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Lori Loughlin 'is shocked & saddened that this is what her legacy is going to be'
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Lori Loughlin 'is shocked & saddened that this is what her legacy is going to be'
I?ve said this before, but it?s worth repeating: one of the biggest problems Lori Loughlin and her daughters have is that their perception of themselves is wildly different than how other people see them. Lori sees herself as a Hollywood A-lister, popular and beloved, and Olivia Jade always saw herself as selling a very high-end brand of herself. Even before Operation Varsity Blues, the reality was much different Lori is more of a C-lister in the Hollywood ecosystem, a television actress on the Hallmark Channel selling a churchy, faux-wholesome image. And the reality for Olivia Jade was that she was just some Kylie Jenner wannabe, the lowest of the low a reality star without her own reality show. In the wake of Operation Varsity Blues, we?ve seen just how budget and tacky this family really is. But they?re stuck on this idea that this whole ordeal has been a gigantic fall from grace. LOL. Some quotes from People & CNN:

Lori Loughlin faces criminal charges in the college admissions scandal ? and the actress worries the charges will overshadow her career and permanently ruin her reputation, a source familiar with the case tells PEOPLE.

?Lori is shocked and saddened that this is what her legacy is going to be,? the source says.

Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, maintain they are innocent of the charges against them in the college admissions scandal.

This is not a story. This has become a total circus. They didnt do anything wrong, a source close to the couple told CNN. Defending the couples alleged actions, the source said, They did what so many people in their financial situation do to get their kids into schools. What about the people that donate buildings to schools? Why are they becoming the poster children for things that have been going on forever? They didnt do anything illegal. They just wanted a good education for their kids, like every parent does. There was no bribe. They are solely focused on winning their legal case.

[From People & CNN]

THeY dIDn?T dO AnYTHiNg wRoNG. Do you hear that, federal prosecutors? Nothing! As for this: ?Lori is shocked and saddened that this is what her legacy is going to be? honey, buy a clue. Before this, your legacy was what? Hallmark actress/Aunt Becky/mother to two spoiled idiots. Operation Varsity Blues seems entirely on-brand for Lori?s ?legacy.?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red and WENN.

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Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson are over after about four months together
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson are over after about four months together
People really had strong feelings about Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson when they first started happening earlier this year. For the most part, those strong feelings were ?ew? and ?NO? and ?why girl why.? But there was genuine interest and Kate and Pete definitely ?performed? their relationship for us. But they haven?t been seen together recently, which caused People Magazine to announce a few days ago that Kate and Pete were ?slowing things down a bit.? Well, as it turns out, they slowed things down to the point where they just broke up completely.

Was it because he bought a house with his mom? ?Saturday Night Live? star and comic Pete Davidson, 25, and actress Kate Beckinsale, 45, have split.

The improbable showbiz couple that was Deckinsale has sadly cooled things off after just a few months of dating, sources confirmed to Page Six. One insider said that while the age difference wasn?t a problem for the pair, Davidson?s public lifestyle was.

?Even though Kate has been in Hollywood for a long time, she struggled with the attention on her relationship with Pete. He lives his life with his heart on his sleeve.?

Despite a very public makeout session with Davidson at a hockey game, Beckinsale ? who got together with him at the Golden Globes in January ? told the LA Times, ?I?m surprised by the interest. I?ve never been in this position before ? never dated anybody who comes with their own bag of mischief.?

[From Page Six]

The dealbreaker wasn?t their age difference or the difference in their life experiences, or that she?s a beautiful movie star and he?s a young comedian famous for getting engaged to Ariana Grande. No, none of that. It was because Kate couldn?t handle HIS fame? What in the world is that? It?s far more likely to me that Kate just cooled things off because she was over it in general. She had her fun. She was the ?cool cougar? with the young, funny boyfriend and now she?s done with that. At some point she looked at herself and thought why am I doing this again?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN.

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Britney Spears left the mental health facility, will spend time with her sons
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Britney Spears left the mental health facility, will spend time with her sons
Britney Spears checked into a mental health facility earlier this month. I won?t get into the giant backstory, suffice to say that I believed the more intensive 24-7 treatment was probably necessary. I didn?t buy that Britney was being held against her will, or that Jamie Spears was organizing some massive scheme to make Britney look unstable or whatever. I think Britney has legitimate mental health issues and she needs to be under the care of doctors constantly. When she?s on her meds, she knows that too. Britney slapped back on the conspiracy theories earlier this week too. And now? Britney is out of the facility. For good.

