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Celebrity News and Gossip
Chloe Grace Moretz In A Little Bikini Tease
Added 34 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Chloe Grace Moretz In A Little Bikini Tease
Sometimes I forget thatChloe Grace Moretz is a real actress, and not just another one of these professional hotties who got Snapchat famous and posts bikini pictures on social media for a living. But it turns out Chloe actually has a real job… walking around in a bikini for a movie. According to my sources, […]

8-Nov-2017 :Chloe Grace Moretz Dresses Like Hilary Clinton, Still Looks Ridiculously ...
23-Oct-2017 :Chloe Grace Moretz In A Tiny Bikini Will Melt Your Freaking Eyeballs!
10-Aug-2017 :Chloe Grace Moretz Looking Like A Doll And Pretty Darn Busty
31-Jul-2017 :Chloe Grace Moretz Suntanning In A Skimpy Bikini
8-Jun-2017 :Chloe Grace Moretz Puts On A Sexy Leg And Cleavage Show
6-Jun-2017 :Chloe Moretz in Coach at the CFDAs: underdressed or pretty?
1-Jun-2017 :Chloe Moretz?s new animated film is a gigantic body-shaming mess
29-Mar-2017 :Chloe Grace Moretz Unleashes A Ton Of Leg And Booty Action In Shorty Shor...
5-Dec-2016 :Chloe Grace Moretz Puts On A Sexy Leg Show In Ultra Tight Jeans
14-Nov-2016 :Chloe Grace Moretz Should Stick To Being A Full Time Hottie
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Bella Thorne Fever Continues
Added 34 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Bella Thorne Fever Continues
OK, so I know this is pretty tame by Bella Thorne standards. Considering she’s usually topless, or showing off her ass, or licking something (or someone)basically 24/7, seeing Bella drink a Coke in her kitchen while showing off her sexy stomach and nipple piercing is downright tame by comparison. She’s practically Mormon. But don’t worry, […]

21-Nov-2017 :Bella Thorne Shows You How To Use Your Tongue
20-Nov-2017 :Hailee Steinfeld Gets Her Tongue Game On
15-Nov-2017 :Bella Thorne Gets A Salad Dressing Facial
14-Nov-2017 :Bella Thorne Does Kevin Nealon?
14-Nov-2017 :Alexis Ren Is The Biggest Tease
13-Nov-2017 :Bella Thorne Is Dating A Disgusting Degenrate
7-Nov-2017 :Bella Thorne Does Girls Now
6-Nov-2017 :Bella Thorne Is Topless And Bootylicious
31-Oct-2017 :Bella Thorne Doesn?t Believe In Bras Or Panties
26-Oct-2017 :Bella Thorne?s Tongue And Cleavage Show
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Arianny Celeste Busting Out Her Massive Bosom Like Bananas
Added 34 days agoSource: Popoholic
Arianny Celeste Busting Out Her Massive Bosom Like Bananas
Here’s UFC Octagon Girl/uber sexy model Arianny Celeste looking like a sexy little minx at the Hollywood premiere for Thor: Ragnarok the other day, and doing what she does best, and that’s busting out her ginormous/awesome braless bosom like bananas… by Odin’s beard! Still one of the hottest babes with one of the best bosoms on the planet, eh' Damn right! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

13-Jul-2017 :Arianny Celeste Busting Out Her Ginormous Cleavage Like Bananas
6-Jul-2017 :Arianny Celeste Lingerie Pictures Are Tasty
10-May-2017 :Arianny Celeste Works It In A Swimsuit
5-Apr-2017 :Arianny Celeste?s Nude Flower Shoot
25-Mar-2016 :Arianny Celeste In Sexy Lingerie
8-Feb-2016 :Arianny Celeste Sideboob at UFC Octagon Girls After Party in Las Vegas
14-Aug-2015 :Arianny Celeste Is The New Face (And Body) Of ?138 Water?
4-Aug-2015 :Arianny Celeste Does FHM Good
27-Jul-2015 :Arianny Celeste Does UNO Good
22-Jul-2015 :Arianny Celeste?s Calendar Is Early
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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are moving in together, 'looking for an apartment'
Added 34 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are moving in together, 'looking for an apartment'
Embed from Getty Images

