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Kendall Jenner Topless With Boots
Added 6 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Kendall Jenner Topless With Boots
ConsideringKendall Jenner is hands down the hottest onein that whole terrible family of hers, I keep waiting for her to do something impressive with all that hottie potential. Onlyinstead of making best-selling home videos like her porn star older sister, Kendalljust gives us topless selfie teasesand boring-ass photoshoots. But I guess being the hottest Kardashian […]

18-Dec-2023 :Kendall Jenner & Bad Bunny have broken up after ten months of dating
14-Jun-2023 :Bad Bunny Ready to Tag Team Kendall Jenner
22-Nov-2022 :Kendall Jenner & Devin Booker broke up again, because of their ?demanding...
11-Jan-2022 :Was Kendall Jenner?s black Monot dress inappropriate for a wedding recept...
10-Jun-2021 :Kendall Jenner & Hailey Bieber were on midriff-y trend last night for an ...
18-Feb-2021 :Kendall Jenner spent nearly four years developing her new liquor, 818 Teq...
2-Nov-2020 :Kendall Jenner threw herself a Halloween/b-day party for 100 people in LA
29-Apr-2020 :Kendall Jenner went on a road trip to Sedona, Arizona with her boyfriend
13-Sep-2019 :Kendall Jenner is once again sitting out all of the NYFW runway shows
24-May-2019 :Kendall Jenner in Giambattista Valli at the Cannes amfAR gala: tacky or f...
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Ariana Grande Knows How To Work Her Little Booty
Added 6 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Ariana Grande Knows How To Work Her Little Booty
I’ve never been a huge fan ofAriana Grande‘s music, mostly because I can never seem totell it apart from Demi Lovato‘s or Selena Gomez‘s or any of those other interchangeable autotuned pop star hotties’ songs. But after checking out this GIF from one of her concerts, I’m starting to think I was wrong, and maybe […]

12-Mar-2024 :Ariana Grande wore Giambattista Valli to the Oscars: ridiculous and/or fu...
29-Dec-2023 :Ariana Grande is ?serious? with Ethan Slater, ?She loves being with him?
9-Oct-2023 :Ariana Grande & Dalton Gomez settled their divorce, he?s getting $1.25 mi...
26-Sep-2023 :Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater?s cheating asses went to Disneyland last Fri...
28-Aug-2023 :Ariana Grande wanted Scooter Braun to cut off his vacay to manage her aff...
30-Jul-2023 :Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater haven?t even seen each other in person in ?w...
21-Jul-2023 :Ariana Grande already has a new boyfriend & he?s married with a baby at h...
18-Jul-2023 :Ariana Grande & Dalton Gomez are headed for divorce after a two-year marr...
13-Apr-2023 :Ariana Grande: we should be gentler and less comfortable commenting on pe...
27-May-2021 :Ariana Grande reveals her Vera Wang wedding gown: classic, simple & lovel...
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Jessica Alba Is A Party Milf
Added 6 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Jessica Alba Is A Party Milf
I knowJessica Alba has got to be getting up there in age these days and she’s got like two kids now or something. ButI’ve gotta say, I’m really impressed with her commitment to her work, AKA repping her title as one of Hollywood’s Top 5 MILFs. See, while other hot moms are busy doing lame […]

29-Oct-2018 :Olivia Munn And Jessica Alba Make A Great Pair
14-May-2018 :Jessica Alba on motherhood: ?The things you took for granted become luxur...
5-Jun-2017 :Jessica Alba on being with her kids: ?it?s about quality and not quantity...
6-Feb-2017 :Jessica Alba on what she misses before kids: ?sleeping in and not worryin...
15-Sep-2016 :Jessica Alba Stun at Ralph Lauren Show in New York Fashion Week
27-Aug-2016 :Jessica Alba Cleavy on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in NYC
11-Aug-2016 :Jessica Alba Ridiculously Beautiful Out Shopping in Beverly Hills
2-Aug-2016 :Jessica Alba Amazing for 2016 Teen Choice Awards
1-Aug-2016 :Jessica Alba in David Koma at the Teen Choice Awards: cute or too wintery...
19-Jul-2016 :Jessica Alba Pokies in Purple Bikini in Hawaii
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Bella Hadid's closest friends have to tell her 'don't be a bitch today'
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Bella Hadid's closest friends have to tell her 'don't be a bitch today'
Bella Hadid has a new interview with Hello Magazine, and I can?t help it, I sort of enjoyed it. She?s got dead eyes, bad movement and an epic nose job? but I also sort of like her. Bella is promoting her contract with Dior Beauty, which means that she name-drops Dior products throughout the piece. Can Bella?s biggest fans – tween and teen girls – really afford the Dior Hydra Life Fresh Jelly Mask that she name-checks? Let me look at the price? oh, it?s not that bad. It?s $69 for a small pot. Of course, my Olay night cream costs about $12 for the same size, so?. I guess my question is: is Bella the best face for Dior Beauty and does she really appeal to their core customer base? Eh. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Her beauty & makeup inspirations: ?All of the 90s supermodels – the most beautiful girls in the world. Make-up has always been super-sensual to me? Always bringing out the cheekbones, around the eyes and a good brow – that?s always what I looked up to.