Britney Spears will have a big reunion today with her kids. Britney and Kevin Federline have joint custody of 13-year-old Sean and 12-year-old Jayden. The arrangement has been that she gets them 3 days, he gets them 3 days, she gets them 3 days, he gets them 3 days, and so on.

Britney has had less than the agreed-upon 50/50 custody for several months leading up to her stay at the mental health facility. While she was doing poorly, the kids would visit, but Kevin had the kids most of the time. So, Britney begins her 3 days with the kids today, but theres still significant concern about her mental state. Our sources say the 30-day stay at a mental health facility which ended Wednesday put her in a better place, but there are still issues with her judgment, and it goes beyond medication.

As we reported, doctors continue to struggle, trying to find the right combination of meds to stabilize Britney. The meds she had been taking lost their efficacy, and creating a new cocktail is fraught with problems. Britney had stopped taking the new meds earlier this year when they were doing more harm than good.

Were told progress is being made, but theres another big unresolved factor. The meds will stabilize her, but there are more fundamental mental health issues that go to judgment and perspective, and that requires intensive therapy something she has been and will continue to receive. Short story shes doing better, but shes not right, at least not yet. Its something her dad, Jamie, has been dealing with for nearly a dozen years as her conservator, trying to give her the space she needs to live her life, and at the same time steer her away from disaster.

[From TMZ]

Again, Kevin Federline and Britney?s custodial arrangement is basically an off-the-books, informal thing that K-Fed worked out with Jamie Spears. K-Fed has sole custody of their sons, and he can stop the informal custodial arrangement whenever he wants. I would hope that if Britney truly is struggling still, Kevin would do what is in the best interest of the boys. It?s not Kevin?s job to look out for Britney, it?s his job to take care of their sons. As for Brit, I feel sad for her and I hope her doctors aren?t just using her as a lab rat. I get that it?s about finding the right cocktail, but this whole thing is just so sad.

Photos courtesy of WENN and Backgrid.

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Jennifer Garner on what 'breaks the girlfriend code' and 'is not part of the deal'
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Garner on what 'breaks the girlfriend code' and 'is not part of the deal'
Im sorry for making the title clickbaity but I couldnt figure out how to explain this in our two line format. The first thing that comes to mind when I think ?girlfriend code? is ?sleeping with your ex or current boyfriend.? In one of the segments released from her People?s Most Beautiful interview Jennifer Garner makes it a lot milder though. She says that making you feel guilty for not keeping in touch, or for hanging out with someone else, breaks the code. I feel like the code is reserved for more serious violations involving the most important people in your inner circle. The women who do the guilting thing are the ones whom you never let in, you know? Nobody has time for that and those people are easy to spot, but I get what she means.

[Jennifer Garner] knows what?s important when it comes to the girlfriends in her life.

?Sense of humor,? she tells PEOPLE in this week?s cover story. ?And a lack of guilt. I do not believe friendship should or can come with guilt. Like a friend who says, ?You haven?t called me,? or ?I saw you out with someone else.? That is not part of the deal. That breaks the girlfriend code.?

[Garner] especially appreciates her friendships with other mothers.

?Oh my gosh, I was the world?s most anxious first time mom that ever lived, and I really did it in a vacuum,? she explains. ?I didn?t have girlfriends around who were having babies at the same time. I wasn?t part of a moms? group with my first. I was so isolated that I really missed out on everything.?

Garner has a wealth of support from her tribe. ?From girlfriends modeling for me or seeing something and thinking, ?Oh, I?m going to cherry pick that from you? and ?I love the way you handled that? and ?I want that sentence in my brain? and ?I need to write that down,? she says. ?Because that?s what it is when you are parenting in a community. I mean the moms at my kids? school are the moms that I look up to and try to emulate.?

?There is nothing more important, other than your kids ? no man, no relationship, no anything ? than your girlfriends,? Garner says. ?You find your tribe, you take care of them, you treat them with the love and respect they deserve, insist on the same back for yourself.?

?If something goes wrong, if you can let it go, let it go. If they?re not serving you, let that friendship go,? she adds. ?See if you grow together, [or] if you grow apart, but your girlfriends are the key to life.?

[From People]

Again that?s just an annoyance from an acquaintance, not a code violation. I would put that on the level of being flaky as hell. Like you consider someone as a friend candidate but they?re not reliable so you don?t bother. That said, I bet she has someone specific in mind and I wonder what happened there. Will that person know and be like ?that?s cold??

