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Courteney Cox: My cooking is a lot better than the restaurants I used to go to
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Courteney Cox: My cooking is a lot better than the restaurants I used to go to
ICourteney Cox joined Instagram in 2019. She told James Corden at the time that Throwback Thursdays were really saving her on the platform because she nailed those. Courteney has truly come into her own on her IG page. She?s got a great mix of photos with her famous friends, family, funny content and since quarantine began: cooking. While speaking with Yahoo recently, Courteney said that she honed her culinary skills during lockdown like so many others. She said her food has now gotten better than most of her favorite restaurants. And since Courteney is everyone?s Friend, she?s posting her best recipes online, including her chicken recipe (below) that she insists everyone should master. She?s partnering with Cointreau for their Ultimate Margarita Showdown so if it sounds like a plug for Cointreau, it is. But, they are donating $100,000 to the Independent Restaurant Coalition helping the bar and restaurant community impacted by the pandemic, so I?m happy to pass it along.

On showcasing her hobbies: When quarantine started, there was nothing to do but stay home and cook. I started really enjoying it, and now I think my cooking is a lot of better than many of the restaurants I used to go to. I still have a few favorite restaurants I?m dying to get the recipes from, but to no avail so far. I love it. It?s become a huge part of my life. Coming up with content for Instagram is never easy, so I thought, How can I let people into some of my hobbies? I thought, I like to cook, I like to play the piano, I like to play tennis, and hang out with Coco. Now, I just share those parts of my life.

On must-have recipes: You mean besides banana bread? Because that?s the quarantine go-to. Everybody has an almost rotten banana! As far as recipes, I think everybody needs to master the baked chicken. For summer, it?s nice to do a lot of Mexican food, which obviously goes nicely with margaritas. What?s nice about Cointreau is that you can make so many drinks with it. I?ve mastered the strawberry margarita and the regular margarita, and that?s been so nice for summer.

[From Yahoo!]

Courtney also gave her recipe for a strawberry margarita that you can read here. I don?t drink fruit margaritas, but it sounds good. I?m intrigued by the Red Clay Spicy Margarita Salt she mentioned. I like Cointreau, but I think Margaritas are the only drink I make with it. I also cook a decent amount, but I?ve never found my food better than a restaurant. So I?d love an invitation to Courteney?s for dinner, especially considering the places she can afford to eat. I?ve watched many of her recipes and they do look good. I?m tempted to try her Cacio e Pepe recipe. That?s such a technique dish. If you don?t execute the steps just right, it fails, I?ve not gotten it right yet.

As for Courteney?s assertion that everyone must master a roasted chicken, I half agree with her. Mastering anything is a great tool to have. A solid fallback recipe is helpful for drop in guests or to impress in laws and such. Personally I agree that a meat-eater will never be sorry with a well done chicken. But my husband has never roasted a chicken but has mastered the perfect pan-seared steak and I am eternally grateful for that. My son has also never made a roast chicken but has mastered crepes, and I think more people request those than my chicken. So master what works for you. Whatever it is will be a welcome addition to the potluck.

I haven?t made Courteney?s roasted chicken recipe, but it looks good. She uses leeks and I love leeks. I might try it, but I will never give up my Ina Garten baked chicken. Never.

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A post shared by Courteney Cox (@courteneycoxofficial)

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Megan Fox stopped drinking after she got belligerent at the 2009 Globes
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Megan Fox stopped drinking after she got belligerent at the 2009 Globes
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Busy Philipps: 'Everything works out the way that it's supposed to'
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Busy Philipps: 'Everything works out the way that it's supposed to'
Despite Busy Philipps uptick in projects, she?s still doing a lot of sponcon on social media. She?s currently partnering with Yoplait in their OuiFresh Self Care Pack giveaway in honor of Self Care Day, July 24th. The packs include Oui Yogurts, a nail file, a key charm, a tote and Essie nail polishes. They also include self-care tips from Busy. So Yahoo interviewed Busy as part of The Unwind series to get some of her ?tips and tricks? for their readers.

On being vulnerable on social media: I think its great that more conversations are being had about mental health and well-being. I mean, Marlo Thomas told us in the 70s that its OK to cry. Its helpful to get out your emotions and its actually not helpful to hold things in. I think that the more people talk about and normalize mental health struggles or what theyre going through in a real way ? and not like a performative, superficial Im doing this because I feel like I should be doing this way ? I think the better off were all going to be.

On social media replacing real life: But one thing I would say about social media and where I think people sometimes have trouble navigating that is that you have to be self-aware of who youre speaking to in your social media. I think that sometimes people sort of use it in place of close friends or family or reaching out in those ways. I dont want that to be a thing that takes precedent over actually connecting with people who are in your life.

