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Keanu Reeves & Alexandra Grant kissed on the carpet at the MOCA gala
Added 431 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Keanu Reeves & Alexandra Grant kissed on the carpet at the MOCA gala
Keanu Reeves made an appearance this weekend with his girlfriend/partner Alexandra Grant at the annual MOCA gala. They often go to this event, and I believe Alexandra has the connection to the museum, and Keanu is her date. Alexandra is an artist and she?s very involved in the Los Angeles artists? community. I love that Keanu shows up to *her* events. They?ve been together for years, but they?re a pretty quiet couple he?s only referenced her in a handful of interviews, and she?s not, like, organizing pap strolls or anything. I?m always in awe of how age-appropriate they are as a couple he?s 58, she?s 50. Keanu definitely sips from Paul Rudd?s fountain of youth, but they do look the same age. It?s just refreshing to see a 50-something celebrity man with a 50-something woman.

Alexandra?s dress is amazing too, I don?t have the designer ID, but it?s great. You know what I like? She understands that with her gray hair, she needs softer makeup and bright colors. I feel like a lot of women who go gray still wear the same colors and same makeup as before. Also: I made the mistake of searching ?Alexandra Grant? on Twitter, only to discover that there are some unhinged Keanu fans who hate her guts. You guys? Keanu is a peaceful dude who has had a lot of tragedy in his life. Just let him live and be with the woman he adores. They also kissed for the cameras last night:

Keanu Reeves and girlfriend Alexandra Grant share a sweet moment on the carpet at the @MOCAlosangeles Gala. #KeanuReeves #AlexandraGrant #MOCA

On The Red Carpet (@OnTheRedCarpet) April 16, 2023

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The 'straight eyebrow' trend is said to make your eyes look bigger ' would you try it'
Added 431 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
The 'straight eyebrow' trend is said to make your eyes look bigger ' would you try it'
Eyebrow trends really mark an era. Recently weve seen the no eyebrow look come back and of course theres the skinny eyebrow look that I appreciate somewhat. Im a 90s girl and while I never want to go back to overplucked pencil thin brows, I like that brow trends arent as full and slug-like as they were just a few years ago. What is this new straight brow trend though? Apparently its shaving off the tail of your eyebrow and drawing in the end a little higher and shorter. Its said to lift your face and give a much different look. TikTokers are trying it with mixed results. (Theyre calling it Bella Hadid eyebrows but she has such thin brows I dont see it. I see it more on Natalie Portman.) Im going to quote Yahoos In the Know because they explain this well. Im also including several TikToks below that show women doing this to themselves.

A new eyebrow trend is taking over TikTok, and it?s sparked a bit of a battle between the generations. According to Gen Z, super-thin and straight eyebrows are in. But according to millennials ? who are still recovering from their own super-thin eyebrow phase that spanned the ?90s and early ?00s ? this all feels like bad dj vu.

The trend has been called various things, from straight brows to lifted brows to Bella Hadid eyebrows, since the model has more or less become known for the extreme look.

And while it?s certainly not for everyone, countless TikTokers have been experimenting with the new trend for months now to see how it might give their face a ?lifted? look ? with varying degrees of success.

?I never realized how much eyebrows drag a face down,? wrote Elizabeth Monahan (@elizabeth.marie) in her TikTok caption.

Her post, which later went viral, drew a ton of comments from people who either loved the look or absolutely hated it

Like it or not, Monahan?s viral TikTok went on to inspire a lot of other TikTokers to do the same, and they?ve been posting their own results for the world to see.

[From In The Know]

Im not about to shave off the ends of my eyebrows to try this, but I penciled the ends higher and put a little concealer on the tails and they look good. My brows are light and they arent as well defined as most of these women on TikTok though. Ive watched countless videos and bought so many different products and they always end up just looking slightly better than natural. I think thats the real stickler getting your brows well defined regardless of the shape you choose. I asked a makeup expert, Ameerah Muhammad, for a quote on this trend. (You can see Ameerahs YouTube channel here.) She cautioned that its foolish to shave off your brows and wrote. I think its a retread of an old trend. Gen Z and the Tiktok beauty generation loves to think they have discovered something new. What we call matte skin- they call Cloud skin. What we call dewy they call skin flooding. Its all a bit silly IMO. Experimenting with brow trends can be fun, but I think Millennials and Gen Xers would caution Gen Z not to do anything with their brows that they cant regrow. Most of us are STILL dealing with the repercussions of over-plucking our brows. You can achieve the exact same lifted look with concealer and contour!

This woman agrees as she was not happy with her results.

@tyleepeek Is there even a difference #bellahadid #bellahadideyebrows #straighteyebrows #fyp #foryou #trending ? original sound TJ

Heres the original post that went viral. I checked out the Instagram for this creator, Elizabeth Marie, and her new brows look gorgeous. She looks a little startled here. I remember that look well.


I never realized how much eyebrows drag a face down

? son original YuNGFris

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