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Kate Upton's Hump Tease
Added 131 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Kate Upton's Hump Tease
There’s nothing to say about this Kate Upton booty pumping GIF, other than it took me 20 minutes to take my eyes off it. It’s hypnotic.

17-Jan-2018 :Kate Upton Drops A Massive Cleavage Bomb In Naughty Lingerie
15-Jan-2018 :Kate Upton?s Funbags Are Back And Better Than Ever
3-Jan-2018 :Kate Upton Busting Out Some Bodacious Cleavage Action
20-Dec-2017 :Kate Upton Playing Tennis In A Swimsuit? Yes Please!
19-Dec-2017 :Kate Upton?s HUGE Knockers And Tennis For The Win
5-Dec-2017 :Kate Upton?s Ginormous Super Cleavage Spilling Out Of Her Tiny Bikini
4-Dec-2017 :Kate Upton Tease Her Big Boobs At The Beach
22-Nov-2017 :Kate Upton Drops Some Ginormous Cleavage On Jimmy Fallon
21-Nov-2017 :Kate Upton Busts Out Her Massive Super Cleavage!
6-Nov-2017 :Kate Upton married Justin Verlander in an intimate ceremony in Italy
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Elizabeth Hurley As An Instagram Model Is Creepy
Added 131 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Elizabeth Hurley As An Instagram Model Is Creepy
This whole Elizabeth Hurley trying to be an Instagram model at 52 was cute for a minute, but now it’s getting creepy. Don’t get me wrong I’d be more than happy to have my filthy mitts all over her cougar body, but at her age there is something about a lady having class and owning […]

18-Aug-2017 :Elizabeth Hurley Is Now A Professional Instagram Model
8-Aug-2017 :Elizabeth Hurley Is Having Some Sexy Cougar Fun On Instagram
10-Jul-2017 :Elizabeth Hurley?s Teases With A Hose And Swimsuit
11-Apr-2017 :Elizabeth Hurley Is Now An Instagram Model
19-Oct-2016 :Elizabeth Hurley Is Now A 51-year-old Instagram Model
11-Mar-2016 :Elizabeth Hurley Is Amazing At 50
9-Mar-2016 :Elizabeth Hurley Is One Hot Old Bag!
18-Dec-2015 :Elizabeth Hurley Is Bikini Beautiful on Christmas Card
15-May-2015 :Elizabeth Hurley Busts Out Big Time For Charity
22-Apr-2015 :Elizabeth Hurley Is Still Smoking Hot!
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Angelina Jolie is 'raised by my children?, wants them 'to have a strong work ethic'
Added 131 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Angelina Jolie is 'raised by my children?, wants them 'to have a strong work ethic'
Angelina Jolie didn't just spend Monday preparing for the TIFF red carpet for First They Killed My Father. She also took part in the Canadian Women's Summit, aka the Women of the World Summit, in Toronto. She apparently got to meet Justin Trudeau, who was also speaking at the event. The photos in this post are from her appearances around Toronto over the past few days. Here are some quotes from her conversation and TIFF interviews:

She wants her kids to be empathetic: “Connecting with and helping other people is a pleasure and a privilege. I want them to be with people in other countries, to enjoy them and celebrate them. Yes, I want them to have empathy, but that comes naturally if they're exposed' My children teach me. I’m raised by my children. I see the world through their eyes and I'm better for it.”

She wants her kids to have a work ethic: 'It was a joy. I want them to have a strong work ethic. When I looked over and I saw [Maddox] and Pax working with the other crew ['] it was just wonderful.'

Packing & traveling: 'Packing for me is like a military exercise. They're getting older now, so the older ones help the younger ones, and actually they're quite efficient.'

[From Hello & Divine CA]

I imagine if you were a Jolie-Pitt kid, you would have to be good at packing. I was a good traveler when I was little, and I was affected by wanderlust in my teens, but even then' my natural state is 'homebody' and I do wonder sometimes if the Jolie-Pitt kids are going to want to travel when they get older' Like, will all of Angelina's wanderlust affect them positively or negatively' Will they want to continue to travel constantly when they have the choice' Or will they just get an apartment in LA and stay in one place for two decades'