Her self-care go-to: I love exercise as a form of self-care for myself. Sweating every day has really made a difference in my mental health and well-being. And Ive noticed a difference: Ive been having a little bit of a trickier time recently and Im like, oh, its because I havent been working out every day. Theres something for me that happens ? you know, Im not a doctor or a scientist ? whether its my endorphins or just getting going, it just makes me feel better, so thats a huge part of my self-care. And sometimes it is the only thing I can do in a day. And sometimes it annoys my kids, Im not going to lie. Are my children someday going to be like, My mother was always working out? [laughs] But Im not always working out; its one workout and its 45 minutes, so they can calm down. I find that thats a thing that I need to do basically daily or very regularly in order to feel sort of in myself.

Her mantra: I do try to live by and remind myself very consistently that everything works out the way that its supposed to. And its hard ? that is so hard to remember sometimes. But if you really listen to yourself and your intuition, and youre able to drop into that, youre not going to make a bad decision.

[From Yahoo!]

It?s interesting to see crying framed as self-care but any release of emotion is, isn?t it? I always sleep better after I?ve spent a good amount of time laughing particularly hard. It?s cathartic and I think a good cry is the same release. I really like Busy?s advice about checking yourself on social media. I do know people who lean on social media as if it is their social network.

As for believing that everything works out the way it?s supposed to, I understand what Busy is trying to convey. But it is so incredibly hard to put faith in that while in the thick of life. And I can?t help but think that yes, the end result worked out, but the intended result would have also been good too. I am genuinely happy with where I am in life. But that?s not to say that there isnt a bunch of stuff I wish I?d done differently. I?m not trying to be cynical, I do think things work out. I just question if they always work out exactly as they were supposed to. Like, maybe alternate plane Hecate is also genuinely happy with her outcome.

Photo credit: Instagram

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Demand for red hair dye has increased 163% since Black Widow came out
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Demand for red hair dye has increased 163% since Black Widow came out
Hollywood has been inspiring fashion and beauty for decades. From Mia Farrows pixie cut to Rachel from Friends bob, women follow style and beauty trends set by celebrities. Scarlett Johanssons Black Widow has started a hair trend. According to UK beauty retailer JustMyLook, since Black Widow was released two weeks ago, there has been a 163% increase in demand for red hair dye. Below are a few more details about the summer color trend:

According to the website Justmylook, there has been a 163% spike in demand for the colour since the release of Black Widow, presumably because lots of people sat through two hours and 14 minutes of a film about a woman grappling with the psychological torment of knowing she was part of a Soviet military programme that brainwashed, sterilised and murdered hundreds of abandoned girls, only to think: ?Ooh, I bet I?d look lovely with her hair.?

There?s a great compilation video on YouTube in which Scarlett Johansson suffers through question after insulting question posed to her by journalists about Black Widow?s appearance. Her co-stars are asked about stunts and character motivation, and she is asked what food she had to eat to get in shape. How does it feel to be a sex symbol? What are Black Widow?s key fashion elements? Does she wear knickers under her jumpsuit? Perhaps this latest news, that the main thing audiences are taking from Black Widow is her lovely shiny hair, is an extension of that same trend.

Maybe we need to explore this further. Have people tracked down the brand of makeup Johansson wore in the scene where she falls off a roof and bashes her body into an agonising state of disrepair? Have sales of photogenic yet utterly impractical leather jumpsuits shot up as well, along with a corresponding surge in talcum powder? Are more and more women having their necks surgically dislocated so they can pose for photos while simultaneously displaying their bum, boobs and face like Black Widow did in that first Avengers poster?

[From The Guardian]

The hairstyles in Black Widow were also practical, unlike what we usually see on superhero women. One of my favorite parts of Black Widow was when Yelena, played by Florence Pugh, was teasing Natasha about her hair flip and super hero pose. It really was ridiculous. Hollywood doesnt know how to have a strong female lead without sexualizing her and making her into a love-besotted damsel like Wonder Woman. The Natasha in Black Widow had definitely matured and gotten over herself. She wasnt hyper intent on proving a point or being sexy while kicking ass. Natasha just was. This is why I am excited that women are just now catching scarlet fever and wanting to dye their hair red. This says something about what women find not only attractive but inspiring. I feel Hollywood and in particular Marvel should take note.

I am so happy to see the gingers getting some love. Red hair is one of my favorite hair colors. Especially the deep rich auburn kind. It looks good on many different skin tones and I wish more people would opt for scarlet over blonde. It is awesome to see that red hair is trending in the UK as well. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing all the red heads coming out this summer. I dont care that probably 90% of them will be bottled gingers.

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A post shared by Black Widow (@black.widow)

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