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Victoria Beckham: 'David has never seen me without my brows'
Added 321 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Victoria Beckham: 'David has never seen me without my brows'
Victoria Beckham recently gave a lengthy interview to the Times of London to promote her branded makeup line. After years of financial struggle, her fashion line is finally making money, and Posh has branched out into a VB makeup line, which she loves. I?d even say she?s more passionate about her makeup line than her fashion line. Much of the interview is spon-con, but she talks about some interesting family stuff, and I was fascinated with what she discussed about non-invasive skin procedures she?s done, plus her eyebrow drama. Some highlights:

She?s super-involved with her makeup label: ?Look, some people are singers or actresses or models and they happen to have a licence deal where they?re going to put their name to make-up, and there?s nothing wrong with that. But, for me, this is what I do every single day. I split my time between the fashion and the beauty. I?m not a singer. I?m not doing anything else. This and fashion are my job.?

The makeup line was successful from the start: Her fashion line, launched in 2008, finally turned a profit last year, with revenues up 42 per cent to 58 million. Her private equity investor said that, but for Covid, it would have been in the black two years earlier. The beauty line was profitable ?after a year?, according to Beckham. Beauty lines often fund their fashion siblings; she says, ?We?re one and the same company. Fashion has had its challenges, so the fact that we have turned a profit is very exciting.?

Why she?s obsessed with brow pencils: ?Because over the years my brows have been so overplucked that if you saw me without it you?d be horrified. David has never seen me without my brows. They?re the first thing I do: wake up, put on the brow. Mine aren?t even, either ? they?re sisters, not twins. I?m very self-conscious about the overplucking because brows change your whole face. I remember a make-up artist shaving my eyebrows when I was in the Spice Girls. Shaving my eyebrows! When you?re 22 years old and you?re excited that you?re doing a shoot, you don?t think to say, ?Oh, hey, how about you don?t shave my eyebrows?? Then you get to 49 and you?re like, ?Sh-t.? I also did some laser hair removal on my eyebrows. That seemed like a really great thing to do at the time.?

She used to have acne. ?There was a time when you couldn?t put a pin in between them [the spots]. It was severe, severe acne. Thankfully I have quite oily skin, so I didn?t scar, even though I used to enjoy a good old pick. I wouldn?t touch them now, obviously. Or put toothpaste on them overnight, remember that? But I didn?t understand about skin back then, or about cleansing properly, and I certainly didn?t understand the importance of what you put not just on your skin but in your body. For me eating correctly is so important. That and hydration.?

Her strict diet: ?I mean, look, I have a strict diet. I have quite an obsessive personality in everything I do, whether it?s beauty, fashion, working out or eating. I am very, very disciplined. But it?s about eating healthy fats, so lots of avocado, fish, vegetables, but some other things too. I know it makes me sound incredibly boring. I don?t eat any sugar unless it?s in a glass of wine.?

Skin treatments: ?I like to try some laser treatments when I?m in LA, and I do a bit of Collagenwave [a noninvasive skin tightening treatment using radio frequency]. What I have had done, which is quite good, is when they lightly ?burn? the underneath of your eyes. It?s not intrusive, there?s no downtime, so it?s not overly dramatic.? She is unlined but doesn?t have Botox ? ?you tend to get that quite shiny forehead, plus your eyebrows go too high. I?m not trying to turn back the clock. I?m 49 and don?t have a hang-up about it. I want to look like a good version of myself, rested and fresh. I think it?s about little things. Same with make-up ? it?s about not doing too much, which can be really ageing. I went to an event recently and people had very ?big? [overfilled] faces. There are some scary options out there.?

[From The Times]

I agree that whatever she?s doing, it looks good and she looks pretty natural. For the most part, British women aren?t the ones going overboard with fillers and Botox and I believe Victoria when she says that she?s not into that stuff. But sure, she?s had stuff done, which she admits freely, and I appreciate that she?s talking about that. The conversation about her eyebrows cracked me up: ?Mine aren?t even, either ? they?re sisters, not twins.? I?m going to say that from now on, because mine are the same. They don?t ?match.? I have a natural arch in my left brow, and I have rogue hairs which appear at will, regardless of how many times I?ve plucked those fkers. Whenever women are like ?don?t overpluck, you?ll never get your brows back,? I?m like ?HOW?? I pluck and pluck and they just grow back worse. And I guarantee that David has seen her without her eyebrows, OMG.

