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Usher's dinner party rule: Don't come empty-handed, but don't bring potato salad
Added 271 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Usher's dinner party rule: Don't come empty-handed, but don't bring potato salad
Usher?s Las Vegas residency at the MGM is the latest Vegas success story. I keep hearing that his show is incredible and he?s got A-listers making the trek to Las Vegas just to sit front-row at his shows. To promote the residency (and he just likes to chat), Usher spoke to The Cut about party rules, drinking and vacations. Some highlights:

His dinner-party rules: ?Don?t come empty handed. If you come to a dinner party, I think it?s appropriate to bring something. Napkins, a bottle of Rmy. Not everybody likes your potato salad, so don?t bring that. But bring something. I think that?s just a natural thing of etiquette, something to just say, ?Hey, let?s celebrate together, and I brought this in honor for this moment that we have together.?

His pre-show rituals: ?I warm up, I work out, try to eat light, and we say a prayer and go. When I say we, I mean my entire cast, not just core dancers, but the entire staff. We meet backstage right before we go onstage and say a prayer, making sure everybody?s safe while we are here to put good energy in the room. It?s helpful, I?ve been doing it for years; it gives people that feeling that it?s like family.?

His No. 1 rule for a night out drinking: ?Before, it?s a sip. Afterward, it?s a gulp.?

Party rules: ?Don?t let friends drink alone. That one gets you in trouble every time, but we drink together and in that moment we just have a little fun.?

He loves to skate: ?It ain?t about how many times you fall, it?s about how quick you get back up. And also what you learned from the fall. Skating is like a metaphor for life. Skating helps you stay young; it takes you back to your childhood, when you had less cares in the world. I think we spend so much time on our phones, it?s a bit hard to just release, relax, and let go of that device. You?re kind of forced to disconnect from that and just reconnect with yourself.

His rule for tailoring suits: ?I got to have a gusset in the pants because I need to move. I build out every suit to accommodate my dancing, not just the look of it. I want you to feel me, but I ain?t really trying to have you feel me, feel me. That?s one golden rule.

[From The Cut]

I agree that it?s simply good etiquette to bring something to a dinner party. I disagree that you shouldn?t try to do something homemade though! It depends on whether or not you can cook and whether or not your potato salad is any good. But if you don?t want to risk it, yes, just bring napkins or a bottle of wine or a gift for the host/hostess. My tip: make a batch of brownies (real brownies, not pot brownies) and put them in a nice tin. Maybe people will eat the brownies at the dinner party, or maybe they?re just for the host. As for the drinking rules? I?m the same age as Usher and I have no idea how he can still drink before and after his shows and still work like that AND party like that. My ass would need to dry out and go to bed.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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Madonna used to charge dancers $100 a minute for being late
Added 271 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Madonna used to charge dancers $100 a minute for being late
Carrie Ann Inaba was on The Jennifer Hudson Show this week, presumably plugging Dancing With The Stars which is currently airing its Season 827, after an inauspicious start. Keeping with the dance theme, Carrie fondly spoke about being a backup dancer in her twenties for Madonna ? who began her Celebration Tour in London this month after recovering from an emergency stay in the ICU this summer. No surprise, Madge ran a tight ship. Case in point: she deducted $100 from your paycheck for every minute you were late.

?Dancing With the Stars? judge Carrie Ann Inaba reflected on her career on ?The Jennifer Hudson Show? Monday and spoke about being hired as a backup dancer for one of Madonna?s tours when she was just 23 years old.

And although Inaba had pretty positive things to say about her experience working with the ?Vogue? singer, she did say that Madonna had one outrageous rule that would make many want to express themselves to the HR department.

?Back in the day she was very strict,? Inaba said. ?She gave us this one rule ? which I?m so grateful she did. It was, for every minute you?re late, you have to pay her $100 out of your paycheck.?

?I ain?t going to lie, I?d be broke,? Hudson said exasperated. ?Cause I?m always late.?

Inaba then shared how following that costly rule affected her the rest of her life ? and she doesn?t sound traumatized at all.

?I?m never late,? Inaba said. ?I?m always early, in fact so much so, that I waste half my day ? showing up too early.?

Despite the rule, Inaba told Hudson that it was a dream come true to work for Madonna.

?There was like Michael [Jackson], Prince, and Madonna at the time. Right?? Inaba said. ?I got on Madonna?s tour, and I was like, ?That?s all I need!??

In fact, after Inaba was done with the tour, she said she ?retired? from dancing and went back to school.

?As a dancer, you?re kind of put out to pasture when you?re 25,? Inaba said.

Madonna is currently embarked on her Celebration Tour, so fingers crossed that her current and likely very young backup dancers have plenty of emergency funds in their savings account.

