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Gigi Hadid asked fans to continue to social-distance & wear masks around her
Added 993 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Gigi Hadid asked fans to continue to social-distance & wear masks around her
Around the Met Gala, there were a lot of rumors about Bella and Gigi Hadid and whether they had gotten the Covid vaccine. Gigi attended the gala, which means she had to show proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test just to get in the door. Bella did not go to the gala, and she later posted a photo of herself getting the vaccine as a way to say ?I just didn?t go to the gala this year but I am vaccinated!? Now, Anwar Hadid is probably a different story, but this post isn?t about him.

Anyway, while Gigi didn?t make a big show about getting vaxxed, she wasn?t hiding it either. For much of the past two years, she?s been on her farm in Pennsylvania, staying socially distanced and nesting with Zayn Malik and their daughter Khai. But she?s back to work this month, walking in runway shows at New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week and probably London Fashion Week too. I guess people have been getting too close to her as she travels, so she put this request on her social media:

To the beautiful fans- outside of shows,appointments,etc during the rest of fashion month, I need to stay socially distanced in respect of COVID workplace protocol & testing. For a pic, pls keep some space & I?ll jump in the background of your selfie:) Thank u for understanding??

Gigi Hadid (@GiGiHadid) September 22, 2021

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Madonna wore a tragic ensemble for her Times Square screening of 'Madame X'
Added 993 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Madonna wore a tragic ensemble for her Times Square screening of 'Madame X'
When Madonna made a surprise appearance at the VMAs earlier this month, I think a lot of casual Madonna fans were sort of shocked by her appearance. Madonna mostly exists on social media these days, in carefully curated images which still show off the massive amount of plastic surgery she?s gotten in the past decade. But public appearances are increasingly rare, because Madonna can?t always control which unflattering photos are taken. Still, she came out to Times Square last night to support her Madame X concert-documentary film, which will air/stream on Paramount Plus next month.

As with Madonna?s appearance at the VMAs, I?m arguing with myself about what to say about Madonna lately. She?s 63 years old and she can do whatever she wants, plastic-surgery-wise or whatever. It?s not about her ?right? to get chin implants, face lifts, butt implants, etc. It?s about the sh-tty quality of the work and the energy behind it for me. Like, I just think Madonna looks and seems sad. Like she?s holding on for dear life to this idea that THIS is what she needs to do to be relevant. And it?s not at all.

The outfit is hilariously bad too it looks like she?s so desperate to dress like a kid, and then she dons the ?Fk You? tiara and walks around like her back hurts and her hip is about to give out. Good lord.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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