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Morena Baccarin 'never expected to be a teacher, caretaker, mother and cook'
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Morena Baccarin 'never expected to be a teacher, caretaker, mother and cook'
Morena Baccarin is spending lockdown with her husband, Ben McKenzie, and her two children, Frances, four, and Julius, six. Like the majority of parents in the US, Morena suddenly found herself performing many more roles once the mandatory Safer At Home measures went into place in mid-March. And like other parents, Morena is struggling with being all things to everyone.

Keeping an open dialogue! Morena Baccarin wants her children to freely share their ?fears? about the coronavirus pandemic.

?We answer the questions asked and not too much more than that,? the actress, 40, said of herself and her husband, Ben McKenzie, on Friday, May 29, while promoting Walgreens? Red Nose Day. ?We try to create an environment where they feel safe expressing their fears and anxieties. It?s important that they don?t bottle those up.?

The Deadpool star, who shares Frances, 4, with the actor, 41, and Julius, 6, with her ex-husband, Austin Chick, went on to tell Us, ?The great thing about kids is that they can really entertain themselves. They have amazing imaginations and as long as they feel secure and allowed to express their feelings, they can play endlessly.?

When it comes to homeschooling her brood, the Brazil native feels like doing the work ?isn?t that dire? for her little ones. ?They will read. They will learn math. All at their own pace,? Baccarin explained to Us.

The Homeland alum ?never expected to be a teacher, caretaker, mother and cook,? she went on to tell Us. ?I?m beginning to feel like a pioneer woman! It?s a lot on parents right now. Being everything for your kid?s and your partners. We have good and bad days.?

[From Us]

Upon first read, Morena?s comment about not expecting, ?to be a teacher, caretaker, mother and cook,? seems a bit short-sighted considering those are the roles anyone who becomes a parent takes on when they have a child. But in context, I can see where she?s coming from. I think the first part is due to the obvious, that Morena and Ben hire people to look after the children while they work and who probably others to cook and clean for them. Assuming all those roles at once would be a shock for anyone who?s not used to it. But even those of us who perform the majority of those tasks regularly, becoming all things to all people has been tough, especially if you had to take on becoming a multi-hyphenate while performing work responsibilities from 9-5. And none of that factors in the emotional toll any of this has taken.

I do like Morena?s approach, though, in letting her kids learn on their own time. Hopefully schools will be as understanding as they say they will and any grade slippage will be weighed against these extraordinary circumstances. Morena is right, the kids will still be learning whatever it is and being able to do so at their own pace might be the best thing that happened to some, it takes the pressure off. I also like the idea of seeing myself as a pioneer woman doing everything, like they?ll write novels about me some day. I should probably invest in some gingham and a butter churn.

Photo credit: WENN/Avalon

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Natalie Portman once 'feared' the Defund The Police movement, but now she's for it
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Natalie Portman once 'feared' the Defund The Police movement, but now she's for it
For the past week especially, the ?defund the police? argument has been moved from a fringe discussion to a mainstream discussion. I?m not saying ?fringe? in a negative way, and I know Defund The Police activists have been working on this issue for years if not decades. But it went from a pie-in-the-sky fringe movement to something a lot more mainstream over the past week, as we?ve seen police forces across the country riot, violently assault peaceful protesters and show us all why American policing is 100% broken. There are now significant questions about where to go from here: reform the police and save ?the good parts? of current police forces and take a scalpel to the bad parts? Or disband/defund the police, effectively burning down the current police infrastructure, and building something new from the ground up?

These are the questions facing cities, states and the federal government now. What?s remarkable is how quickly, again, this went mainstream. All it took was two weeks of videos of kids being tear-gassed, clergy being shoved by fascists and peaceful protesters being violently assaulted. Now it feels like the whole country is 100% done with this police bullst. Now Natalie Portman is putting her two cents in. For what it?s worth, I don?t hate that she?s using social media to work out her feelings on this. It?s a complicated, nuanced conversation and I find her words to be pretty thoughtful:

When I first heard #defundthepolice, I have to admit my first reaction was fear. My whole life, police have made me feel safe. But that?s exactly the center of my white privilege: the police make me as a white woman feel safe, while my black friends, family and neighbors feel the opposite: police make them feel terror. And for good reason. Police are the 6th leading cause of death for black men in this country. These are not isolated incidents. They are patterns and part of the system of over-policing of black Americans.

Reforms have not worked. Minneapolis, where George Floyd was murdered, is one of the most progressive police forces in the country, having undergone extensive anti-bias training.

