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Beyonce's fashion in Black is King was amazing and she wore so many Black designers
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Beyonce's fashion in Black is King was amazing and she wore so many Black designers
Queen Bey has been using her art to disrupt the world since she dropped Lemonade?s visual album back in 2016. She followed that with Homecoming on Netflix in April, 2019. This weekend, she gave all black and brown boys and girls life with her Disney+ release, Black is King. Black is King is a visual album that reimagines the journey of Lion King?s Simba by taking us on a little boy?s journey of self discovery. But not of just himself but of his culture and his people.

The mixing of Afrobeats throughout the album gave me life and Brown Skin Girl literally made me tear up. But I will get to the cultural moments in that visual in another article.

First, I want to focus on how Beyonce conveyed a message through the exceptional fashion celebrating the diaspora throughout. Bey wore several well known designers of Europe, but what impressed me the most were the smaller and less known fashion labels helmed by black or African designers. There was even one created by a Kosovian designer as well that I absolutely loved.

Beyonce slayed me with the black and white striped number (above) with gold hardware created by Ivorian American designer Loza Maleombho. Bey rocked this outfit in bantu knots and cornwalls as she wiggled to Already. I couldn?t help but wiggle with her because I love Afrobeats.

Beyonce gave me goddess vibes when she channeled Oshun throughout, a Yoruba Orisha (goddess) of the sweetwaters. Oshun is represented by yellow, Pink and green. The above yellow frock by Senegalese designer Adama Paris was a major nod to the goddess.

Then Bey decided she was going to snatch our wigs as she rolled in desert sands in this sparkly number by African American designer Destiney Bleu, famously known for her crystal embellished pieces and for suing Khloe Kardashian for knocking off her work. Bleu got her validation when her design was featured in Black is King.

Then the Queen decided she was going to give us water in this afro-futuristic high slit corseted blue number by African-American designer Jerome LaMaar of 531jerome. It makes her look like a moving ocean which I am sure was the aesthetic she was going for.

Finally, Beyonce gave us Amazonian Queen in this Kosovian designer Kutja Meri cheetah print off-the-shoulder number custom made with Beyonce?s signature high slit. Despite not being of African descent, Kutja captured the essence of blackness in this stunning outfit. It was a masterpiece that gave me my forever mood and I can?t unsee it.

Needless to say, Black is King invigorated most of my senses with sound, emotion, and visuals. I can see the vision these artists have for the future and it is bright and filled with badass fashion.

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A post shared by 5:31 JRME (@531jerome) on Jul 31, 2020 at 10:06am PDT

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Taylor Swift's fans doxxed a Pitchfork critic for giving 'folklore' a mostly positive review
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Taylor Swift's fans doxxed a Pitchfork critic for giving 'folklore' a mostly positive review
Years ago, I would feel a sense of dread whenever Taylor Swift put out an album. It wasn?t because I hated her music or anything, it?s because A) I hated all of the exhaustive and often juvenile backstories of Taylor?s many grudges, many of which were disseminated through lyrical ?blind items? and B) some people within Taylor?s fanbase, aka the Snake Fam, are incredibly toxic. It was less than one year ago just November 2019 when Taylor told her fans to ?let Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun know how you feel? about her business beef with them. The Snake Fam doxxed Braun and Borchetta, sent death threats to Big Machine employees and harassed Scooter?s wife.

I hoped that sh-t was over with Taylor?s new album. I hoped that her fans would mature with her, and that Taylor would have learned by now that it?s incredibly dangerous to weaponize her fanbase against her real or perceived enemies. So? what happened? Pitchfork reviewer Jillian Mapes gave a measured and mostly positive review of folklore, Taylor?s latest album. Mapes complimented the album but it was not a sycophantic ?TAYLOR IS THE BEST AT EVERYTHING? sort of piece. Which led to the Snake Fam doxxing this poor woman.

The calls started around 2 in the morning?an hour after Pitchfork senior editor Jillian Mapes? review of Taylor Swift?s eighth album, Folklore, posted on the site. It was a largely positive review. But it was not positive enough for a certain subset of fans, who began to use some of the internet?s dirtiest and most dangerous tactics to harass the writer who?d dared to scorn their queen with insufficient praise. Mapes? even-handed review deftly and artfully expressed Folklore?s strengths and weaknesses?and given Pitchfork?s historical skepticism toward popular artists, the piece might as well have been a rave.

But certain lines didn?t sit well with Swift?s most rabid fans. And perhaps more importantly, the 8.0 numerical score that accompanied Mapes? review?a metric determined not by the reviewer, but from multiple staffers? ratings?threatened to drag down the album?s aggregated Metacritic score. That, apparently, was an intolerable insult.

Various tweets, some of which have now been deleted or removed and some of which still remain, included Mapes? address and phone numbers old and current. Some have included photos of Mapes and even her home. Users have ?joked? about burning her house. Others have posted screenshots of a Halsey tweet responding to a bad review earlier this year?in which the singer wrote, ?can the basement that they run p*tchfork out of just collapse already.? Halsey deleted the tweet at the time after realizing that Pitchfork is, in fact, run out of One World Trade Center. Swift?s representative did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Despite these fans? insistence that their concern is the fairness and quality of the reviews Folklore receives, they really appear fixated on the album?s Metacritic score. Specifically, many lamented the possibility that Folklore could drop below a 90. At the time of writing, the album?s Metascore is an 89.

Music stans have begun using elaborate methods to boost new releases from their favorite artists in recent years. They coordinate streaming parties and create hours-long playlists and pool money to buy as many fans digital copies of new releases as possible. All of this aims to boost albums? and songs? chart positions by getting as many people listening for as many hours as possible, on as many platforms as possible. But in targeting a journalist like this, some fans have taken things to a dangerous extreme. And perhaps more importantly, this is not the first time that Swift?s most zealous fans have used doxxing and death threats to punish people they feel have wronged her.

[From The Daily Beast]

Yeah, again go and read the Pitchfork review. It?s clear that Mapes liked the album, and it was a pretty positive review. Even if Pitchfork had trashed the album, that wouldn?t be a ?good reason? to doxx some music critic, but the situation is even more ridiculous because the review was generally a rave. Just because the Snake Fam thinks Taylor farts rainbows and invented folk-pop doesn?t mean we all have to think that. There?s always a conversation about whether a celebrity can be blamed for their fans? actions. Last year, with Borchetta and Braun, I believed that Taylor was actively trying to weaponize her fans. In this situation, I think it?s just a case of some of her fans being way too extra. Could Taylor shut it down if she said something to them? I don?t know, honestly.

Photos courtesy of Taylor Swift, WENN and Avalon Red.

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