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Irina Shayk was unbothered by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper's Oscar performance
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Irina Shayk was unbothered by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper's Oscar performance
LOL, such strong feelings about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper?s Oscar performance. I thought A Star Is Born was dumb and chemistry-free, and even I enjoyed their Oscar performance, quite honestly. But apparently, it was some kind of Rorschach Test for how we should feel sorry for Irina Shayk (she?s unbothered) or that Gaga broke ?the woman code? or that Bradley is obviously trying to sleep with Gaga. Or whatever. Who knew that we?re a nation of Mike Pences, where a man can?t even work beside a woman without it turning into some scandal?

That being said, I?m having fun yelling about all of this. David Spade posted a screenshot of Gaga and Bradley?s performance and he captioned it ?Is there any chance these 2 arent fking? Then Jennifer Esposito who is Bradley Cooper?s ex-wife replied to Spade, ?Ha.? There was no love lost between Cooper and Esposito when they divorced, and Esposito has only made a handful of comments about him since their divorce. I mean, I think it?s interesting that she would chime in with ANY kind of statement, but I?m not going to do some in-depth analysis about what the ?ha? meant.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly claims that Irina Shayk is utterly unbothered by all of this:

While Oscars viewers were swooning over Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper?s intimate ?Shallow? performance on Sunday, February 24, the Silver Linings Playbook actor?s girlfriend, Irina Shayk, watched from her front-row seat ? and wasn?t bothered at all.

?Irina knows that Bradley and Gaga are artists,? a source exclusively told Us Weekly of the 33-year-old model. ?It?s a nonissue for her. They were in character putting on an Oscar performance.?

[From Us Weekly]

Can we be done with this now? I mean, it?s fun and I?m glad people are talking about it, but seriously I do not believe that Gaga and Bradley have ever done anything other than hold hands or pretend, on camera, to fool around for A Star Is Born. Frankly, I think the bigger gossip in Gaga?s life is probably why she pulled out of her engagement to Christian Garino, and I?m guessing it had nothing to do with Cooper.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad at the VF Oscar party: still glum or perked up?
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad at the VF Oscar party: still glum or perked up?
I thought Jennifer Lopez looked especially glum and over-it at the Oscars, but she seemed to perk up slightly for the Vanity Fair Oscar party. She went with Alex Rodriguez, who may or may not be plucking her last nerve. Mostly, I think Jennifer was happy to have better makeup for the afterparties her styling at the Oscars was not great. She wore these peacock vibing Zuhair Murad dress. I love the colors but hate the design.

Kacey Musgraves in Versace. Kacey really went to LA to do the whole Oscar experience. I can?t hate on her hustle maybe Kacey is the next Blake Shelton, some country crossover who becomes a huge multi-platform name. She?s certainly trying. Anyway, I actually sort of like this Versace it?s a great party dress.

KiKi Layne also chose Versace for her party dress. This doesn?t look comfortable, nor is it actually that cute?

Embed from Getty Images

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Kendall Jenner in Rami Kadi at the VF Oscar party: tacky, cheap or fun?
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kendall Jenner in Rami Kadi at the VF Oscar party: tacky, cheap or fun?
Here are more photos from the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Kendall Jenner was the only one of the Kardashian-Jenners to attend any Oscar events (although Caitlyn Jenner turned up). Kendall wanted attention, and honestly, this is such an old school move. It used to be that every random model would turn up to the VF Oscar party with everything hanging out. This year, Kendall was one of the few women doing it. Her Rami Kadi dress was basically a sliver of fabric draped over her crotch, and whenever Kendall moved or walked, the fabric would sway and Kendall would expose herself to everyone. So, there you go.

Amy Adams has never looked more like Isla Fisher than right here, in this Alexandre Vauthier, with this hair.

Ashley Olsen just low-key turned up to the VF party with no fuss. I don?t even think she had a date? She just came to party.