I am grateful to the leaders in the @mvmnt4blklives who have made us question the status quo. And who have made us imagine, what a world could be like in which we invested in nourishing people; (in their education, healthcare, environment, shelter)? rather than putting all of our money into punishment. I?ve gotten to the age in my life, where if my gut feels uncomfortable, I take the situation as wrong. But this concept initially made me uncomfortable because I was wrong. Because the system that makes me feel comfortable is wrong. #defendblacklives #defundthepolice

[From Natalie Portman?s Instagram]

I?ll admit that I, like Natalie, went from thinking ?defund the police? was something that could never happen, even if it *should* happen. But as the movement continues? I absolutely think that there are many police forces around this country which should absolutely be defunded and disbanded. I don?t think we could get *all* police forces defunded. But we could try?

Some of y?all really think defunding the police is radical and crazy but they defund schools every year. Chicago shut down 50 schools in black and brown communities at once saying they don?t have the money. That same year, the police budget increased.

Mango Daddy ? (@donnyhighrollah) June 7, 2020

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Lea Michele had 'a real wake-up call,' and she might have 'behavioral issues'
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Lea Michele had 'a real wake-up call,' and she might have 'behavioral issues'
Last week, everyone finally decided that they had enough of Lea Michele?s bullsh-t. A stream of former co-stars and co-workers all came out to tell their stories about how awful she is and how she bullied people, threatened people and how she was just a completely horrendous individual. I?m sure some people will be like ?hey, give her a break, she?s pregnant right now.? And I get that, I?m not trying to wish ill on any pregnant woman. But good lord, Lea did not make it easy when she issued a completely stupid word-salad apology, one of the worst celeb apologies I?ve ever read. So what?s happening now? Page Six says Lea is ?desperately trying to make amends.? Mm-hm.

Lea Michele has been called a mean girl by Hollywood gossips ever since finding fame on ?Glee.? But now, at seven months pregnant and caught up in a storm of incredibly damning headlines over her behavior, Michele, 33, has spent the past few days desperately trying to make amends.

?She?s had a real wake-up call,? a Michele friend told The Post. ?It?s never easy to hear people speak about you this way. It?s a total shock.?

?Lea was a bitch to a lot of people who are now taking the opportunity to come forward,? said one industry source who has worked with her. ?She may not be the nicest person, but she?s not racist, sexist or transphobic. I would say she has behavioral issues that she?s dealing with. She is listening, she hears what everyone says and wants to apologize. This is her past and she wants to handle things responsibly.?

Gerard Canonico branded Michele a ?nightmare? behind the scenes of the 2006 Broadway show ?Spring Awakening,? while Heather Morris called her ?very unpleasant? to work with on ?Glee,? and Elizabeth Aldrich ? Michele?s understudy for ?Ragtime? on Broadway all the way back in 1998 ? said: ?I used to cry every night from the mean and manipulative things she would do. She was 12. She was terrifying.?

Actor Dabier Snell, who won a guest spot on ?Glee,? told The Post how she had him banished from lunch on set. ?I was invited to sit down with the rest of the cast members by Darren Criss, and made to feel welcome. I also knew Chris Colfer as well, so he was like, ?Go ahead, come sit with us and chat!? .?.?. Five to 10 minutes after we sat down and had a conversation, I was pulled [aside by an assistant director] and told one of the cast members did not want me to sit there, because she felt I don?t belong. I later found out it was [Michele] who said that. Everybody else was cool. I couldn?t tell Darren or Chris because they work with her and she has a lot of power. It felt like .?.?. if I said something, I probably wasn?t going to be on the show. I just zipped my mouth. I went back to my trailer and cried a bit, I won?t lie.?

Asked whether Michele?s behavior was racially motivated or just plain rude, Snell, who is black, replied: ?I feel like it?s both, I feel like it?s status, too, somebody who?s like ?I?m a lead, I?m big time, I have the power to say anything I want to my other cast members.??

[From Page Six]

Page Six compiled a lot of the complaints and stories about Lea from the past week, which we?ve mostly covered in other posts, but I wanted to include Dabier Snell because I think his story got to the heart of it some of what Lea did was motivated by racism. As for that industry source explaining it with ?she has behavioral issues that she?s dealing with,? again, it?s a combination of many things. It would not shock me if she had ?behavioral issues.? It would not shock me if she?s just an entitled brat who thinks everyone is beneath her, but she only bullies the people of color because she thinks she can ?get away with it.?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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