You would think that Selena and her fans would feel like ?thank god, he?s moved on.? They don?t. It?s also clear that Justin adores Hailey and that she?s a very stable person, which is what Justin needs. Anyway, Hailey has her skincare line, Rhode, and she models and she?s Justin?s wife. Hailey recently spoke to the Sunday Times about all of that and more. Some highlights:

Hailey & Justin love to throw gatherings: ?The Biebers love to host. We had a Super Bowl party this year. I really love to cook.? Does she have a go-to dish? ?I like to do some sort of pasta and a protein ? whether it?s salmon or chicken. There?s something ?really joyful about people consuming your food? I like to take care of people.?

On her skincare line, Rhode: ?Skincare is a real-life commitment for me. To this day my nana is obsessed with great skin products. She would take me to the mall and get all the samples.? Although Bieber plans to continue modelling she describes Rhode as a ?primary focus?. ?It?s my favourite thing I?ve ever done. It has exceeded my wildest expectations.?

Her fresh-faced aesthetic. ?As I?ve gotten older I?ve realised how much more comfortable I feel with just fresh skin and brushed-up brows,? she says. For months she buried herself in skincare books and also took an online dermatology course. ?I?m fascinated by the medical field. When I started modelling I used to walk around with a medical terminology book in my bag.? She didn?t consider becoming a doctor? ?I hated studying, so there was no way I was going to go to school for any of this. I didn?t graduate high school because I was home schooled and I dropped out [at age 18], which I don?t love.?

Wearing a ?Nepo Baby? t-shirt. ?That was me being, like, ?I?m very aware of the situation ? I?m going to wear it loud and proud because you are already labelling me as such and it?s true.??

On all of the hate & nonsense she gets online: When I broach the subject today, Bieber?s publicist interjects, telling me to move on. Whatever the truth about her relationship with Gomez, the toxic analysis of it does both women a disservice. While Gomez remains unfairly defined by a relationship she left years ago, Bieber is arguably the victim of mass-scale online bullying that no amount of money or fame can insulate her from. When Bieber later states that she has ?accepted? there?s ?no winning ever? when it comes to the internet?s perception of her, I can?t help but feel for her.

The possibility of Baby Biebers: At some point baby Biebers will be on the cards. How does she feel about bringing children into her extremely privileged yet public life? ?I literally cry about this all the time! I want kids so bad but I get scared. It?s enough that people say things about my husband or my friends. I can?t imagine having to confront people saying things about a child. We can only do the best we can to raise them. As long as they feel loved and safe.?

She is not a regular churchgoer: ?I don?t remember the last time I went to church on a Sunday. [For me] it?s not about having to go to a service on a certain day of the week. It?s more about loving who?s in front of you. I could be sitting at home on Tuesday watching a live stream of a service and that?s church. Having friends over for dinner and just loving each other is church for me.?

[From The Times]

I remember reading Hailey and Justin?s dual interviews when they first got engaged and married, and it was actually pretty clear why Hailey wasn?t focused on having a baby right away because Justin still needed to figure sh-t out in his life and Hailey wasn?t looking to take care of a baby and a husband. I wonder if she still feels like that? I don?t know. I respect the fact that she?s waiting though. I also respect that she?s not trying to say anything which will get her additional hate from Selena?s fans, who pore over every single thing Hailey says publicly and privately. The Times actually summarized the situation well.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Zendaya and Tom Holland visited an Oakland middle school basketball event
Added 289 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Zendaya and Tom Holland visited an Oakland middle school basketball event
Here?s a fun story to start off your week. The Cutest Celebrity Couple, Zendaya and Tom Holland, were spotted playing basketball at an Oakland, California middle school over the weekend. They were there alongside actor and basketball player Elvin Rodriguez, Harlem Globetrotters player Sam Diaz, former Bachelorette contestant Christon Staples, and more as a part of an event organized by local nonprofits. Pictures and videos show them shooting hoops, making speeches, doing tricks, and hugging children.

Celebrity couple and Spider-Man costars Zendaya and Tom Holland made a surprise visit to an Oakland middle school on Friday, where they showed off some basketball skills to a crowd of onlookers.

Photos and videos posted to Zendayas Instagram story show the pair in her hometown, attending a basketball game at West Oakland Middle School. They were there as part of a event organized by local nonprofits Hoopbus and Project Backboard.

In Zendayas story, Holland is seen dribbling a basketball and wearing a T-shirt by local clothing brand Oaklandish that reads, Oakland Roots. A video posted by Hustle actor and basketball player Elvin Rodriguez shows Zendaya assisting him with a layup on the court.

Another video posted by Regular Hoops shows Harlem Globetrotters player Sam Diaz teaching Holland how to spin a basketball.

Hoopbus operates out of a retrofitted 40-foot yellow school bus that is driven around the country. Members teach students about racism and racial inequalities via basketball demonstrations. Project Backboard renovates basketball courts at public schools using colorful, large-scale artwork.

