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Is Shia LaBeouf doing 'brownface' in David Ayer's 'The Tax Collector?'
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Is Shia LaBeouf doing 'brownface' in David Ayer's 'The Tax Collector?'
Shia Labeouf has the lead in a new movie called The Tax Collector. No, it?s not about an IRS agent with a gun, at least I don?t think that?s what it is?? I went into the trailer without any backstory, so now I think everyone should do the same:

To me, it seems like Shia is playing a white guy who runs around LA, terrorizing black and brown gangs and making them pay HIM for? not murdering them? Or something. Honestly, the trailer confused a lot of people, which is why I don?t blame anyone for wondering if Shia?s character was actually written as a Hispanic gangster. Thus, people were already complaining about another whitewashed role:

Actor Shia Labeouf was accused of appearing in ?brownface? to play a gangster character in the upcoming movie ?The Tax Collector,? prompting director David Ayer to respond. The movie sees LaBeouf playing a hardened organized crime boss responsible for collecting taxes from gangs throughout Los Angeles. Shortly after the trailer was released, many critics took to Twitter to debate if LaBeouf, who is the only white actor on the main cast, is doing a form of brownface by appearing as a Hispanic gangster.

?It?s so sad we don?t have enough Chicano actors who were in the gang life for roles like this. Thank God for that little white boy stepping in and saving the day,? one user wrote.

?Oh hey, another movie w/ Latinos and Blacks in glorified gang culture on steroids that reinforces stereotypes & fears for white folks & promotes the cop mentality that ?it?s a battlefield out there.? Sigh..Hollywood, come on. We don?t need this right now,? someone else noted.

The controversy caused Ayer to step in and defend his movie?s star. The director explained that LaBeouf?s character is not intended to be Latin, merely someone who grew up in ?hood? culture.

?Really important answer Shia is playing a whiteboy who grew up in the hood. This is a Jewish dude playing a white character. Also the only white dude in the movie,? Ayer wrote in response to one person asking him to clarify. Ayer added that he grew up in a similar environment.

?I grew up hood and I?m a whiteboy. Chicano culture is inclusive I?ve seen whiteys, Asians, Blacks, Filipinos all putting in work for the hood. It?s part of street culture,? he added.

[From Fox News]

I?m honestly laughing because what is more fking offensive? The idea that Shia was doing brownface to play a Latino gangster, or that a movie about black and brown gangs was written and made centering on a white dude character??? This is the problem, David Ayer! I actually believe him, and I believe he wrote this character as a white dude. But that?s problematic too!! Jesus. Not every story has to be centered on a white guy! Besides that, I have no idea why anyone would even believe that a white guy (even a ?hood? white guy) would somehow rise to the all-powerful position of ?gang tax collector? where he could use his white privilege to breeze into every gang territory and privately ?police? their activities and make them pay a ?tax? for his trouble. WTF.

Oh, Ayer says Shia is a supporting role? Hm. HM.

Respectfully I didn?t. Bobby Soto is the lead. Shia has a supporting role. He?s the only non POC cast member. It?s a small indie movie and a lot of good people did great work.

David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) July 7, 2020

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