Garner was also on Ellen this week. She said she ?didn?t even know? that People was going to choose her Most Beautiful, that she was ?really honored and flattered? and that it was ?so nice of People to think outside the box.? Remember when she called out People for running a cover of her without her permission? She also said, of the quote on the title that she?s grateful every day, that gratitude is an important quality to have, especially to model to your children. I thought that was nice actually, I did! I need to remember that more.

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A post shared by Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner) on Apr 25, 2019 at 1:26pm PDT

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Gabrielle Union: 'sometimes we use makeup as a mask from reality'
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Gabrielle Union: 'sometimes we use makeup as a mask from reality'
Gabrielle Union for PEOPLE Magazine, The Beautiful Issue.

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Charlize Theron in Givenchy at the 'Long Shot' UK premiere: stunning or costumey'
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Charlize Theron in Givenchy at the 'Long Shot' UK premiere: stunning or costumey'
Seth Rogen gets criticized for being an unkempt man-child in life and in movies, but I?ve always considered him an underrated romantic lead. Think about it he almost always has a lot of chemistry with the women he works with, and in real life, he?s married to a beautiful, talented actress/producer/writer. My point is that he has some considerable game, he just hides his game behind a schlubby everyman exterior. My point is also that I think Long Shot looks like silly fun, and that Seth and Charlize Theron look like they had a ball filming it. Here?s the Red Band trailer, NFSW for language.

These are photos from the London premiere of Long Shot last night. Charlize and Seth have been doing a mini-European tour this week, which sort of sucks because they?ve gotten lost in the Avengers: Endgame shuffle, but whatever. The idea is probably that Long Shot is counterprogramming to an enormous movie like Endgame: women will go to see Long Shot because yay, a romantic comedy.

For the premiere, Charlize wore Givenchy, and it looks like a Spanish bolero-influenced ensemble, which is an interesting choice for a London premiere, I guess. I?m a fan of the hot Pink + black combo, but I mostly feel like this was created from two separate looks. I don?t really blame Givenchy for that I don?t want to see the top that ?matches? that fug skirt. Charlize also went pretty severe with her styling slicked back hair, a bright lip, elegant earrings. It?s a look. Honestly, from the waist up, I?m all for it.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Selena Gomez: 'I don't really appreciate people judging me on my looks'
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Selena Gomez: 'I don't really appreciate people judging me on my looks'
This is a photo of Selena Gomez on her first red carpet in almost a year for WE Day. Selena announced last year that she was taking some time out of the public eye to take care of herself. And she really did step away, which ? good for her. But she is slowly re-entering the public eye. Wednesday she appeared on the Dream It Real podcast (she should have been on the Gossip with Celebitchy podcast, that?s the best podcast). During her interview, Selena revealed that she doesn?t think the people who are talking about her really know her, especially if the only comments they have are about her looks.

Selena Gomez is opening up about her journey in and out of the spotlight in her most candid interview to date.

The Wolves singer is the first guest on Coachs new Dream It Real podcast, released on Wednesday. During the 30-minute conversation, focused on authenticity, the 26-year-old star talks about going to therapy and reveals the one thing people really dont know about her.

I dont really think that people know my heart, Gomez says. I think that sometimes people may think that I politically say the right thing or Im safe or Ive been trained to speak this way. I dont know how to be trained, like how on earth would somebody be training me to speak things?

I think that a lot of people dont understand my heart, you know? Gomez continues. And I also dont like that, it can be sometimes about appearance too. I dont really appreciate people judging me on my looks, or anything like that.

When asked what she means by that, Gomez explains, I just think that the world today, with so much exposure to everythingits great to dress up and to feel beautiful and to do those things, butand Im flattered when, maybe, guys are like, Youre pretty. I am, its just notI would just love someone to love me for the person that I am.

[From E! News]

I guess I?m a little confused. When she referred to those who talked about her, I thought she meant the media. But we only know of her through public appearances so it?s not really possible for us to know what?s in her heart. So is she talking about those around her? If so, I can understand her grief because that would suck if all your friends could talk about was your looks.

The quotes provided are cryptic, but cryptic in a way that it sounds like Selena is working through her thoughts as she speaks them, not to play games. Considering she spent her down time examining herself, it would be especially frustrating to come back from that and read all these superficial and inaccurate representations of her. It also sounds like maybe Selena, who was a child actress, did put up a faade in the press, whether coached or not, and is now trying to live as her true self. If that?s the case, she?ll break through. It might take a little while but if she stays focused on herself and her health, we?ll learn the real Selena. She said therapy helped her immensely and wishes she?d gone long before now. I think therapy is a godsend and wish everyone had access to it. I?m glad Selena is finding comfort there.

Photo credit: WENN Photos

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