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Britney Spears was backhanded in the face by Victor Wembanyama's security
Added 321 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Britney Spears was backhanded in the face by Victor Wembanyama's security
There was a terrible incident involving Britney Spears this week. Britney was in Las Vegas, at the Aria Hotel. She saw San Antonio Spurs? Victor Wembanyama at the hotel, with his security. Britney decided to go up to Victor and ask him for a photo. She walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder (that?s her version) and one of Victor?s security guys backhanded her in the face. Britney has filed a police report and both she and Victor issued statements on Thursday:

Recent No. 1 overall draft pick Victor Wembanyama has already reached his first NBA drama, and it involves Britney Spears. The San Antonio Spurs phenom confirmed that he was involved in an incident Wednesday that allegedly saw a member of his security team slap the pop icon at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, according to the Associated Press. Per TMZ, Spears filed a police report that identified Spurs director of team security Damian Smith as the person who backhanded her, with conflicting reports on whether the matter will be subject to a criminal investigation. There are also photos showing a person identified as Spears walking up behind Wembanyama and Smith.

Spears reportedly wanted to ask Wembanyama for a photo as they were walking into a restaurant and tapped him on the shoulder, which allegedly resulted in the slap. Spears then went to her table, where Smith approached her to apologize, which she accepted. Wembanyama somewhat corroborated the account while speaking with reporters Thursday, though he claimed that Spears grabbed him instead of tapping him on the shoulder and said his security pushed her away instead of slapping her:

?Something did happen, a little bit, when I was walking with some security from the team to some restaurant. We were in the hall. There was a lot of people, so people calling me, obviously. There was one person who was calling me, but we talked before with the security. I couldn?t stop. That person was calling me, ?sir, sir,? and that person grabbed me from behind,? Wembanyama said. ?I didn?t see what happened because I was walking straight and didn?t stop. That person grabbed me from behind, not on my shoulder, she grabbed me from behind. I just know the security pushed her away. I don?t know with how much force, but security pushed her away. I didn?t stop to look so I could walk in and enjoy the nice dinner.?

He added that he didnt know the other person was Spears until hours after the incident: ?I didn?t know for a couple hours, but when I came back to the hotel I didnt forget about it, but I thought it was no big deal, and then the security of the Spurs told me it was Britney Spears. At first, I was like, ?You?re joking.? But yeah, turns out it was Britney Spears. I never saw her face. I just kept walking straight.?

Spears later released a statement via Twitter in which she pushed back on Wembanyamas claim that she grabbed him and emphasized the force with which she was hit.

?Traumatic experiences are not new to me and I have had my fair share of them. I was not prepared for what happened to me last night. recognized an athlete in my hotel lobby as I was heading to dinner. I later went to a restaurant at a different hotel and saw him again. I decided to approach him and congratulate him on his success. It was really loud, so I tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. I am aware of the players statement where he mentions I grabbed him from behind but I simply tapped him on the shoulder. His security then back handed me in the face without looking back, in front of a crowd. Nearly knocking me down and causing my glasses off my face.

Spears also noted that she was swarmed by a group of 20 fans the same night and didnt have her security team hit any of them. She requested a public apology from Wembanyama, the Spurs and their security: This story is super embarrassing to share with the world but its out there already. However, I think its important to share this story and to urge people in the public eye to set an example and treat all people with respect. Physical violence is happening too much in this world. Often behind closed doors. I stand with all the victims and my heart goes out to all of you!!! have yet to get a public apology from the player, his security or their organization. I hope they will

[From Yahoo Sports]

TMZ reports that the Vegas police are taking this seriously and they might pursue charges, not against Victor, but against this security guy. Like? I realize that there are a lot of fans who don?t know how to act right and it can get really scary for celebrities and athletes. I get that there is a genuine need for people to have security around them in public areas. But when your security guy is backhanding women who merely tap you on the shoulder? That?s wrong. It should not be normalized, this casual violence.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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