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Gabrielle Union: 'it's none of my business how anyone responds or reacts' to me
Added 349 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Gabrielle Union: 'it's none of my business how anyone responds or reacts' to me
Gabrielle Union is definitely a celeb that shares a lot. She has two memoirs and shes frequently talking about tougher or less discussed topics in interviews. Sometimes its a lot, but mostly its refreshing to see a celeb thats not putting a shiny gloss on things at all times. Most recently, Gabrielle spoke about struggling with her self-worth, seeking validation from others, how her childhood contributed to those feelings, and how she moved past that.

At 50 years old, it seems like Gabrielle Union has got it all figured out (see: her adorable family, her enviable fashion sense, and her thriving career). But in a super-relatable plot twist, Union spent years feeling like she wasnt enough. During an episode of Netflix?s Skip Intro podcast, Union opened up about a time when she struggled with her self-worth, especially at the beginning of her career.

?I just wanted it so badly,? she said of making it in the industry. ?And it?s beyond being chosen for a role, it?s feeling like I was chosen because I was attractive ? I didn?t care if you thought I was a good actor, I just wanted to know that someone outside of my parents thinks I am cute, attractive, lovely, whatever.?

According to Self, the star got her start through modeling, small roles, and beauty contests. At one point, Union was rejected from a role because of her appearance. ?It just robbed me of my confidence, my joy,? she recalled. ?I just felt like I was exposed as hideous, and what do you do with that??

Even after being cast in Bring It On, Union said she still felt the need to be viewed as ?amazing, beautiful. Someone recommended therapy to the actress to work through her need for validation and daddy issues.? She eventually confronted the childhood trauma by speaking with her father.

?I was like, ?Why did you never tell me I was pretty??? she explained. ?And he was like, ?Pretty doesn?t pay the bills. You?re Black. I?m Black. Your mom?s Black. Your grandparents are Black. We didn?t come from shit. I came from the projects. Being pretty never helped any one of us. So I thought I was encouraging you to be a great athlete, to be a great student, to be a great person ?? And I was like, Damn.?

After years of therapy and self-discovery, Union had the epiphany that other peoples opinions of her shouldnt matter. ?I can?t be invested in your opinion of me, or anyone?s opinion of me. My truth just is. And it?s none of my business how anyone else responds or reacts.?

This realization eventually freed her ?from the constant need to be validated by a man, a job, an opportunity, a cover, whatever.?

I?m good, in every hood, being exactly who the hell I am,? she added. ?And at some point, that?s enough. I?m finally, at 50, like, Oh, yeah.?

[From InStyle]

Despite her industry, in many ways Gabrielles experiences are universal for women, particularly for Black women. Wanting validation and to just be told youre pretty in a world that so frequently tells you that you are not is completely understandable. Gabrielle spoke in her memoirs of growing up in a predominantly white area where her peers used the N-word freely, so its likely any acknowledgment of her good looks included the for a Black girl caveat. When youre a young woman and you want to be seen thats sh-tty, so it makes sense that those early experiences sent her to seek validation through her work or at least at home from her family. But, its good that Gabrielle eventually learned to separate her opinion of herself from other peoples opinions about her. As she says, you cant control anyone elses response or reaction to you. All you can do is be yourself.

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Jordana Brewster: when you have body image issues you?re not living in the present
Added 349 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jordana Brewster: when you have body image issues you?re not living in the present
Jordana Brewster is a pretty low key celebrity, which is surprising for someone whos starred in one of the biggest movie franchises of our time (The Fast and the Furious movies). I didnt know this but her mom was a Brazilian model who was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1978. In an interview for Yahoo Life, Jordana talked about her mom sneaking her into an aerobics class when she was fifteen, pretending to be eighteen. The unspoken message that young Jordana picked up on was to prioritize weight loss/maintenance and looking camera-ready. She went on to have body image issues throughout her twenties, which she says kept her from living in the present. But her stunt training for The Fast and the Furious movies helped her to focus on strength instead of weight loss.

I spent most of my 20s trying to fit into, like, a perfect box ? which is impossible, really. And its a waste of time, she says. That?s what really sucks about being super self-critical or having body-image issues is that youre just trapped in your head, and youre not living in the present at all. So I think it just robs you of life, really.

However, recognizing that the Brazilian ideal was much different from what was gaining popularity in the United States helped her to maintain a healthier relationship with her body than she might have.

You always wanted a bunda, [Portuguese for butt], Brewster says. It was never like the 90s heroin-chic thing.

Now, at 43, its that multicultural upbringing that she credits for allowing her to enjoy movement without the intention of shrinking her body. Ive always loved being strong, she says. Thats also driven her performance as Mia Toretto in the Fast & Furious franchise over the last 22 years.

The more physical it is, the more fun it is for me, she says of her role. When youre working with a stunt team, its almost like working with a dance troupe. Its so meticulously choreographed and planned. To be able to be healthy enough to land the choreography and to do it myself versus having someone do it for me, its like a badge of honor in a way. I want to keep doing that.

[From Yahoo]

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Ben Affleck, J.Lo & Violet Affleck attended Michael Rubin's 4th of July party
Added 349 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ben Affleck, J.Lo & Violet Affleck attended Michael Rubin's 4th of July party
Here are some photos of Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez and Violet Affleck on the Fourth of July. There?s always at least one major ?industry party? on Independence Day, and this year Michael Rubin hosted it. The dress code was ?all white,? which? eh. It feels very early-aughts, doing an all-white dress code for a summer party. I remember those Hamptons parties with all-white dress codes. Still, Bennifer was game and so was Violet.

Violet is fully her mother?s daughter I always do a double-take whenever I see photos of her, because it inevitably looks like Jennifer Garner and J.Lo are hanging out. I wonder if J.Lo does the same double-take. Violet not only paired her white dress with pigtails, she also wore a mask at the party. She?s 17 years old and she?s still like ?actually, I don?t want to catch anything.? The only other Hollywood type I?ve seen wearing masks still, to this day, is Leo DiCaprio (and I mostly think that?s about the paparazzi).

Speaking of Leo, Ben and J.Lo are both Leos, with Jennifer?s birthday coming up on July 24th and Ben?s birthday coming up on August 15. Will they do another birthday trip in Europe? Will they get a yacht? I hope so. There are also persistent rumors that Ben and Jen will do a vow renewal this summer for their one-year anniversary. I hope not I hope they just go on a big birthday/anniversary trip.

Here?s one of Michael Rubin?s IGs about his party, and you can see a great photo of the Affleck-Lopez fam. Beyonce was there!! So were Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady, Kim Kardashian and dozens of A-listers.

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