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Taylor Swift wore a $2900 Stella McCartney coat in NYC: tweedy & cute?
Added 196 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Taylor Swift wore a $2900 Stella McCartney coat in NYC: tweedy & cute?
You guys, this is the second GREAT Stella McCartney ensemble I?ve seen in as many days. What is happening? Usually I loathe all things Stella McCartney, but Pamela Anderson?s Stella outfit at the British Fashion Awards was amazing, and now look at Taylor Swift?s Stella McCartney coat and matching miniskirt. They?re outstanding! I love that tweed, I love everything about her street-style look here (except the shoes). The coat is apparently $2900. Yikes, too rich for me, but it does look great on Tay.

These are pics of Taylor out to dinner last night in Tribeca. She flew out of Kansas City yesterday I think, or maybe Monday? Some outlets described her flight back to New York as ?sudden,? but? that?s where she lives, and she?s not just going to camp out in Kansas City permanently. Especially when Meredith, Benjamin and Olivia are probably still living in New York. I don?t see any gossip about Taylor?s dinner companions, so it?s possible she just went out with her security guys they went to Paros, a Greek restaurant.

The Kansas City Chiefs will play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, and the game is at Arrowhead in KC. Will Taylor fly back down this weekend to see her man play? This past Sunday was the first time the Chiefs lost with Taylor in attendance. I wonder?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Anne Hathaway wore vintage Valentino to the British Fashion Awards: gorgeous?
Added 196 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Anne Hathaway wore vintage Valentino to the British Fashion Awards: gorgeous?
Here are some photos from last night?s British Fashion Awards, an annual event celebrating fashion and British fashion in particular, although most attendees aren?t wearing British designers. Take Anne Hathaway, who turned up at the event in a vintage Valentino gown. This is literally from the Valentino archives, a museum piece which Anne was allowed to borrow. It?s very pretty, but if you got a chance to wear an archived Valentino, wouldn?t you go for one of the bigger, brighter looks?

Simone Ashley also wore Valentino, but not a vintage piece. This is? very short. I mean, she has legs for days, but lord, how did she sit down?

Rita Ora wore a specially made Primark dress with a chrome spike down the back. From the front, it looks like a basic black dress, but the party?s in the back. Do you think Taika Waititi is tired of this?

Kate Moss looked really good here I like that she kept it simple.

Letitia Wright wore Prada I?m so glad that ?dress-over-pants? is coming back into style.

Ashley Park wore a big fish! LOL.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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Gwyneth Paltrow in vintage Valentino at the British Fashion Awards: tomato chic?
Added 196 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Gwyneth Paltrow in vintage Valentino at the British Fashion Awards: tomato chic?
Much like Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow also got to choose a vintage Valentino look from the Valentino archives for last night?s British Fashion Awards. I have no idea if the house of Valentino actually selected the looks or Anne and Gwyneth got to choose their own, but I suspect that Gwyneth probably would have chosen differently. Did no one tell her that she was going to ?match? the Fashion Awards background? It?s also hilarious because Anne got the far superior vintage look. Goop looks like a fuzzy tomato.

Pamela Anderson in Stella McCartney actually one of my favorite looks of the night? She?s been going no-makeup to events this year and she looks amazing.

Jodie Comer in Victoria Beckham. She looks underdressed, but it?s fine.

Taylor Russell in Loewe. Loewe is so funky! This looks really cool on Taylor though, and she?s become a budding fashionista.

Hello, Andrew Garfield in a tux!

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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