Also – Entertainment Tonight has some eyewitnesses talking about how all the Jolie-Pitt kids were very well-behaved during all of their TIFF outings. I think that's true – the kids seem to be polite, curious and sweet overall.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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18-Dec-2017 :Angelina Jolie?s ?FTKMF? wasn?t shortlisted for the Best Foreign Film Osc...
11-Dec-2017 :Angelina Jolie coauthors Guardian op-ed with NATO sec-general Jens Stolte...
14-Nov-2017 :Angelina Jolie brought Day of the Dead cookies to Vivienne?s Shaolin kara...
7-Nov-2017 :Angelina Jolie in a sweater dress & ankle booties: super-cute or not so m...
6-Nov-2017 :Angelina Jolie wore a Jenny Packham robe at the Hollywood Film Awards
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Kate Winslet met her husband, Ned RockNRoll, in a house fire on Branson's island
Added 131 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kate Winslet met her husband, Ned RockNRoll, in a house fire on Branson's island
When Kate Winslet met her husband, they got on like a house on fire ' literally. Mr. Kate Winslet was once Abel Smith but now goes by Ned RockNRoll, for which I'll never be able to take him seriously. He is also Sir Richard Branson's nephew. Back in August of 2011, Branson was hosting an assortment of friends and family – like Kate and AbelNed – on his privately-owned Necker Island, which is one of the British Virgin Islands. All was swell until Hurricane Irene whipped through and her lightning set the mansion ablaze, forcing those in it, including Kate and her children, to run for their lives. Apparently, it was during this exodus that Kate met Ned for the first time and his ability to think clearly under pressure won her over. So much so, she married him.

Kate Winslet’s upcoming drama The Mountain Between Us tells the story of two plane crash survivors who fall in love while trying to stay alive in the wilderness. As it turns out, the idea finding love amidst chaos is something Winslet is actually quite familiar with.

ET’s Cameron Mathison caught up with Winslet and her co-star, Idris Elba, at a junket for their romantic drama on Saturday, and the Oscar-winning actress opened up about how she and her husband, Ned Rocknroll, met under potentially disastrous circumstances.

“I met my husband in a house fire,” Winslet recalled. The fire in question occurred in August 2011 when Winslet and her kids — daughter Mia and son Joe — were vacationing on Necker Island, the privately owned resort island belonging to billionaire Richard Branson. Rocknroll, Branson’s nephew, was staying on the island in an adjacent residence.

“He was the only dude to have a head torch and a pair of shoes, everyone else left everything behind,” the Titanic star recounted. “I took a bra and passports and my children.”

“So I married him!” she added, laughing. “I was like, ‘I’ll go for the guy with a head torch!’”

[From ET]

I can just picture the book jacket to that romance novel. Except there are few details missing from Kate's story which she’s previously shared. Like the part where Kate saved Branson's mother, Eve. Only Eve revealed that Kate didn’t really save her, but merely carried her down four steps so that Kate and her children could pass her and get out of the house. Also, where was Kate's boyfriend Louis Dowler, who was staying with Kate on the island' We know Kate left that trip with still-married-at-the-time Ned but if she only met him the night of the fire, where was Louis during the chaos' I get that the fire, which everyone survived fortunately, was a terrifying night but Kate seems to rewrite the narrative periodically.

Sadly, just as Irene wreaked havoc on Necker Island, so too did Irma. Once again, Branson's homes and surrounding area were brutalized by the hurricane, which was still Cat. 5 as it passed through the British Virgin Islands and once again, Branson was on Necker at the time. Thankfully, no one on Necker was hurt. Branson said they found safety in the great house's solid basement that, coincidentally, also serves as a wine cellar. (Talk about finding a silver lining.) Branson remains in the area, dedicated to assisting the government's efforts in rehabilitating BVI in the wake Irma's devastation.

Photo credit: WENN Photos

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3-Nov-2015 :Kate Winslet ?banned? her kids from social media because ?eating disorder...
19-Oct-2015 :Kate Winslet & Michael Fassbender got affectionate at UK ?Steve Jobs? pre...
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Leah Remini gets an Emmy, forgives her mom for bringing them into Scientology
Added 131 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Leah Remini gets an Emmy, forgives her mom for bringing them into Scientology
I know that the interest in Leah Remini has waned considering that she’s been speaking out against Scientology for years now. Most of us have heard about the horrors that average Scientologists, and especially their children, face at the hands of that cult. Remini is tenacious and she's determined to continue on her quest to bring down Scientology despite all the predictable, ineffective resources they’ve putting into discrediting and harassing her. She's telling the stories of the average people who deal with the cult on a daily basis. She's not going to stop despite her busy life and the fact that Scientology seems like old news now. The cult has been weakened but not defeated and she's a determined foe.

So it's heartening to hear that Remini got a creative arts Emmy over the weekend for her groundbreaking A&E show, Scientology and The Aftermath. Remini was so overwhelmed when she won outstanding informational series for Aftermath that she broke down crying afterwards, more on that in a moment. During her speech she forgave her mom for bringing her and her sister into the cult.

“Mom, thank you. You are officially forgiven for getting us into a cult,” Remini said.

While she grew up Catholic, Remini’s mother converted to Scientology when Leah was 9 years old. Subsequently, Leah also joined the church.