[From HuffPost]

I?d like to start my commentary by commending the author for the line, ?Madonna had one outrageous rule that would make many want to express themselves to the HR department.? The lyric inclusion is so unsmooth that it swings back to being fabulous, non? Love it. While $100/minute is a bit excessive, especially considering this tour was a couple decades ago, I don?t think this overall vibe is actually all that outrageous in the performing arts arena. At the Atlantic Theater Company ? the group David Mamet and William H. Macy founded ? they lock you out if you aren?t there 15 minutes ahead of class or rehearsal. Are these methods harsh? For sure. But Carrie sure sounds genuinely grateful for the standard it set to show up on time. On the other hand, she did retire from dancing right after that tour with Madge, so take from it what you will! I went back to the original interview cause I was dying to find out how much money Carrie had to fork over, but she was cheeky and only said ?I learned quickly.? Oh cmon, Carrie, dont be a tease. Tell us!

Embed from Getty Images

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Tara Reid shuts down eating disorder speculation: pick on me for something else
Added 271 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Tara Reid shuts down eating disorder speculation: pick on me for something else
Tara Reid is one of those actresses who tabloids and mean girls have always considered to be fair game. I know she has her demons, but as Britney has reminded us, tabloid culture in the late 1990s/early 2000s was absolutely brutal and a complete double-standard. Over the years, Tara has been scrutinized for her social life, looks, and interviews she?s given while seemingly not-fully sober. She?s not perfect, and she?s had bad public moments (likely a result of her substance abuse issues), but she doesn?t seem like a bad person. One of the most frequent things that Tara gets criticized for is her weight. Over the years, Tara has received unwanted comments about her weight, and periodically, she gives an interview to clap back at the noise. Following her recent appearance on season two of Special Forces: World?s Toughest Test, Tara has faced another round of what she considers to be skinny-shaming and concern-trolling. Once again, Tara is trying to set the record straight.

The Days of Our Lives alum, 47, recently spoke to the Los Angeles Inquisitor and opened up about the constant criticism she receives about her weight.

?If we were overweight then they can?t say anything because that?s bullying. But it?s the same thing if you?re skinny. That?s still bullying too,? [Reid] said.

Reid said her body has been a topic of discussion since the early 2000s when her career kicked off. However, she?s received more criticism lately after appearing in season 2 of Special Forces: World?s Toughest Test. Now she?s hoping to shut down the speculation that she?s suffered from eating disorders once and for all.

?I have no anorexia and never have,? she clarified. ?And I definitely don?t have any bulimia. I?m terrified of throwing up, so that?s not gonna happen. And I love food too much. So anyone that says I?m anorexic or bulimic, they?re wrong. So stop it. Leave me alone. Pick on me again on something else, but not on those two things. It?s not right.?

The American Pie star has previously slammed some of the body-shaming she?s gotten over the years. Back in 2021, Reid took to Instagram to shut down the hate she received after posting a photo of herself in a bikini.

?I am not too skinny, I have a high metabolism,? she told her followers. ?Anyone with a high metabolism understands it?s impossible to gain weight. All I do is eat. To everyone who wrote something nice and stuck up for me, I love you! And keep spreading that love, it is the only thing that will save this world.?

The actress later told PageSix that she was ?doing well? despite the constant scrutiny.

?I?ve always been thin,? Reid said at the time. ?So these stories are kind of crazy because it?s like there?s nothing that has changed for forever. This is who I am, this is what I am, this is what I?m [aspiring] to be.

Reid explained that hopefully her self-love and acceptance will ?change the minds of bullies.? However, if not, then she?s ?OK with that.?

?I?ve gone through it for so many years that, you know, sometimes I feel bad for them because if they?re that miserable writing things at home, what are they doing?? she said. ?That?s negative. You know, it?s hurtful.?

?Love will always beat hate,? Reid added. ?It?s just so hard to find love because you?ve got to find it in yourself first.?

[From People]

Honestly, I feel for Tara, because I think she is one of those people who just cannot beat her demons. I get what she?s saying about commenting on weight being a double-standard. Even if she were too thin as the result of disordered eating or drug use, there?s a difference between trying to shame someone publicly for being ?too thin? and sitting them down in private to find out if they are okay. Tara infamously had an unfortunate boob job and some pretty bad liposuction done back in 2004 because even though she knew she was skinny, she ?wanted a six pack.? She suffered through years of ridicule and was asked about it so many times in subsequent interviews that it couldn?t have been good for her mental health. Honestly, for all of her talk about self-love, something in her words worries me that she still isn?t quite there yet. I hope this is just a case of, ?You cant tell tone over text,? though, and that she really is finally doing better. Also, I just went back and relistened to that wild exchange she had with Jenny McCarthy several years ago, and her bitchy quip, ?I hope your tits get even nicer, because they?re amazing. The same guy who did mine, right?? is giving me life right now.

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