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Busy Philipps opens up about being diagnosed with ADHD at 39
Added 79 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Busy Philipps opens up about being diagnosed with ADHD at 39
Busy Philipps strikes me as someone who is always hustling, which I can?t hate on. Right now, she?s starring in the third season of Girls 5Eva on Netflix. (Side note: Girls 5Eva is such a great comedy; I totally recommend it. The full series is 22 episodes, 30 minutes each.) In addition to promoting G5E, Busy is also, uh, busy talking up her new talk show, Busy This Week, which premieres on May 8 at 10:00 p.m. ET on QVC+. This weekly talk show is 30-minutes long and its premise is ?Busy on the couch to get an unscripted take on whatever has kept us busy this week. From celebrity guest interviews and laugh-out-loud moments to personal stories and her favorite curated shopping finds, Busy will give her audience a healthy dose of [retail] therapy.?

But those are the only two projects that Busy has going on right now. She?s also a new spokesperson for the ADHD medication Qelbree. Five years ago, both Busy and her older daughter Birdie were diagnosed with ADHD. In a recent interview with USA Today, Busy spoke more about her diagnosis, including her personal symptoms, how it felt to suddenly have a reasoning behind some of her behavior patterns, and finding a treatment that works for her.

You may think it?s just part of being a parent, thinking you?re overwhelmed constantly. But If you?re struggling and feeling bad about yourself because you?re constantly forgetting things, its worth taking two hours for yourself to invest in your own mental health, and figure out whats actually going on,? Philipps, 44, tells USA TODAY over a Zoom call from New York.

When Philipps daughter Birdie, now 15, was having issues in school, a doctor in Los Angeles started talking to her and ex-husband Marc Silverstein about Birdie and ADHD. The symptoms sounded too familiar.

My ex-husband and I just started looking at each other because I checked every single box at the highest level,? she says. For years, Philipps thought there was something wrong with her. That she didn?t have follow-through, was lazy or forgetful. Hollywood labeled her ?ditzy.?

I allowed that, especially in my teen years, to be a word that was used to describe me,? she says, ?Im actually not at all ditzy, Im super focused, and Im really highly productive and I have great ideas. I just had a struggle my whole life with follow-through with making sure I could prioritize them.

It manifested as low self-esteem; she?d grow jealous of people who seemed to be productive and keep dates and times straight when she couldn?t even write things down correctly. In her 20s and 30s she used to show up 40 minutes early and hang out in her car ? just to make sure she wasn?t late.

I could not figure out how to be on time, because I would get distracted,? she says.

ADHD shows up differently for girls and women, with symptoms like Philipps?: trouble focusing and keeping organized and maintaining interest. For boys and men, hyperactive and impulsive symptoms are more common. That?s why many girls and women may be underdiagnosed, therefore untreated. Treatments can range from medication to behavior and lifestyle management, according to Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD).

After Birdie?s diagnosis Philipps found a doctor of her own and tried out different treatments, ultimately improving both her productivity and how she felt about herself. She currently takes Qelbree, a non-stimulant ADHD treatment approved for adults in 2022; she?s now a paid spokesperson for the brand.

Beyond the medication, though, she has other coping mechanisms: She always writes things down in a notebook and maintains a big calendar in her house with important dates and times. While she appreciates people are discussing mental health all over TikTok and Instagram ? and she learned details about ADHD symptoms she didn?t know before ? she reminds fans that her ADHD diagnosis and treatment plan came from a doctor, not an influencer.

We all have to be critical thinkers,? she says, ?and we all have to be able to understand that the internet is not the be-all, end-all of everything and sometimes not even the most truthful information.

[From USA Today]

I feel all of this so hard because I was also diagnosed with ADHD in my late 30s. Similar to Busy, my catalyst for getting tested was Mr. Rosie suspecting that our son has it. That research made him realize that I checked most of the boxes as well. He used to joke that I always did things ?at 100% for 80% of the time,? meaning that I was super productive until it was time for the follow-through. I?m glad that Busy also got her diagnosis, treatment, and peace of mind. I like that although she?s being paid to talk about her treatment, she stresses that you need to figure out the different things that work best for you. Prior to my diagnosis, I started bullet journaling because I found that the routine and accountability helped me stay on track, even if there are days that my brain just won?t start, despite knowing what had to be done.