Sophie Turner in Louis Vuitton,with Joe Jonas. I keep hoping this relationship will peter out, but I guess not. Sophie looks cute though.

Chlo Grace Moretz also wore Louis Vuitton. LV did some decent party dresses, right?

Laura Harrier also got an LV party dress this one is too cocktaily for my taste, although her body is crazy.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN.

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Gabrielle Union's Valentino was one of the best looks of Oscar night
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Gabrielle Union's Valentino was one of the best looks of Oscar night
For my money, Gabrielle Union was one of the best-dressed women on Oscar night, and she didn?t even attend the Oscars. Gabrielle just did the parties. She wore this absolutely stunning Valentino gown in a reddish pumpkin shade which 100% works because of her skin, body and hair. Gabrielle recently chopped her hair off and OMG does this choppy cut look cute. Hands down, one of my favorite looks.

I stan Liberty Ross. She dumped a cheating husband and landed a billionaire. She and Jimmy Iovine attend the VF party every year. Love her.

Tiffany Haddish in Rami Kadi. This is a glorious mess and she comes close to making it work.

Selma Blair in Ralph & Russo, walking her first big red carpet since her MS diagnosis. She walked with a cane and she got quite emotional on the carpet. Great dress!

Lupita Nyongo in Oscar De La Renta -weirdly, I don?t think she actually attended the Oscars, she just did the afterparties? Which is fine, I guess. Her dress was cute!

Embed from Getty Images

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Natalie Portman in a Dior jumpsuit at the VF Oscar party: cute or twee?
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Natalie Portman in a Dior jumpsuit at the VF Oscar party: cute or twee?
Here are some photos from the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party, which definitely felt like it was slightly more subdued this year. Maybe it was all of the shocking winners at the end of the Oscars Olivia Colman, Green Book or maybe it was a lack of big, scandalous names in attendance. The party photos are being spread out among a half dozen posts here. First up: Natalie Portman, who attended the VF party with her husband Benjamin. I believe they?re still LA-based now, having left Paris several years ago. Natalie?s jumpsuit is Dior, and while I enjoy the fact that she?s wearing a jumpsuit comfort! this one isn?t great.

Here?s Shailene Woodley, also in Dior, with Isidora Goreshter. I?m always shocked when Shailene turns up at an industry party shouldn?t she be sitting in a treehouse, making tampons out of woodland mushrooms?

Olivia Colman changed out of her Prada Oscar gown into this Stella McCartney. It?s like ?out of frying pan and into the fire? with Olivia?s fashion. She?s not a fashion girl, at all. It?s charming.

Mindy Kaling & BJ Novak attended the VF party together, as they did last year. This year they didn?t seem to pose together very much though. Hm.

Brie Larson in Celine. Another basic/boring dress, right?

Embed from Getty Images

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Miley Cyrus in Saint Laurent at the VF Oscar party: too much or lovely?
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Miley Cyrus in Saint Laurent at the VF Oscar party: too much or lovely?
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth made it to the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party. Miley wore this beautifully constructed Saint Laurent. I love how the different directions of the sequins give the illusion of different fabrics. I also like the draping around the faux knot at the waist. I?m not a fan of plunging necklines, especially when the dress has a dramatic slit up the thigh, but her awesome Bvlgari necklace is so beautifully showcased. I love the rest of her styling as well. Shes got a ?70s Halston vibe with the loose waves. Liam looks good. Hes been sick so I?m glad he?s back on his feet.

Lily Collins wore this floral Marchesa to the VF party. Its controversial to wear Marchesa and women know that theyre silently supporting Harvey Weinsteins ex, whose label was built through Weinsteins threats and abuses. That said, this is still a pretty dress. I especially love the bodice with the drape and mismatched sleeves. Lily made a big splash last night by hanging on the Internet?s Favorite Boyfriend and new Calvin Klein undie model, Noah Centineo.

Embed from Getty Images

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