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Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce took a week-long vacation in the Bahamas
Added 62 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce took a week-long vacation in the Bahamas
Taylor Swift completed the Asian swing of her Eras Tour a few weeks ago, with Travis Kelce at her side for her final dates in Singapore. Taylor now has about two months off before the European swing of her tour commences. Reportedly, Taylor and Travis flew from Singapore to LA, where they rested and took it easy for about a week. Then they hopped on a plane for a week in the Bahamas, but they were back in the US by this weekend. They were seen at Nobu in Malibu on Sunday.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are spending some more quality time together following their recent vacation in the Bahamas. The couple appeared in happy spirits as they were spotted on a lunch date on Sunday at Nobu in Malibu.

Swift and Kelce, both 34, were pictured leaving the eatery hand-in-hand while sporting casual looks for their date. In footage posted on social media, the pair were also seen chatting during their date as they sat at a table to enjoy some al fresco dining.

Their outing comes after sources confirmed to PEOPLE that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and the singer were spotted in the Bahamas for a getaway.

?They vacationed in the Bahamas for several days, a source tells PEOPLE of the trip. It was a much-needed break for both of them. They very much enjoyed it. They are so happy together.?

The day before his Malibu date with Swift, Kelce was spotted visiting his hometown of Cleveland. Along with stopping by one of his favorite restaurants for a slice of pizza, the Super Bowl champ also made time to pose for photos with some fans of his girlfriend.

[From People]

One of the things which interests me about Taylor is how she divides her time between multiple homes. She still has a place in Nashville, she has a home in LA, and she has a huge loft in Tribeca. For a time (the Joe Alwyn years), I?m pretty sure she had a place in London too? But for much of the past year-and-a-half, she?s been mostly based out of New York. When she started seeing Travis, she would fly to visit him in Kansas City, and go back and forth from KC to NYC. It?s just interesting to me that they?re spending all of this time in LA right now. I imagine they do have more privacy if Travis was coming and going from her New York apartment, the paparazzi would be gathered there 24-7. Anyway, I hope they enjoyed their break in the Bahamas! Sounds nice and barely anyone heard about it (other than Deuxmoi).

oh hey taylor and travis

lua?? (@torturedswift13) March 25, 2024

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Megan Fox gets real about all of the plastic surgery & cosmetic work she's had done
Added 63 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Megan Fox gets real about all of the plastic surgery & cosmetic work she's had done
Megan Fox started getting cosmetic surgery when she was pretty young. I remember when she first hit the scene and men were falling all over themselves about her beauty, especially in the Transformers era (2007-09). Around that same time, she started messing with her face, little tweaks here and there. I feel like Botox was definitely involved, plus lip injections, plus a really obvious breast augmentation. For years and years, Megan has never really talked about that stuff, but that?s all changing. She went on the Call Her Daddy podcast and host Alex Cooper asked Megan what all she had done. Megan was pretty honest:

What she hasn?t done: Heres things I havent done that I have been accused of doing. Ive never had a face lift of any kind, so no mid-face lift, no lateral brow lift, although I would like one. Ive never done threads. Ive never had buccal fat done. Ill never have any fat done, Im a very lean person that doesnt have enough body fat or fat in my face, so Ill only ever put fat in, I will never be taking fat out. Which leads me to Ive never had any liposuction, or body contouring or anything like that.

Three different boob jobs: And while she said she had a rhinoplasty around age 23 and has had her breasts done on three separate occasions?the first when she was in her early 20s, the second after shed finished breastfeeding and the third more recently?there is one reason she hasnt had more procedures done. I dont like surgery. My body doesnt react well to general anesthesia, and so when I go to have a surgery its a very big deal. Im very afraid of dying under general anesthesia, so I dont take surgery lightly and therefore I have not had many of them because of that.

She had one more surgery which she?s gatekeeping: Theres one thing I had done that Im gatekeeping. It was really good, and its not a known plastic surgery, people dont even really know about it. I wanted it really badly.

No shame in getting work done: I dont understand the point of shaming people for getting stuff done. Granted, Im not encouraging anyone to do anything crazy. Like I said, you need to be very safe and very careful when you do any of this stuff. But its a very weird thing to shame people for?.The more that Ive taken control of my body and done the things that Ive always wanted to do, the more comfortable I am in my body. And the more freedom I have.

She never had a BBL either: Fox quipped that her fear of anesthesia is ?probably a saving grace? because ?God knows what I would have been up to,? and earlier in the podcast, joked about why she?s never had a Brazilian butt lift. ?I would be so flattered if somebody thought I had a BBL.?

Fillers & a nose job: Fox says shes gotten injectables like Botox and dermal filler, but the only other major cosmetic surgery shes gotten is a rhinoplasty ? and only once. ?I had my nose done when I was in my early twenties,? she says, adding that shes heard people assume shes had multiple nose jobs. ?I havent had a rhinoplasty since I was, Im going to say, 23. Its been well over a decade. Ive not touched my nose since then.?

[From E! News & People & Allure]

She also said that she asked her surgeon to give her the biggest implants he could fit in her body, but then she ended up redoing them and getting smaller implants because the bigger ones were too obvious, especially with the ?rippling.? As for her confessions? yeah, I believe that she?s only done implants to her body. No BBL, no lipo, she?s just naturally slim. Her face on the other hand? Yeah the nose job, Botox, fillers, and she?s done a lot to her lips. I understand that she has body dysmorphia but my god, she started out as such a natural beauty and it?s crazy that she really wanted to look like a plastic doll.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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