Like Busy, I also used to feel really down on myself, wondering why I couldn?t do something until the very last minute (?I?m a night owl!? ?I thrive under pressure!?) or that I needed to finish a project in one sitting or else I?d lose motivation and never get back to it. Honestly, I still get frustrated with myself some days. Finding out that nothing was ?wrong? with me, that it was just that my brain works differently, was an incredible feeling. There are a lot of online resources to help identify the symptoms, and seeing someone and being prescibed medication can truly can be life-changing. If you?re on the fence about getting tested, I totally understand. Give yourself some grace, and for that matter, please remember that you never know what others may be going through because if youre going through something, the chances are that youre not alone.

Photos via Instagram and credit: IMAGO/Barbara Hine/Avalon, IMAGO/RW/Avalon, TheNews2/Cover Images

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1.6 million people attended Madonna's free concert in Rio
Added 79 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
1.6 million people attended Madonna's free concert in Rio
As mentioned last week, Madonna has come to the end of her Celebration Tour. After 80 ticketed shows, two continents, and two lawsuits for starting late (resolutions still pending), all that was left was a free concert in Rio on May 4. And how did it go? An estimated 1.6 million people attended last Saturday?s show. We?ll never know how much it was the power of Madonna, the appeal of free tickets, or some combination of both. But reports indicate that the revelry was joyful in the days leading up to the concert and on the night of, when Madge took to the stage only 52 minutes late! That?s basically on time for her, right? Associated Press captured highlights of the scene at Copacabana beach:

Madonna takes a bow: Madonna put on a free concert on Copacabana beach Saturday night, turning Rio de Janeiro?s vast stretch of sand into an enormous dance floor teeming with a multitude of her fans. ? Huge cheers rose from the buzzing, tightly packed crowd, pressed up against the barriers. Others held house parties in brightly lighted apartments and hotels overlooking the beachfront. Helicopters and drones flew overhead, and motorboats and sailboats anchored off the beach filled the bay. ?Here we are in the most beautiful place in the world,? Madonna, 65, told the crowd. Pointing out the ocean view, the mountains and the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the city, she added: ?this place is magic.?

Madge?s previous audience record was broken: An estimated 1.6 million people attended the show, G1 reported, citing Rio City Hall?s tourism agency. That is more than 10 times Madonna?s record attendance of 130,000 at Paris? Parc des Sceaux in 1987. Madonna?s official website hyped the show as the biggest ever in her four-decade career.

Copacabana beach got into the groove: In recent days, the buzz was palpable. Fans milled outside that stately, beachfront Copacabana Palace hotel, where Madonna is staying, hoping to catch a glimpse of the pop star. During the sound check on the stage set up in front of the hotel, they danced on the sand. ? Flags with ?Madonna? printed against a background of Copacabana?s iconic black and white waved sidewalk pattern hung from balconies. The area was packed with street vendors and concert attendees kitted out in themed T-shirts, sweating under a baking sun. ? Eighteen sound towers were spread along the beach to ensure that all attendees can hear the hits. Her two-hour show started at 10:37 p.m. local time, nearly 50 minutes behind schedule.

Rio followed NYE holiday planning: Organization of the mega-event was similar to New Year?s Eve, when millions of people gather on Copacabana for its fireworks display, local authorities said. That annual event often produces widespread thefts and muggings, and there was some concern such problems might occur at Madonna?s show. Rio state?s security plan included the presence of 3,200 military personnel and 1,500 civilian police officers on stand by. In the lead-up to the concert, Brazil?s navy inspected vessels that wished to position themselves offshore to follow the show.

A fan justifies her love: Ana Beatriz Soares, a fan who was at Copacabana on Saturday said Madonna has made her mark across the decades. ?Madonna had to run so that today?s pop artists could walk. That?s why she?s important, because she serves as an inspiration for today?s pop divas,? Soares said.

[From Associated Press]

You guys, I know there may be a second language issue here, but I am positively howling at the statement, ?Madonna had to run so that today?s pop artists could walk.? We have to keep it, it?s too good! So instead of paving the way for artists to follow, Madonna flew high so that others could trudge after her? I think Madonna would (not so) secretly endorse this twist on the popular phrase. I can just see her going, ?Hey Gaga, I ran so you could walk!? Anyway, it sounds like it was everything you?d want for a final show, with millions of fans excited to be there. And I guess having the concert be free somehow removed the pressure for Madge to start on time. At least that?s what I?m going with. Or Rio really is magical enough that even Madonna can begin within an hour of the scheduled start time (which was 9:45pm). Lastly, kudos to the AP writer for subtly referencing the Christ the Redeemer statue in an article about 1.6 million people turning out to worship a pop idol. The devil?s in the details.

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