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What's up with all of the Kim Kardashian-Larsa Pippen lowkey drama'
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
What's up with all of the Kim Kardashian-Larsa Pippen lowkey drama'
Larsa Pippen (Scottie Pippen?s estranged wife) and Kim Kardashian were pretty close friends for many years. So close, in fact, that I barely even paid attention to their relationship because I just assumed there was no drama. But then this week, during one of his tweet-and-deletestorms, Kanye West tweeted this:

And everybody was like HM LARSA, what?s happening there? Was it something Kanye just imagined, why the thinking-face emoji, why even name-check her at all? People did some digging and found that Larsa and Kim no longer follow each other on social media. They used to and no one is quite sure when they stopped following each other, but here we are:

No bad blood. Despite longtime friends Larsa Pippen and Kim Kardashian unfollowing each other on social media, the pair are not feuding, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.

?Kim started actually unfollowing Larsa end of last year but did so very quietly. She unfollowed everyone altogether bringing her followers to zero because there were a lot of random accounts and she wanted to reset it just to her family and childhood friends,? an insider shares about Kardashian, 39. ?For Kim?s own mental health, she wanted to narrow down what was showing up on her feed. There are a lot of people she is friends with who she doesn?t follow on social media.?

The source goes on to explain that there ?was no specific event that caused her to unfollow Larsa? and there are ?no bad feelings? between the women. The model, 46, and the reality TV star ?just naturally grew apart over a period of time because life happen,? according to the insider.

While the Skims designer is focused on her family ? the mogul shares four children with husband Kanye West ? and businesses, the newly single Chicago native has a busy life with her new fitness line and four children with ex-husband Scottie Pippen.

?They are just in a different place in their lives and are not as close as they used to be but have no ill feelings at all and still stay in touch,? the source adds. ?Larsa actually visited Kim recently a few weeks ago at her home with her daughter, which Larsa shared to her social media.?

After fans noticed that the KKW Beauty founder, as well as her sisters Kourtney and Khlo Kardashian, unfollowed the former Real Housewives of Miami star, she spoke out via Instagram Story. ?I woke up this morning blessed and see that everybody is focused on who I am following and who I am not following on social media,? she wrote on Wednesday, July 22. ?I am focused on my children, my new fitness brand Larsapippenfitness, and my relationships in real life. Praying that everybody finds peace in their own lives and focus on what brings THEM happiness.?

[From Us Weekly]

So if Larsa and Kim are still friendly enough to hang out, why aren?t they following each other on social media again? Weird. Since social media has lots of conspiracies and gossip, I looked to see what the theories were for this. Something about how Larsa cheated on Scottie (with Future?) and maybe Larsa knew about Kim?s extramarital affairs too? Or maybe something about Larsa fooling around with one of the husbands or boyfriends of one of the K-Js? I?m not sure if I believe *all of that* but I do think something happened, maybe there was a falling out and perhaps Kanye was trying to spill some actual tea.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund are 'surprised, shocked & happy' by their pregnancy
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund are 'surprised, shocked & happy' by their pregnancy
Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund are expecting. This will be the first child for both of them. We learned about Emma?s pregnancy a few weeks ago and I was legit surprised, because when we heard that they were dating last year, I assumed it was just a hookup situation, not a real relationship. I wasn?t paying attention though they actually began dating for-real and they?ve been photographed together a lot in the past year. That being said, this was a whoopsie-pregnancy, at least that?s how ?sources? are making it sound:

Exciting new chapter! Pregnant Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund are thrilled to have a little one on the way. The couple are ?surprised, shocked and happy at the same time, and so are their families,? a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

Us broke the news last month that the actress, 29, is pregnant with their first child. Later that same week, the American Horror Story alum?s mom, Kelly Cunningham, confirmed via Instagram that ?yes,? Roberts is expecting.

Us was the first to report in March 2019 that the Scream Queens alum was dating Hedlund, 35. ?Garrett and Emma have been friends, but this is new, casual and just a couple of weeks old,? an insider told Us at the time. In January, the pair were ?not talking an engagement or marriage at the moment,? but ?having fun and enjoying each other.?

[From Us Weekly]

I wonder if Garrett has proposed to Emma now that she?s pregnant. A lot of men do, don?t @ me. And honestly, it?s not like they were just friends-with-benefits and this happened out of nowhere. They really were and are in a relationship and it wouldn?t surprise me if they did get engaged or were already engaged. And I still feel a little bit sorry for Kirsten Dunst! She said in interviews when she was with Garrett Hedlund that she wanted to get married and have babies. But she?s happy with Jesse Plemons now they?re engaged and they have a son, Ennis.