15-Nov-2017 :Cardi B: ?People think that being a feminist is a bitch that, like, went ...
3-Nov-2017 :Jennifer Garner on her volunteerism: ?Be your own first responder?
13-Oct-2017 :Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony among celebrities staging Puerto Rico benefi...
29-Sep-2017 :Jennifer Lopez relieved to finally find her aunt and uncle in Puerto Rico
22-Sep-2017 :Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are going into business together
7-Aug-2017 :Jennifer Lopez Selfies Her Massive/Perfect Cleavage
25-Jul-2017 :Jennifer Lopez & A-Rod had a joint birthday bash, ?are really into each o...
19-Jun-2017 :Jennifer Lopez & A-Rod took their love to the South of France & Paris
6-Jun-2017 :Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod had a photo-op weekend with their kids
2-May-2017 :Jennifer Lopez in Valentino, with A-Rod at the Met Gala: ugh or amazing?
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Kristin Chenoweth pressured on talk show to say if she had a problem with Weinstein
Added 34 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kristin Chenoweth pressured on talk show to say if she had a problem with Weinstein
Reading the articles about the all women attacked, harassed, threatened and stalked by Harvey Weinstein has been difficult. I don’t have a story that’s any worse than anyone else’s but like so many other women it’s brought up some painful truths about my past. I don’t want to talk or think about it and have been eating my feelings. So that’s why I have as much respect for the women who chose to stay silent as I do for the women who speak out. We all have our own journey and way of dealing with things.

Given my own level of secrecy around this, I would never presume to even ask even my best friend why she’s using the #metoo tag. That is something that is highly personal and it’s hers to tell when and if she’s ready. That’s why it’s incredibly galling to hear that an obnoxious talk show host, a guy named Richard Madeley, asked Kristin Chenoweth point blank during an interview on Good Morning Britain if she’d ever had a problem with Weinstein. They were discussing the issue in general and somehow, in his ineptitude as a person and interviewer, Madeley thought that was appropriate question. Then, when Kristin said “I really don’t want to comment on that at this point” he said “It sounds like a yes.” THE NERVE! To her credit she recovered like a champ (although yelling and walking out would have been completely understandable) and talked about the issue of sexual harassment in so many industries. Then Madeley pressured her further. I don’t know much about this guy but he seems to have a reputation as a giant ass. Here’s some of what they said. The questions attributed to SR are from Susanna Reid, the cohost, and you can watch the video below.

SR: We're talking to you on a day when there are more allegations of sexual harassment coming out over in Hollywood. You've been in a Harvey Weinstein musical. You were in a position where you had to serenade him at the Tonys a couple of years ago. What would you like to say in the wake of these allegations'

KC: First of all I'm deeply hurt for the women. I like to see them coming out strong and not being victims. I hate for any woman or man this has ever happened to. I don't know of somebody who hasn't had situations they've had to get out of. I find myself doing like a weird arm fart noise and a booger. I just try to be funny but the truth is we shouldn't have to do that stuff.

RM: Did you have a problem with him'

KC: You know what, I really don't want to comment on that at this point. I see that [interrupted]

RM: It sounds like a yes.

KC: What I would like to say is that there can be good that comes from it. I think this is the beginning' I think we’ll see it in music and fashion and all kinds of things. Sometimes chaos happens before order.

RM: Why do you think everybody connives(') at it though. I'm not in any way casting aspersions or blame, but why do you think this was an open secret in Hollywood'

KC: I'm not sure. I'd like to know that of myself in many other situations with many other people. Why do I shy away from it'

RM: Is it embarrassment'

KC: Maybe it's a little bit of shame. We're not just talking about women. There's men who have had this too. I think this is the beginning. Let's look at good men like you [points to RM] in the business who have given us good behavior and respect towards women. JJ Abrams I was in a play with him yesterday. Respectful. Bryan Fuller, respectful. There's lots of men in our industry who are not that. That's what I'm going to try to focus on.

[From video of Good Morning Britain]

British Celebitches, is this guy the budget Piers Morgan' (Incidentally Piers Morgan is on that show too.) I would cancel him based on this alone and he seems to do this kind of thing frequently. He’s a neo-con who complains that not enough is being done with Brexit and he recently made a bad Weinstein “joke.” All love and respect to Kristin for dealing with this asshat.

This is Kristin’s face right after this douchebag questioned her again, the part where he asked why it was an open secret. She just did this for a second and then regained composure immediately like a pro. I really like how she changed focus to the fact that there are good men in Hollywood, she even pointed to Madeley to appeal to his narcissism. She didn’t want to talk in depth about this and the interviewer treated it like an interrogation.