Remini’s mother, Vicki Marshall, was in the audience for the ceremony. The actor said that she had dreamed about bringing her mother to an awards show and have her see her daughter come home with a trophy. After thanking her mother, an emotional Remini also dedicated the statuette to the show’s contributors, who “spoke out and told their stories” despite fears surrounding the Church of Scientology and the possibility of facing backlash from members of the organization.

“It’s not an easy job but they were the one’s putting their stories out there for everyone to hear. And we are honored to be the vessel to tell these stories,” she said. “This belongs to our contributors, the brave ones, who are telling their stories.”

Remini also noted that as an actor, she had always dreamed about receiving an Emmy award, but as she grew older and started to branch out from her comedic work, she saw that it was more important to focus on “doing the right things.”

[From Refinery 29]

Leah also won a Television Critics Association award for best reality series last month. This is well deserved and I’m so happy for her! In an interview with ET after her win, Leah was wiping back tears but you could tell they were happy tears. She told ET she was “very grateful and emotional” and that she would keep her Emmy “front and center.” That video is below. It’s so cute how Leah tries to wipe off tears and not scratch herself with her long nails. Congratulations to Leah and all the brave Scientologists who came forward to share their stories.

Here’s Leah’s interview with EW:

Photos credit:

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12-Apr-2012 :Jennifer Lopez's Post-Idol Girl Time with Leah Remini
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Selena Gomez Done Up Like A Doll And Showing Off Her Sexy Legs
Added 131 days agoSource: Popoholic
Selena Gomez Done Up Like A Doll And Showing Off Her Sexy Legs
Here’s Selena Gomez looking like a doll and showing off her sexy little legs at the Harper’s Bazaar Celebrates ICONS shindig in NYC… nice! What’s not so nice is that her ultra loser dweeb of a boyfriend The Weeknd has his crummy arm wrapped around her and brushing his crummy hand against her huge braless bosom. Yeah, well, I can’t blame him. But I can hate his freaking guts! And I can definitely still drool over the solo shots of Selena Gomez looking like a doll and showing off her sexy legs! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

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The Blonde/Hotter Emma Stone Is Busting Out Some Sweet Bosom Action Now
Added 131 days agoSource: Popoholic
The Blonde/Hotter Emma Stone Is Busting Out Some Sweet Bosom Action Now
Here’s Emma Stone rocking her hot new blonde look at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival Battle of the Sexes Premiere, and more importantly showing off some of her slender little curves, and some of her sexy little legs, and busting out her cute little braless bosom… wowzers! Ain’t nothing hotter than seeing this peach show off her sexy/underrated little body, eh' Well, unless you count that time where she dressed up as Batgirl and gave me a foot massage. But that was a dream. At least I think it was. Anyways, enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

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Alexis Bledel won her first Emmy for 'The Handmaid's Tale'
Added 132 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Alexis Bledel won her first Emmy for 'The Handmaid's Tale'
This ^^ is Alexis Bledel attending the Creative Arts Emmy Awards last Sunday. Overall, I’d say the dress is okay, but I’m not a huge fan. I do like the color and somehow it makes the lace less overwhelming. But the sheer with the high neckline – I feel like I’m seeing this everywhere. Plus the full sleeves weigh it down. I love her statement earrings, though. You can see them better at the end of the post. Her hair and makeup look great, though, so it balances the overall look.

Alexis received her very first Emmy nomination for Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series for The Handmaid’s Tale. I loved Alexis as Rory on Gilmore Girls. Her portrayal was more layered than she gets credit for; conveying flaws under a polished veneer, while remaining stalwart as the emotional bridge between Lorelei and her parents. All of that is to say, I think Alexis is underestimated as an actress. She made kind of a lateral move character-wise in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. But then she surprised many of us with her damaged, philandering housewife on Mad Men. However, she blew me out of the water with her defiant yet vulnerable Ofglen in The Handmaids Tale. Apparently, she blew the Emmy voters away too because she won her category!

WhenAlexis Bledeltook home her first Emmy Award on Sunday, she wasn’t sure what to feel first.

Speaking with ET’s Courtney Tezeno backstage after her thrilling win at the 2017 Creative Arts Emmys in Los Angeles,the 35-year-old actress gushed, “I’m surprised and really excited [and] a little emotional. It’s all the feelings.”

Bledel won the award for Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series forher role as Ofglen inThe Handmaid's Tale, and the star said she appreciates being involved in the acclaimed series.

“I’m so fortunate to be a part of such an incredible company of actors and to get to tell this story now is just such an honor,” Bledel shared. “People have had such strong reactions to it, and it’s been so interesting to talk about everything it brings up for people. To continue doing the work, to get to go back and keep doing the work is just so exciting.”

