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Britney Spears's MILFy Selfie
Added 7 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Britney Spears's MILFy Selfie
Alright, so I know, normally, seeing a soccer mom take a bathroom selfie wouldn’t exactly be front page news. But when that soccer mom is Britney Spears, it’s kind of a big deal thatthis MILF seems to have finally figured out what social media is really for. AKA for hotties sharing pictures of themselveswith theirclothes […]

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18-Aug-2023 :TMZ: Britney Spears physically assaulted Sam Asghari multiple times
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8-Jul-2023 :Britney Spears was backhanded in the face by Victor Wembanyama?s security
16-May-2023 :Sam Asghari claps back on TMZ for a report about his ?marriage trouble?
10-Feb-2023 :Britney Spears ?has been acting increasingly erratically,? people are ?co...
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Bella Thorne's Topless Snaps
Added 7 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Bella Thorne's Topless Snaps
I guess some people are going tolook at these latest Bella Thornetopless Snapchats andmake a big dealabout how the hardest-working hottie onsocial media dyed her hair dark blue. But personally, I’m focused on a much more important story: it sure looks like Bella got a nipple piercing to go along with that new hair of […]

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11-Dec-2018 :Bella Thorne Cleaned Up
26-Nov-2018 :Bella Thorne Is Selling Stuff
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Eva Amurri on deciding to stop breastfeeding her son: 'I felt like a failure'
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Eva Amurri on deciding to stop breastfeeding her son: 'I felt like a failure'
A photo posted by HAPPILY EVA AFTER (@thehappilyeva) on Jan 2, 2017 at 10:55am PST

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Lily Collins on anorexia: It's a part of who I am but doesn't define me
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Lily Collins on anorexia: It's a part of who I am but doesn't define me
Lily Collins has been in Sundance promoting her new film, a dark comedy about anorexia called To The Bone. As CB reported, Lily surprised many people during a press conference by admitting that she struggled with eating disorders as a teen. However, she was poised to talk about it because she had addressed this in a chapter in her autobiography, Unfiltered, No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me, right before she received the script for To The Bone. The film?s director, Marti Noxon, said her hope for the film was to start a discussion. It sounds like that is Lily?s desire too, which is good because it?s a discussion many people need to hear and have. The reason, as Lily points out, is because although the thoughts never really left her, they don’t define her.

?It?s a topic that is taboo, I think, with young girls, and it’s really important to tell a story with this subject matter in the way that we tell it,? Collins recently told ET at an EE British Academy Film Awards nominations party in January.

For Collins, who recently opened up about her own battle with eating disorders as a teenager, To the Bone has been a cathartic experience. ?It was terrifying as well. You?re facing something head on that you?ve come out of and now you?re willingly putting yourself back into,? she reveals at Sundance.

In fact, Collins, 27, had just finished writing a book detailing her teenage struggles when she got the script for Noxon?s film. ?It was like the universe putting these things in my sphere to help me face, kind of dead on, a fear that I used to have,? she said in a

Given Collins? own history with eating disorders, the actress surrounded herself with medical experts and a nutritionist to lose the weight for the role, but also to gain it back. ?This was not something I?d done when I was younger,? she tells ET. ?It was a new way of looking at the disease, but coming from someone 10 years on and looking back at it. I got to insert my own experiences, but at the same time, this was for Ellen; this was research for a character that I could relate to but who is very different from me. It was like therapy — I got to surround myself with very strong women and Marti, who went through it as well.?

While her journey for the film was handled in a professional (and healthy) manner, Collins does admit ?it never fully goes away.?

?It?s a part of who you are,? she says, adding that while the battle is constant, it?s a matter of control and self-preservation. ?You don?t have to participate in those thoughts. It doesn?t define who I am as a person, but it?s something I think we should all talk about.?

