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Brooke Shields wore yellow Crocs to the Tony Awards to match her dress
Added 31 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Brooke Shields wore yellow Crocs to the Tony Awards to match her dress
Last fall Glamour Magazine declared that Brooke Shields was in ?Her F?k It Era.? Of course, my takeaway from that article was that overhydrating is your ticket to eating all the potato chips a girl could want. And then heaps more. But I digress? Brooke proved once again this weekend why Glamour got it right. She attended the Tony Awards on Sunday as a presenter, the first since being elected president of Actors? Equity. The only hitch was, she?d had double foot toe surgery three days prior. But no biggie! Brooke had arguably the most comfortable walk on the red carpet, as she posed for photographers proudly showing off the Lay?s chip brand sunshine yellow Crocs that perfectly matched her Monique Lhuillier dress:

Brooke Shields chose to forgo the standard red carpet shoe attire at Sunday?s 2024 Tony Awards ? for good reason.

Ditching the typical high-heels associated with such high-profile events, the actress wore clogs-style Crocs under her yellow dress. The shoes were the same color as her sequined gown. She showed off the shoes to photographers on Sunday night.

?I got my Crocs! I couldn?t do this in heels!? she said in a red carpet interview with People on Sunday.

The reason for the comfort attire? A day before the Tonys, Shields noted on Instagram that she was recovering from ?double foot toe surgery.? The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to her reps for additional information.

It?s not the first time Shields has matched clogs with high fashion. In 2008, she was spotted wearing a long hot-pink gown with matching clogs.

In May, Shields was elected president of the Actors? Equity Association, the union that represents about 51,000 actors and stage managers on Broadway and nationwide.

She beat out Erin Maureen Koster, a stage manager and third vp at Actors? Equity, and Wydetta Carter, an actor who had been serving as Equity?s first vp. Shields will serve a four-year term.

?I promise to lead with strength and compassion, and I will stand up for you and command the respect that we deserve as an acting community,? Shields wrote on Instagram following the vote. ?Also to those who ran, I did not run against you, I ran with you and for you. I look forward to listening to you.?

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

I do not wear high heels. It?s not a feminist statement, it?s a protest by my feet. There are many heels out there that I think are beautiful and very often complete ?a look.? It?s just that when I attempt movement in them, I look like some unholy mash-up of Humpty Dumpty and a newborn foal. Such is life. Rather than practice and try to improve my gait (because I?ve worn sneakers, my feet won?t stand for the stilt nonsense), I?ve taken the route of biding my time and waiting for the shoe revolution to break out on the red carpet. Our numbers are rising, victory is in sight.

So I wholeheartedly applaud Brooke for wearing Crocs, and I?d stand by that even if she hadn?t just had foot surgery. That being said? Brooke, honey, you know you can jazz up those kicks? They make Crocs for all occasions! Questlove continually ups his Oscars Crocs game with color, embellishments, and crystals. I know the shoe color matched the dress, but this is an awards show; we need more! It could?ve been as easy as some pearls to echo the earrings. Or random cupcakes to harken back to the mysterious dessert-art from her Actors? Equity campaign video. To close by quoting a Sondheim musical: ?So many possibilities??

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Justin Timberlake was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Sag Harbor
Added 31 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Justin Timberlake was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Sag Harbor
I remember, years ago, when it felt like every celebrity was drinking and driving. There was like a three-year rash of celebrity DUIs and DWIs. It was legitimately a ?trend? and a horrible one at that. There was significant backlash to the trend at the time too and Mothers Against Drunk Driving came out repeatedly to educate young people. Then drunk-driving was replaced by texting-and-driving as an issue. But I digress. We haven?t had a big-name celebrity get caught drunk driving in a minute. That?s what happened in Sag Harbor, New York on Monday. Justin Timberlake was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Justin Timberlake was arrested on Long Island on Monday night and accused of driving while intoxicated, authorities said.

The pop superstar, who was still in custody in Sag Harbor on Tuesday morning, the Sag Harbor Village Police confirmed to NBC News.

He will face a DWI charge, a court official said.

[From NBC News]

My guess is that Justin has been drinking too much for years. His face tells the tale, iykyk. I remember when he was caught being completely sh-tfaced in New Orleans and cheating on his wife too that happened in 2019. And you know it?s bad when someone is drinking to excess on a MONDAY. Anyway, shame on him. He?s in his 40s he knows better and he?s extremely lucky he didn?t hurt himself or someone else. Lock him up!!

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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