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Celebrity News & Gossip
People: Shia LaBeouf & Margaret Qualley 'are not dating, but have fun together'
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
People: Shia LaBeouf & Margaret Qualley 'are not dating, but have fun together'
On Christmas Eve, Shia Labeouf?s lawyer Shawn Holley told Variety that ?Shia needs help and he knows that. We are actively seeking the kind of meaningful, intensive, long-term inpatient treatment that he desperately needs.? I felt weird about how carefully worded that was, but I also felt like? if Shia?s lawyer is saying that to Variety, then it must be true. Narrator?s voice: It was a lie. Perhaps Shia is ?actively seeking? an in-patient rehab for being an emotionally and physically abusive psycho, but his search must be pretty slow-going. He was photographed with Margaret Qualley the day after Christmas (two days after he was supposedly ?actively seeking? a treatment facility). Shia and Margaret were out and about in LA, looking coupled up. But ?sources? want us to know that Margaret and Shia aren?t dating.

Shia Labeouf is stepping out with Margaret Qualley over the holidays amid allegations of abuse against the actor from his ex-girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs.

On a hike in Los Angeles the day after Christmas, the Transformers actor and the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress were seen holding hands. This follows previous sightings after LaBeouf was spotted picking up Qualley from the LAX airport earlier this month. They were then seen showing PDA during various other outings.

A source tells PEOPLE LaBeouf, 34, and Qualley, 26, sparked a connection after starring in a NSFW music video together earlier this year.

They got close when they filmed Love Me Like You Hate Me in the early fall, the source says. They are both very passionate people. They are not dating, but have fun together. Margaret is a social butterfly and has a big group of friends. She doesn?t really bring Shia around this group though. She is not interested in having a boyfriend.

[From People]

?They are not dating, but have fun together. Margaret is a social butterfly and has a big group of friends?.She is not interested in having a boyfriend.? Well, she might not be interested in having a boyfriend, but she definitely has one now and he?s an abusive douchebag. Margaret and Shia were seen kissing at the airport (he was picking her up) and out for a run and hanging out all over LA, doing boyfriend-girlfriend stuff. I guess this is how Margaret reconciles being with a guy who was sued for emotional and physical abuse by his recent ex-girlfriend. ?Oh, we aren?t really dating, we?re just hanging out constantly and having sex.? Girl, you?re dating him. AND WATCH OUT.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Alec Baldwin thinks we should 'consider the source' on Hilaria's fake Spanish act
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Alec Baldwin thinks we should 'consider the source' on Hilaria's fake Spanish act
I was slightly surprised to see the mental hoops some people were trying to jump to make Hilaria Baldwin?s story less offensive and less crazy. From all of the evidence we?ve seen, Hilaria grew up as a wealthy, privileged American woman in Boston, in a family with a long history in America. Her family took some vacations in Spain during her childhood, then when her parents retired from their work in Boston, they moved to Spain for their retirement years. That was the jumping off point for Hillary to change her name to Hilaria and create this bizarre persona as someone who was born and raised in Spain, who came to Massachusetts at 19 years old, and whose first language was Spanish. She faked a come-and-go thick Spanish accent and built an entire persona as a Spanish immigrant yoga studio owner, Instagram influencer and celebrity wife.

As for the celebrity she married, Alec Baldwin tried to come to his wife?s defense at the same time she was trying to ?clarify? her actual backstory. Here?s the long-ass Instagram Alec posted:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Alec Baldwin (@alecbaldwininsta)

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Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund welcomed their son Rhodes after Christmas
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund welcomed their son Rhodes after Christmas
If you could change your birthday, would you? I feel like a lot of people born around Christmas and New Year?s probably would change their birthdays, just because their b-days often get lost in the holiday shuffle. I was born in September my birthday would get lost in the shuffle of ?back to school? and Labor Day. Still, I like my September birthday, and maybe Christmas babies love their birthdays too. So it is for Rhodes Hedlund, the newborn son of Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund, who was born on December 27th.

Emma Roberts has a new holidate just in time for New Years Eve! E! News confirms the 29-year-old actress welcomed her first child, a baby boy, with partner Garrett Hedlund. Everyone is healthy, an insider shares.

The Holidate star gave birth on Sunday, Dec. 27 in Los Angeles, sources told TMZ. Emma and Garrett reportedly named the newborn Rhodes.

Emma confirmed her pregnancy on Instagram in August, writing, Meand my two favorite guys, alongside photos of the Mudbound actor and her baby bump. Her aunt, Julia Roberts, wrote, Love you, as she prepared to welcome her great-nephew into the world.

The stars later celebrated their first child with an intimate baby shower in October. Though the garden party was only attended by 15 people due to COVID, Kristen Stewart and Camila Morrone made the cut. Emma wrote of the special day, So grateful to my family and pod for making my pregnancy feel so celebrated during such wild times.

[From E! News]

The 15-person baby shower was a bad idea, but I believe it was held outdoors, for whatever that?s worth. I covered Emma?s Cosmo interview and I was surprised by how chilled out she seemed during her pregnancy. I took that as a good sign, a hopeful sign that she felt like she would be fine no matter what happened, especially since Garrett seems like a mess. Garrett got a DUI in January for driving while blackout-level drunk, and he completed a 30-day rehab program soon after. Which means the timeline of the conception is probably that Emma got pregnant right after Garrett got out of rehab. Which is a red flag, truly. But I hope everything is okay and? yeah. That?s all I?ll say. I don?t like the name Rhodes Hedlund, but it?s not my baby. It?s a really clunky name, right? Maybe they?ll call him Rho Hedlund?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red, social media.

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People really hate Jennifer Aniston's 'Our First Pandemic 2020' Xmas ornament
Added 3 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
People really hate Jennifer Aniston's 'Our First Pandemic 2020' Xmas ornament
Y?all know that I?m not a Jennifer Aniston superfan or anything, but this particular controversy has me defending Jen. So, this Christmas, many people decided to make some kind of reference to the pandemic or the vaccine in their Christmas decorations. For the most part from what I saw that meant that many people chose a couple of Christmas tree ornaments with some kind of reference to how 2020 was awful. I saw one tree decorated with a little vaccine vial, and some decorated with masked Santas, or a little syringe ornament, you get the idea. There were references to the pandemic on Christmas trees across the country, probably around the world too. So this is the ornament Jennifer Aniston had on her Christmas tree:

A wood ornament with a ?our first pandemic 2020? etched into the wood. I mean? it?s not great! I?m not defending it as the best pandemic Christmas ornament ever. But I don?t really get the backlash for it? If anything, I?m weirded out that the ornament specifies that it?s our ?first? pandemic, like she thinks she?ll survive many more pandemics. So, yeah, it?s not what I would have chosen, but it?s not like she?s fking celebrating a deadly pandemic. Jennifer has been pretty unproblematic in her messaging this year she?s encouraged all of her fans to wear masks and social-distance, she?s been supporting local businesses and small businesses and as far as I know, she cancelled her very popular Christmas party too. She?s not celebrating the virus, she?s celebrating surviving the pandemic. Ugh.

If you?re upset about Jennifer Aniston?s ornament Instagram story let?s not forget how she plugged small businesses to try to help them in a hard time, and urges people to wear masks in pretty much every post she makes. #jenniferaniston

anna (Jennifer Aniston fan) (@fanistonlife) December 26, 2020

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