Girly-girl or tomboy: ?I was definitely more of a tomboy growing up – I grew up being at the barn from 6am ?til 8pm and so make-up was never a big deal.

Her style icon: ?I mean, Rihanna – I think she?s all of our style icons!?

How her style differs from Gigi?s: ?Growing up, Gigi was always wearing a lot of colour, and a lot of florals, you know? She was definitely our Malibu girl. I was always wearing leather and dark things, and I think I am still like that. Red is my favourite colour and the only pop of colour you will see from me?. We share shoes but she gets mad at me when I steal her things. She will deny until the death of her that she has my stuff, but then I realise I probably left it at her house and then feel bad for yelling at her about it!

How she deals with pressure: ?I try to keep the people around me who have known me since I was a kid because they don?t care about who I am or what I do. They?re just like ?don?t be a bitch today.? I try not to take things too personally and make more time for myself.

Her family just bought a farm with horses: ?Anywhere with my family as that?s what keeps me calm and makes me happy. We just bought a farm, and it?s the kind of the place where we?re going to be able to feel relaxed and just be together. We?re going to get some more horses and start riding again ? I?m excited about that!

[From Hello]

Bella often says that thinking about her horses gets her through tough days, and she was a competitive rider for years, so I?m sure she?s actually really thrilled about the farm and buying more horses. So, yeah, I sort of believe her that she was a ?tomboy? growing up. She was all about horses. This made me laugh too: ?They?re just like ?don?t be a bitch today.?? Like, she has to be told that? It?s something I honestly tell myself some mornings: try not to be such a raging bitch today, girl. And then I think, ?Haha, yeah, that will stick.?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

26-May-2022 :Bella Hadid wore vintage Gianni Versace in Cannes: stunning or poorly sty...
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11-Nov-2021 :Bella Hadid opens up about her anxiety: ?Self help and mental illness is ...
12-Jul-2021 :Bella Hadid wore the Schiaparelli ?lungs? ensemble in Cannes: stunning or...
7-Jul-2021 :Bella Hadid in Gaultier at the Cannes Film Festival opening night: stunni...
7-Aug-2020 :Bella Hadid flipped off some NYPD cops because they weren?t wearing masks
30-Jul-2020 :Is Bella Hadid?s Brooklyn street style more ?90s cool or early-?00s cute?
25-Nov-2019 :Bella Hadid felt guilty about living ?this incredible life? & still being...
17-Oct-2019 :Bella Hadid is ?the most beautiful woman? according to the Golden Ratio &...
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Busy Philipps admits she makes more money on Instagram than acting
Added 6 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Busy Philipps admits she makes more money on Instagram than acting
Lunch today? A bowl of my fav Well Yes! soup?Minestrone with Kale. Check them out in your local grocery store. #ad #wellyesmoment #campbells @campbellswellyes

A post shared by Busy Philipps (@busyphilipps) on Jan 24, 2017 at 10:09am PST

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16-Nov-2021 :Busy Philipps: Chris Pratt?s post treated Katherine Schwarzenegger like a...
22-Jul-2021 :Busy Philipps: ?Everything works out the way that it?s supposed to?
14-May-2021 :Busy Philipps: ?I don?t ever f?ing want to work with men, like, ever?
21-Feb-2020 :Busy Philipps: We can?t all look airbrushed and facetuned
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29-Aug-2019 :Busy Philipps: ?Testifying at Congress was bonkers, a week-long panic att...
21-Jun-2019 :Busy Philipps: I thought that because I didn?t play sports I wasn?t an at...
29-May-2019 :Busy Philipps: Something 1/2 the population experiences monthly shouldn?t...
7-May-2019 :Busy Philipps? show canceled on E!: ?I have faith in me?
10-Apr-2019 :Busy Philipps got a f-k em tattoo, teaches daughters those are words to l...
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