[From ET]

The Handmaid's Tale has already won three of their 13 Emmy Nominations. Alexis wore a blue ribbon in support of the ACLU and in her acceptance speech discussed the show partnering with, pledging to, 'toencourage us all to take action'sign up, speak up and stay awake.' She beat out some very impressive competition: Cicely Tyson/How to Get Away with Murder,Laverne Cox/Orange is the New Black,Shannon Purser/Stranger Thingsand Alison Wright/The Americans. Also nominated in this category was Ann Dowd forThe Leftovers. Ann co-starred with Alexis in Handmaid's as Aunt Lydia. You know who else won for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy' Sookie St. James! Melissa McCarthy picked hers up for her portrayal of Sean Spicer on SNL. That just leaves Jess/Milo Ventimiglia for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series on Sunday for a GG triumvirate. Real life husband and Mad Men co-star. Vincent Kartheiser was not present but Alexis thanked him in her speech and said they would be celebrating later.

Speaking of Handmaid's, apparently, season two will have a full 13 episodes as opposed to season one's 10. The word is it will be darker and more grim. More grim – how'! I'm still recovering from season one! *SPOILER* And now we know that Alexis' Emily is coming back and being listed as a season regular. I am delighted she'll be back but also confused and devastated. Do you think it will be through flashbacks or do you think Emily survived' I know her fate in the book. Gawd, Alexis gutted me during the trial and ‘judgment’ scenes ' I don't know if I can handle it. But I do think her Emmy was very well deserved and I am delighted for her. Go Rory er, Alexis!

Photo credit: WENN Photos

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Busy Philipps flipped her ovary around and had to go to the emergency room
Added 132 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Busy Philipps flipped her ovary around and had to go to the emergency room
The story on People about Busy Philipp’s trip to the ER has a title that makes it sound like Busy partied too much with her BFF Michelle Williams and had some kind of accident. It read “Busy Philipps Lands in Hospital After Celebrating Michelle Williams's Birthday in Boston.” I mean Busy gets into some precarious situations when she’s drunk (we know because she posts it on social media) so it sounds likely. In reality Busy flipped her ovary over, it’s called ovarian torsion and it was so painful it sent her to the hospital. It sounds absolutely awful. I knew you could have ovarian cysts rupture but I had no idea your entire ovary could twist and have the blood supply cut. I’m sure there are all sorts of other injuries and ailments I’m not aware of and will now need to resist researching. The good news is that the hospital figured out the cause and that Busy was treated and released. She posted this to Instagram about her ordeal.

Last night ended super weird. But if you listen to my podcast, you know our advice is always, don't be a hero, go to the doctor. Anyway, I had a crazy excruciating pain in my lower right side and after a long time at Mass Gen, it was determined my ovary had flipped over- it's called torsion. Mine flipped back by itself and I'm ok but sometimes if it doesn't you have to get surgery or you can lose your ovary(which actually happened to a really good friend of mine) Anyway, my point of posting this was I felt like an idiot for going to the hospital but ultimately, going was the right move! It always is! Even if they say you're fine and send you on your way! And a huge thank you to the amazing doctors and nurses who took care of me! ''''''

A post shared by Busy Philipps (@busyphilipps) on Sep 10, 2017 at 7:39am PDT

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Kylie Jenner got lip fillers after she kissed a boy and he told her she had small lips
Added 132 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kylie Jenner got lip fillers after she kissed a boy and he told her she had small lips
Embed from Getty Images

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Margot Robbie Looking All Kinds Of Busty And Curvalicious!
Added 132 days agoSource: Popoholic
Margot Robbie Looking All Kinds Of Busty And Curvalicious!
Here’s Margot Robbie looking absolutely stunning at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival IMDb Studio shindig, and rocking her ridiculously sexy curves, and her drop dead sexy legs, and busting out her busty little bosom in an outfit that makes me think she’s actually Harleen Quinzel. All of a sudden she’s even hotter, eh' Damn right! Enjoy, and try not to drool all over yourselves!

Photo Credit: Getty

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Jennifer Lawrence Pops Out Her Massive Braless Cleavage!
Added 132 days agoSource: Popoholic
Jennifer Lawrence Pops Out Her Massive Braless Cleavage!
Here’s Jennifer Lawrence looking statuesque at the French premiere of her new horror movie mother!, and more importantly, busting out her bodacious curves and her massive braless boobs like a boss… sweet baby Jesus! JLaw proves once again that she has one of the best pair of boobs on the entire planet. Hell, her cleavage alone is perfectly-shaped. And totally braless and popping out like bananas, so stop reading this and enjoy the cleavage show!

Photo Credit: Getty

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