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Victoria Beckham: 'I try really, really hard' I am trying to be the best wife'
Added 246 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Victoria Beckham: 'I try really, really hard' I am trying to be the best wife'
This month has been full of rumors about the state of Victoria and David Beckham?s marriage. I honestly don?t think that David is doing the most to deny those rumors, but Victoria is. I go back and forth and Victoria, quite honestly I think sometimes she gets the short end of the stick because she actually cares, she cares about her image, she cares about her marriage, she cares about keeping her family together. While she cares so much, David often seems somewhat disengaged from the marriage. So do we dislike Posh for caring? For not giving up? I don?t know. I do know that she continues to do the most to present this happy-family image. Posh has been in New York this week, and she gave a speech at the Forbes Women?s Summit on Tuesday.

Victoria Beckham celebrated her marriage to David Beckham in the wake of reports that the couple was on the road to separation. The fashion designer, 44, who shares four children with the soccer star, 43, spoke openly about how she balanced her personal and professional life.

?I try really, really hard. I try hardest to be the best mother,? Victoria said at the Forbes Women?s Summit in New York City on Tuesday, according to Hello!. ?I am trying to be the best wife and the best professional. When I get home I try to put the phone down and spend time with the children and spend time with David,? she continued.

?I have the support of an incredible husband. We really are equal with everything we do at home with the children,? Victoria said. ?When I?m away he?s the one doing the school run and doing the cooking.?

?When I take Harper to school I tell her, ?Harper you?re a girl and you can do anything.? She?s a strong woman. She wants to be an inventor. She?s a strong smart woman. A little woman.?

[From People]

This just made me sort of sad, because I believe her: I believe that she tries really, really hard. She tries to be a great mom, a great wife, a great designer and a great businesswoman. And then she?s criticized for trying to hard, for caring so much, for striving to be better. We can?t win as women, remember. We have to be all things to all people all the time, and when we try to do that, we?re criticized for A) not being perfect enough and B) trying to be perfect. And where?s David in all of this? He just jets off and hangs out with his bros.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Emily Ratajkowski Is Working It Good
Added 246 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Emily Ratajkowski Is Working It Good
What am I going to say about Emily Ratajkowski that I havent said before. I think I should make a video showing you rather than put it into words. Just kidding Im not hot enough to be a cam model, but Emily def could be one and should be one. []

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Ben Affleck & Lindsay Shookus had a grumpy date night, X17 claims she's 'hiding a bump'
Added 246 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ben Affleck & Lindsay Shookus had a grumpy date night, X17 claims she's 'hiding a bump'
Photo agency X17 has plenty of photos and video taken right outside Bens new estate, conveniently right down the street from his ex and family. I think he cant avoid the paparazzi unless he takes evasive measures, which he likely did not do on Monday night. Ben and his girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, were seen out in Venice, CA, where they went to Italian restaurant Felix Trattoria. You can see a video below. To their credit they had a driver. In the still photos from that night they both look miserable, but at least theyre sympatico in that they have the same expression. Heres the video from X17 along with a link to more photos of Lindsay taken earlier this week. There are newer photos of them here. They were seen outside Afflecks office yesterday. SNL is on hiatus so Lindsay is able to spend more time on the west coast.

we still think it looks like she's hiding a bump! do you think @BenAffleck girlfriend Lindsay Shookus looks pregnant?! click to get a closer look (@x17online) June 19, 2018

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Jenna Dewan has a literal goddess circle, complete with crystals & a shaman
Added 246 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jenna Dewan has a literal goddess circle, complete with crystals & a shaman
When I first glanced through this Harper?s Bazaar interview with Jenna Dewan, I honestly thought it was a cover story. I thought she was the July cover girl for Bazaar US. She is not. I like Jenna and everything, but I think this was a case of? she?s not important enough for a cover profile. They still gave her a lot of space, absolutely, and this definitely reads as one of those ?first big magazine interviews after a celebrity divorce? pieces. Except she wasn?t big enough to get a cover. She?s promoting her gig on World of Dance (she?s the host), and she talks about all of that, but she?s absolutely doing the Jennifer Aniston/Nicole Kidman thing of ?setting the tone/narrative? for her post-divorce life. There?s even talk of goddess circles, I sh-t you not. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

She was happy being Channing?s wife: The moves Im making are completely not

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Paris Hilton shades Lindsay Lohan: 'If you don't have anything nice to say?'
Added 246 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Paris Hilton shades Lindsay Lohan: 'If you don't have anything nice to say?'
Embed from Getty Images

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1-Mar-2018 :Paris Hilton?s Hotness Comeback?
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L&S: Charlize Theron & Alexander Skarsgard might be hooking up again?
Added 246 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
L&S: Charlize Theron & Alexander Skarsgard might be hooking up again?
Most people won?t remember this, but in 2012 and 2013, there were a lot of rumors about Charlize Theron and Alexander Skarsgard and how they were possibly hooking up or even dating on the downlow. There were never any photos of them together and they never even walked a red carpet together, but sources all around the world insisted that they were quietly happening. Reportedly, Alex even visited Charlize on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road while she was filming in Namibia. I still don?t know if all of that was just a fever dream cooked up by coked up tabloid writers or what. But it looks like we?re going to get another round of it:

In the forthcoming political comedy Flarsky, Charlize Theron plays Seth Rogens dream girl. But a new report from Life&Style claims their co-star, Alexander Skarsgard, is the one pursuing Charlize in real-life and if the tabs claims are true, Charlize is all about it.

The mags source says the two have been flirting on set in a follow-up to their rumored 2012 relationship. Theyre keeping it as private as they can, but its hard to hide. They are both thrilled that this romance is back on, says the Life&Style insider. ?Charlize is a woman who knows what she wants and just goes for it. She did it with Alexander back then, and now she?s done it again.?

Charlize cusses and has a wicked sense of humor, which he loves, the source adds. Alexander is a serious guy, a deep thinker, and she loves that. Hes well-read, loves the classics and is a movie buff just like her. Charlize has been single since she and Sean Penn called it quits in 2015, according to the Daily Mail. Alex and Alexa Chung split last summer.

[From Wonderwall]

I?m not really ?into? this couple aesthetically, for what it?s worth. I like it when a boyfriend and girlfriend look really different physically. Charlize and Alex just look too much alike two blonde giants with praying mantis limbs. Don?t get me wrong, I find both of them attractive he?s the Viking and she?s the beautiful ice queen. But not together. Plus, I feel like Alex is still in the middle of something with Alexa Chung? Also: Gossip Cop said this was BS, but they also pointed out that filming on Flarsky ended in January, so it?s not like Charlize and Alex are currently working together. Huh.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Charlize Theron photos
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Josephine Skriver Busts Out Her Insanely Sexy/Perfect Cleavage In Lingerie
Added 246 days agoSource: Popoholic
Josephine Skriver Busts Out Her Insanely Sexy/Perfect Cleavage In Lingerie
Here are a whole bunch of photos that supermodel/super cutie Josephine Skriver just posted on her Instagram featuring her stunning/flawless little self busting out a ton of cleavage action in naughty bras and lingerie, and proving once again that she has the most perfect cleavage/breasts that Ive ever seen/drooled over. Wow. Just wow. Enjoy, and try not to drool all over yourselves!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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25-Jun-2018 :Josephine Skriver?s Money Shot
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