I just came to say hi to all of you, see your beautiful faces, and have a great time, Zendaya said in a speech given to the crowd.

Zendaya was raised in Oakland and attended Oakland School for the Arts.

[From SFGate]

I love this so much! I checked out Zendaya?s, Rodriguez?s, and a bunch of other Instagram accounts that posted pictures and stories from the event over the weekend and it looked like everyone was having a blast. Personally, I really enjoy stories like this, where lowkey celebs show up to a community event, don?t act like divas or a-holes, raise money or awareness for a good cause, and don?t have any ulterior motive. Bonus points if they have ties to the community.

Tom and Zendaya have reportedly been together since 2021. They keep their relationship pretty private by Hollywood standards and never seem thirsty for attention. I don?t think they walk a lot of red carpets together, either, which respect but I wish they would! It looks like the most public thing they tend to do is comment on each other?s Instagram posts with lovey-dovey emojis. I do hope they start doing more things like this together. It makes me like them even as a couple even more than I do now. If you?re interested in checking out the nonprofits that put together the basketball event they are Project Blackboard, Oakland Roots, Oaklandish, and Hoopbus.

More of Zendaya visiting West Oakland Middle!

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Christine Baumgartner wants Kevin Costner to pay $175K a month in child support
Added 289 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Christine Baumgartner wants Kevin Costner to pay $175K a month in child support
Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner?s divorce is certainly one of the messiest celebrity divorces we?ve seen in a while. This one is not being adjudicated quietly by some private judge or mediator. It?s spilling out in open family court, with their lawyers dueling in legal filings. I?m still rooting for Christine, but I think she?s going to get reamed when it comes to nullifying the prenup. Which is probably why she?s arguing that she needs much more in child support:

Kevin Costners getting off easy paying $129k per month in child support according to Christine Baumgartner who wants that number increased to ensure their kids keep living large when theyre with her.

Christine filed docs, obtained by TMZ, asking the court to reconsider the amount of child support Kevin pays due to 2 factors 1. making sure the kids enjoy the same lifestyle with both parents, and 2. what shes learned about how much money Kevins been making. She lays it out in the docs, explaining their 4 children live in a beach compound with their dad thats worth between $65 million and $95 mil and they also fly private on luxury vacations with Kevin.

Youll recall, Kevin took the kids to Aspen last month right after Christine had them in Hawaii. She says Kevin needs to pay sufficient child support so that the children can go on comparable vacations when they are with her. This is true even if the child support payments also improve Christines lifestyle.

Christine says thats simply the standard required by California family code. Based on that alone, she says the $129k/month wont cut it, and shes instead estimating $175,057/month. And by the way, Christine says thats a deal because that higher amount will not be sufficient to replicate Kevins lifestyle, but it will be sufficient to allow her to provide a lifestyle for the children which is relatively comparable.

Now, as for Kevins income she says his average cash flow for the last 2 years was $19,248,467 each year, or more than $1.6 million each month. Based on them having 50/50 custody of the kids, she claims California guidelines require Kevin to pay that $175k/mo. shes requesting.

[From TMZ]

By the letter of the law, she?s correct. There?s a formula to how child support is calculated, and while it seems downright silly, the court absolutely takes into account ?parents should be able to give their kids comparable vacations.? While Christine?s calculations are for Kevin?s previous income, while he was on Yellowstone, his finances are probably going to take a hit now that he?s left a popular and lucrative series. So? it?s really up to the court to figure it out. Meanwhile, Christine and Kevin are also arguing about affairs:

Kevin Costner, in new divorce court documents, says he did not have an affair while adding that he does not know for a fact whether estranged wife Christine did. Ahead of an upcoming hearing on child support and the November trial to determine the validity of their premarital agreement, Christines attorneys are asking for more documentation proving Kevins finances.

As an exhibit in her latest request for order, obtained by PEOPLE, Christine?s attorneys included Kevins lawyers responding to asks from his estranged wife?s side, including one regarding any expenses paid by you, or any person at your request or on your behalf, relating to any extramarital romantic relationships.

Kevin, 68, objected to the request as his legal team wrote that it is propounded only for purposes of harassment, is overbroad as to time period and subject matter, burdensome, oppressive and impermissibly compound. They added that the request is seeking information not relevant to the subject matter since there is no community property between them in this split.

Additionally, they argued, that Kevin does not know for a fact if [Christine] engaged in any extramarital romantic relationships before separation and, if so, whether she spent any of his money or charged any expenses in furtherance of her affair(s) on credit cards he paid. His side added, [Kevin] has no responsive documents for extramarital romantic relationships in which he engaged because he engaged in none.

[From People]

LOL. This is why Christine hired that forensic accountant (and charged it to Kevin?s credit card). She wanted a better idea of what kind of money he has, and whether he?s lying about this or that. I have no idea if Costner was cheating (if past is prologue, well?) and I have no idea if Christine was cheating, but holy sh-t, this is so deliciously messy. Costner really should have just given her an eight-figure settlement and one of his 10 houses and called it a day.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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