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Jennifer Aniston is ready to 'find love outside of the Hollywood bubble'
Added 1065 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Aniston is ready to 'find love outside of the Hollywood bubble'
Back in the day, before Justin Theroux, whenever Jennifer Aniston was about to embark on a promotional tour for whatever project, we would get some new round of gossip about her love life and sex life. That?s still pretty typical of how many celebrities operate a little gossip to help promote a movie, rumors of an on-set romance, some new boyfriend to take to the premiere. Theroux played that game for a while until he didn?t, and ever since their split, Jen kind of stopped doing that kind of gossip. It felt like Nu Aniston, the one who was not dependent on romance rumors to sell her work. But? the new season of The Morning Show is coming up, and I think that?s why the tabloids keep pushing all of these stories about her love life. Remember that Gabriel Aubry story? Remember the David Schwimmer story this week? Jen?s people didn?t deny either of those. So now Jen wants us to talk about her love life again:

Moving forward! Jennifer Aniston is ready to start dating again, and she has a clearer idea than ever of what she?s looking for, a source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly.

?After things with Justin [Theroux] ended, Jen decided to take a break from dating and enjoy her own company for a while,? the insider says of the Morning Show actress, 52. ?She threw herself into her work, hung with friends on the weekends and got in touch with her spiritual side. It was important for her to take a step back and feel grounded ? She found it rewarding and therapeutic.?

?Eventually, after a lot of reflection, Jen decided to let loose and start dating again,? the source tells Us, noting that the actress plans to start looking outside of the entertainment world for her next partner. The Emmy winner was previously married to Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005 and has been linked to John Mayer, Gerard Butler, Vince Vaughn and Tate Donovan.

?Jen is way more impressed by guys who are unaffected and have their heads screwed on straight than the flashy, braggy types who are all over Hollywood,? the insider continues. ?What she looks for above everything these days is kindness, humor and good looks, of course, but more than anything, she?s after chemistry.?

?Seeing how happy some of her peers are ? has really brought it home to Jen that it?s just as possible to find love outside of the Hollywood bubble,? the source explains. ?What matters more than anything is to feel happy and appreciated.?

[From Us Weekly]

Basically, ever since Jen and Brad Pitt got divorced, I?ve wanted her to realize that she should stop getting hot for douche-bro actors and just settle down with someone nice outside the industry. I mean, she always claimed to want a quieter life and to fall in love with someone who treated her right. That was never going to be Vince Vaughn or Justin Theroux or John Mayer. It?s beyond ?a bad picker? she actually wanted to recreate the ?Brad & Jen? celebrity couple thing and she chased that dream for a decade. And so now, sixteen years later, she?s like ?oh, yeah, I could date someone non-famous.?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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Kelly Clarkson's prenup was validated by the court, she gets to keep her assets
Added 1065 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kelly Clarkson's prenup was validated by the court, she gets to keep her assets
There were some weird ?men?s rights activists? commenting on stories about Kelly Clarkson and her completely bonkers divorce and I hated that for us. Some people are just trash and they will believe any old trash opinion about a woman. The backstory on Kelly?s divorce is that she began to figure out that Brandon Blackstock was a sleazy golddigger and she filed for divorce. Brandon wanted $436K a month from Kelly in support. Around the same time, she filed a lawsuit against Brandon and his equally sleazy father for defrauding her of millions as her ?managers.? Recently, the court told Kelly that she did have to pay Brandon $200K a month in support, but it?s apparently only a temporary situation until they finalize the financial part of their divorce. Well, good news. The court has validated her prenup. HURRAY!

Kelly Clarksons prenup has been validated by the judge in her divorce case, she found out the good news while she was on the set of The Voice and let out a scream, which then gave way to a celebration TMZ has learned. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ Kelly was filming the singing competition Wednesday when she got an email saying the hotly-contested prenup was upheld in full by the judge. Were told the prenup segregates all assets and income derived during her marriage to Brandon Blackstock.

Kelly accumulated the lions share of assets, including the Montana ranch where Brandon is currently living. He was contesting the prenup and wanted their properties split, along with income she earned during their marriage, but the judge shut him down.

Were told the celebration on the set of The Voice got personal. Our sources say Blake Shelton had recently terminated his relationship with Blackstock, who managed him for years. The other judges who were there, including Ariana Grande, participated in the celebration.

Clarksons lawyer, Laura Wasser, had argued during the trial on the prenup, that there had to be accountability when someone signs a contract in this case, a prenup. The judge clearly agreed.