[From ET]

This is going to sound incredibly shallow but I first got turned on to this movie because Keanu Reeves is in it. However, the fact that it?s a dark comedy and deals with eating disorders intrigues me. Netflix has purchased the film and will release it later this year. Like CB, I was unable to find a trailer for it yet but I do think I will check it out when it streams. If I like the approach, I will have both my kids watch it. Eating disorders are scary and confusing. Since you can never give up food, they are a particularly tricky addiction. I remember the shocking death of Karen Carpenter in 1983 and the hushed tones about what actually killed her (Anorexia Nervosa). After that, we had a one-day ‘these are the different eating disorders’ lesson in health class and that was it. My mom finally found a documentary for us to watch because none of us had ever heard anything like it before.

Given the subject and Lily?s admission, much attention has been paid to her skinny frame in the film. Lily et al assured everyone that it was done healthy and with constant medical supervision. Was it necessary, though? I get it?s a small film and didn?t have the budget for massive CGI but surely there are some tricks in today?s industry that would allow the filmmakers to make Lily look thinner than she is. Fortunately, Lily sounds like she is in a healthy place and that losing a lot of weight did not prey on her. It’s possible that maybe she needed to do this for herself as much as anyone else.

Photo credit: WENN Photos

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Demi Lovato's trainer: she's in the gym four hours a day, six days a week
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Demi Lovato's trainer: she's in the gym four hours a day, six days a week
Demi Lovato is so dedicated to her fitness regime that she hits the gym for four hours a day six days a week. That sounds insane to me but she’s not working out the entire time according to her trainer. She’ll do a kickboxing type cardio routine for an hour and a half, rest for while and then do toning. After that she gets IV fluids(?!) or does cryotherapy, which sounds more punishing than working out to me, to recover. Apparently she loves it and is really into helping other people with their workouts.

Lovato has been working out religiously at L.A.?s Unbreakable Performance Center (where Nick and Joe Jonas also work out) for the past nine months, and has called the gym her ?oasis? on Instagram.

?This is her safe haven,? Unbreakable?s founder Jay Glazer tells PEOPLE. ?Demi will be here for four hours a day. It?s her one place where she doesn?t have to be a pop star. She?s talked a lot about her addictions, and this has become her healthy addiction. She lights up when she comes in here.?

And while Lovato wanted to lean up, her main focus was learning how to fight.

?She?s more coachable than most of our fighters,? says Glazer. ?She doesn?t put ego in, she does it right ? and she is vicious!?

Lovato will start her session with an hour-and-a-half of mixed martial arts.

?Depending on the day of the week, we?ll do boxing, Muay Thai, ground fighting and/or Brazilian jujitsu,? says Glazer. ?Then she?ll do some sort of recovery, and then she?ll go do her performance workout.?

Lovato?s performance workout focuses on full-body toning, so she does exercises with high reps and low weights, with little rest in between.

?It?s very intense,? says Glazer. ?It?s three different exercises three times through with no rest. She?ll do a push, a pull and lower body move, so let?s say a chest push, a pull for your back, and then some sort of squat, but something low-impact that won?t bulk her. At the end we?ll do abs.?

Following her workout, Lovato does 30 minutes of recovery including I.V. therapy twice a week, cryotherapy two or three times a week, Phoenix Thera-Lase medical laser therapy each day that penetrates six inches into the body to encourage healing and reduce swelling and inflammation, and massaging recovery sleeves every day.

?She goes through the plan perfectly,? says Glazer. ?She?s never been late, she shows up, she helps everybody. She?s incredible.?

[From People]

Like Demi I have some addiction issues and I’ve channeled those into exercise. About four days a week I’ll work out twice – once in the morning and once at night, to total about an hour and a half to two hours. I don’t think it’s a problem for me now but I realize that I need to go easier on myself and that I have to monitor it. It’s definitely more healthy than drinking, which I used to do every night. I guess if you have a lot of time to fill like Demi going to a gym and getting to socialize and get bizarre treatments is a nice way to do it. (If you’re into that.) Plus now we know where she meet that MMA fighter she’s been dating. We need one of those gyms near me.

Also, I want a trainer who lets me punch him like this.

Always finish with a bang ?? #unbreakable @unbreakableperformance @jayglazer

A video posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on Oct 25, 2016 at 11:44am PDT

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