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Lily Allen slept with her best friend's crush: 'I was getting mine'
Added 16 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Lily Allen slept with her best friend's crush: 'I was getting mine'
Lily Allen co-hosts a podcast, called Miss Me, with her longtime best friend, Miquita Oliver. They say they?ve been friends ?since birth.? As you probably know, Lily has always been an open, outspoken, oversharer. Since she and Miquita began Miss Me, Lily has had a platform to say all sorts of crazy sh-t. (Not kidding; on the May 27 ep, she talked about once having diarrhea while onstage during a concert.) It?s generally good gossip fodder, at least. On the most recent episode of the pod, Lily and Miquita talked about the fact that Lily f-cked a pop star that her best-friend-since-birth had a crush on. She did it on purpose, too.

Lily Allen knows something about sabotage. During the Monday, June 3 episode of her podcast Miss Me, which she hosts with best friend Miquita Oliver, the pop singer, 39, revealed that she once deliberately slept with her co-hosts celebrity crush. The British TV presenter, 40, recalled a time when she interviewed a pop star in the early aughts that had a big album and she found out he fancied her.

Careful who you tell things to ? I told Lily that I liked him and she was like, Well actually I like him, and I was like, Well it doesnt matter because he actually likes me, Oliver said. She explained that the Smile performer wasnt a pop star then, but Allen ? who was working artist relations at the time ? went to a festival in Japan and seduced him.

When Oliver found out Allen slept with him, she said she had never been that angry with her friend.

We did not speak for about six months, the former The Month with Miquita host recalled. But the Alfie musician maintained that she wasnt trying to sabotage Oliver.

?I fancied him, so I was getting mine, Allen said, adding: By the way, I think pop stars are fair game, like, I don?t care.

However, the TV personality felt that at the time she had been sabotaged by Allen.

The point is we got over it, Oliver said.

The singer-songwriter/actress then apologized saying she never wants to cause her friend pain.

I actually thought youd just be happy for me, Allen admitted with a laugh.

[From People]

Umm, not gonna lie, but Lily sounds like a terrible friend. What a bitch move. There are plenty of fish in the sea, especially if you?re a nepo baby who runs in rich, privileged, famous-people circles like Lily did. She wanted to pull a power move over her friend, so she did just that. And yes, I would think the same thing if it were a man ?getting his? with someone that his friend had a crush on. It?s not like Lily and Pop Star X were star-crossed lovers or soulmates. She just wanted to stake a claim in something that her best friend wanted. Thinking Miquita would be ?happy? for her is also bonkers because you know if the situation had been reversed, they would still not be talking. Kudos to Miquita for being the bigger person and getting over it because I don?t know if I?d ever again fully trust someone who did that to me.

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