The divorce has been bifurcated meaning the actual declaration that the marriage is over has been separated from the property settlement and custody issues. The actual dissolution of the marriage should be finalized within days. Kelly has been awarded primary custody on a temporary basis, because Brandon moved to Montana. It seems by validating the prenup, most issues have now been resolved.

As for the ranch, because the prenup was validated, Kelly who purchased it now has the right to sell it.

We reached out to Wasser for comment so far, no word back.

[From TMZ]

Oh hot damn, did you catch that about Blake Shelton? I wonder if Kelly went to Blake and was like ?Brandon and his father are fking crooks? and Blake was like ?thanks for telling me, I?m getting the hell out too.? Good for them! I?m so happy Kelly?s prenup was validated and that the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. What an absolute sleaze Brandon Blackstock is. I?m so glad Kelly protected herself and fought for the money she earnedbefore she even met him, and after.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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Dolly Parton and James Patterson are releasing a book and companion album
Added 1065 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Dolly Parton and James Patterson are releasing a book and companion album
Dolly Parton already has many hyphens after her name. Obviously, she?s a singer/songwriter. She?s also an actress and a producer who?s owned several production companies. She has The Dollywood Company that oversees her land holdings and theme parks. And of course she?s a philanthropist who founded The Dollywood Foundation. But as we?ve come to learn from Dolly, she wasn?t done. Now she?ll add author to her growing list of titles. It was just announced that Dolly teamed with best-selling author James Patterson to write a thriller called Run, Rose, Run about a country singer trying to escape her past. And not only are we getting a book from this, Dolly wrote an accompanying album to be released alongside it.

In February 2020, James Patterson flew to Nashville to visit Dolly Parton.

She was a fan of his ?Alex Cross? thrillers, and he had a proposal for her: Would she work with him on a novel about an aspiring country singer who goes to Nashville to seek her fortune and escape her past?

Parton loved the idea. Two days later, she sent Patterson notes on the plot ? along with lyrics for seven new songs that she wrote, based on the story.

?She didn?t want to get involved in something just to put her name on it. She really wanted to be involved,? Patterson said in an interview on Wednesday. ?She?s not going to do something if she doesn?t think she?s going to do it well.?

In March, Little, Brown plans to publish ?Run, Rose, Run,? a collaboration between Patterson and Parton, in print, e-book and audio editions. The novel, about a young singer with a dark secret that inspires her music, draws on Parton?s experiences in country music.

Parton will simultaneously release an album, also titled ?Run, Rose, Run,? featuring 12 new songs inspired by the novel. The songs are ?based on the characters and situations in the book,? Parton said in a news release, and the lyrics are threaded throughout the novel.

In the news release announcing the book, Little, Brown seemed giddy over the commercial prospects of a multimedia project targeting Patterson and Parton?s audiences: ?This dual release will mark the first time a #1 best-selling author and an entertainment icon who has sold well over 100 million albums worldwide have collaborated on a book and an album.?

[From New York Times]

For those who?ve followed Patterson?s career, he frequently collaborates with other people. Arguably his most successful collaboration has been with Maxine Paetro, but the two books he wrote with Bill Clinton were very popular. I?m not a huge Patterson-the-author fan. I?m qualifying that because I find him quite entertaining in interviews. I?m not saying he?s not good, I?ve just stopped reading him. But my gawd is he a prolific writer. I don?t know how he has time to do anything else. However, I will read this. The fact that Dolly had input, and the story draws from her experience is enough to sell me on it. Patterson said they worked together for months, on scenes and ?going back and forth on chapters and notes,? so he?s not just slapping her name on it. He said the collaboration was a natural one because, ?we both consider ourselves storytellers.? That?s why the accompanying album is such a draw, its telling the story in both their languages. What I didn?t know was that Patterson also has a reading and literacy non-profit like Dolly. Knowing that profits are supporting that makes me side-eye his voluminous output less.

Patterson also said, ?people love (Dolly.)? Well, duh. I?m just glad to know he?s one of them. Speaking of loving Dolly, maybe they can have a book signing in her office building in Nashville. She recently said she used the royalties from Whitney Houston?s version of I Will Always Love You to invest in an office complex in a Black neighborhood in Tennessee. She saw it as, ?Im going to be down here with her people, who are my people as well.? She considers it, ?The house that Whitney built.? Buy this woman?s book. She deserves every good thing that happens to her!

Oh, and look who got top billing!

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A post shared by Dolly Parton (@dollyparton)

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