Here’s the video. I’m definitely a fan of Chenoweth’s now.

Kristin Chenoweth handling all Harvey Weinstein questions with class and tact.''' #GMB

— Jenna Pedder (@JNAPDR) October 18, 2017

8-Apr-2014 :Kristin Chenoweth to Be Inducted into Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame
2-Apr-2014 :Kristen Chenoweth Stops by the "Late Show with David Letterman"
3-Mar-2014 :Kristin Chenoweth in Roberto Cavalli at the Oscars: budget Oscar statuett...
11-Dec-2012 :Kristin Chenoweth: American Country Awards Hostess Hottie
4-Dec-2012 :Kristin Chenoweth & Jake Pavelka: A Happy Pair
16-Oct-2012 :Kristin Chenoweth 'Toasts to Survivors' in New York City
24-Feb-2012 :Kristin Chenoweth Drops By ?The Late Show?
6-Dec-2011 :Kristin Chenoweth?s Boobs at the ACAs
6-Dec-2011 :Kristin Chenoweth Gears Up to Host the 2011 ACAs
16-Aug-2011 :Cougar Kristin Chenoweth?s Sweet Front Meat
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Kate Hudson Gets Busty, And Bootylicious, And Curvalicious
Added 35 days agoSource: Popoholic
Kate Hudson Gets Busty, And Bootylicious, And Curvalicious
Here’s Kate Husdon rocking her new super short buzz-cut hairdo again at the 2017 amfAR Gala in Beverly Hills the other night, and more importantly, still looking ridiculously hot thanks to an impressive curvy, and busty, and bootylicious booty show… wowzers! I can’t believe she’s pulling off that short hairdo. A rare feat for sure. But then again I’m mostly (98%) just drooling over her cute little bosom and her cute little booty in that skimpy little outfit. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

10-Nov-2017 :Kate Hudson ?kind of liked? the rumor that she was dating Brad Pitt
17-Oct-2017 :Kate Hudson?s teen party got crashed by her lingerie-clad mom Goldie
17-Oct-2017 :Kate Hudson Unveils Her Super Short Hairdo, And Busts Out Her Red Hot Cle...
25-Sep-2017 :Kate Hudson in metallic Stella McCartney at the Miller premiere: gorgeous...
13-Sep-2017 :Kate Hudson names the ?laziest thing? she?s ever done: ?Have a c-section!...
2-Aug-2017 :Kate Hudson dons a wig after buzzing her head for a role
18-Jul-2017 :Kate Hudson says she doesn?t get work because mid-budget movies are dying
11-May-2017 :Kate Hudson & Danny Fujikawa made their loved-up red-carpet couple debut
26-Jan-2017 :Kate Hudson is on a soup cleanse: yum or trendy and unnecessary?
28-Nov-2016 :Kate Hudson Flashes Her Sexy Legs And Cute Little Booty
Kate Hudson photos
Kate Hudson videos
Kate Hudson news

Kate Upton Busts Out All Of Her Ginormous Cleavage For Throwback Thursday
Added 35 days agoSource: Popoholic
Kate Upton Busts Out All Of Her Ginormous Cleavage For Throwback Thursday
It’s Throwback Thursday here at Popoholic and since last Friday’s post on model/actress Kate Upton made me miss her ginormous super bosom I thought she would be a good candidate to be featured for TBT, so here she is at her most cleavagy and boobtastic. Oh, and she’s giving us some sexy little booty action as well. You know, for added pleasure. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

22-Nov-2017 :Kate Upton Drops Some Ginormous Cleavage On Jimmy Fallon
21-Nov-2017 :Kate Upton Busts Out Her Massive Super Cleavage!
20-Nov-2017 :Kate Upton?s Boobs Returns
6-Nov-2017 :Kate Upton married Justin Verlander in an intimate ceremony in Italy
13-Oct-2017 :Kate Upton Busting Out Her Ginormous Bikini Cleavage Will Melt Your Eyeba...
26-Sep-2017 :Kate Upton Kate Upton Looking Like The Hottest WAG On The Planet Part II
21-Sep-2017 :Kate Upton Looking Like The Hottest WAG On The Planet
18-Sep-2017 :Kate Upton Sexier, And Leggier, And More Boobtastic Than Ever? Yes Please...
12-Sep-2017 :Kate Upton?s Hump Tease
25-Aug-2017 :Kate Upton Busts Out Her Ginormous Bosom For ?The Layover? Premiere? Good...
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