Here are some photos of Emma last week that romper is concealing a small bump!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Kate Moss is in bed by 11 pm, needs eight hours of sleep & has a Peloton?!
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kate Moss is in bed by 11 pm, needs eight hours of sleep & has a Peloton?!
Kate Moss appears on millions of magazine covers every year, but she rarely gives interviews. This is part of the Moss Mystique, that she is a blank space onto which everyone can project their own loves and fears. So on the rare occasions when she does give an interview, it?s always noteworthy, even if? she?s not really saying anything groundbreaking. Moss spoke to Elle UK recently and most of this stuff sounds exactly like the sh-t Jennifer Aniston constantly says: yoga, sleep, skincare, etc. I?m surprised she didn?t talk about hydrating and chicken salads. Still, it?s interesting that notorious party girl Kate Moss needs her eight hours of sleep, and that she?s tucked in by 11 pm every night now.

She hits the sack: ?11pm-ish, and watch Netflix before I go to sleep. I?ve just finished Sex Education ? it?s so funny.

She wakes up: ?Around 8am. I?m a bit groggy in the afternoon if I don?t get eight hours? sleep.

The first thing she drinks in the morning: ?Hot water and lemon. I try to have that first, and follow it up with a coffee.

Her daily makeup routine: ?It tends to be a bit of cover-up, then whatever bronzer I have lying around, a Decort lipstick as a stain, and I curl my eyelashes to finish.

Exercise routine: ?.. [It] starts with yoga in the morning: my instructor comes to my house. I also have a mini gym with a Peloton bike, which I don?t use very often! It?s quite hardcore but my brother loves it.

Her worst beauty habit: ?Forgetting to take my make-up off when I?m tired. I hate how it feels it in the morning

The last beauty item she bought: ?A jade roller. I love it for under my eyes; it irons them out a bit. I keep one in my bag ? when I?m bored, I just start rolling!

Her fridge is full of: ?Loads of celery. I do celery juices for everyone in the house in the morning.

Her daily skin routine: ?Very simple: I just wash and moisturise. But when I?m on holiday and have more time, I go wild. My daughter and I do beauty routines with all the serums and masks.

The craziest thing she?s done beauty-wise: ?Dyeing my hair pink. It was only for a week, but when I dyed it back my hair fell out and I had to cut it all off!

How she deals with stress: ?Doing yoga. It helps me concentrate on the here and now.

The best beauty advice she?s ever received: ?Getting a lip colour I can use on my cheeks. I even pop a bit on my eyes, too.

[From British Elle]

Since I cover a lot of these kinds of ?daily routine? interviews, I?ve tried out a few of things various celebrities have recommended. I now swear by a half a glass of water first thing in the morning. I don?t know why, but it really does help. I don?t have the patience in the morning for putting lemon in the water though. Maybe I?ll try it one day. I?m also shocked that Kate Moss, the wild child, has a Peloton, a mini-gym and a love for yoga. And the jade roller?! Wow. Damn it, now I kind of want to try a jade roller, knowing that Kate swears by it.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Taylor Swift's 'folklore' is full of rainy-day chilled-out woodland fairy drama
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Taylor Swift's 'folklore' is full of rainy-day chilled-out woodland fairy drama
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In isolation my imagination has run wild and this album is the result, a collection of songs and stories that flowed like a stream of consciousness. Picking up a pen was my way of escaping into fantasy, history, and memory. I?ve told these stories to the best of my ability with all the love, wonder, and whimsy they deserve. Now it?s up to you to pass them down. folklore is out now. ?: Beth Garrabrant

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Jul 23, 2020 at 9:06pm PDT

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Ana de Armas hasn't been seen out with Ben since July 3 & her brother is visiting
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ana de Armas hasn't been seen out with Ben since July 3 & her brother is visiting
Its been three weeks since Ana De Armas was photographed out with Ben Affleck. As I keep mentioning, that just happens to coincide with the story in The Washington Post calling Ben and Ana the pandemics first tabloid celebrities. They stopped doing pap walks, we only saw Ben out going out alone, and its unclear if the paparazzi just left (doubtful), if they stopped walking their dogs together, if they stopped seeing each other, or if they kept weird hours to throw them off. We do know that Ben was in Portugal right after that article came out. Its likely Ana was with him, although thats unknown. Earlier this week she posted that she adopted a new puppy, Salsa. We know Ben took the photo of her with the pup, as his foot was in that picture. (He has those sneakers.)

Ana was seen outside Bens house on July 22. The paparazzi photographed her arriving with her older little white dog, Elvis. We dont have those photos because theyre exclusives, but you can see them on Lainey Gossip. Lainey talks about the fact that Ana only brought Elvis and that its tricky to train a new pup to walk on a leash. Also she likes Anas pants. I own about three crazy ass big jeans like that but I never have the nerve to wear trendy jeans. I always end up in straight fit or skinny jeans. This summer Ive been wearing a lot of leggings and dresses since its hot and all my jeans are tight on me. (I will fix that!)

These are new photos of Ana out walking Elvis in her town of Venice yesterday, Thursday, with a young guy who is identified as her brother. Look whos wearing a mask finally. I like her little white and gold embroidered shift dress. Ana only has this one brother, his name is Javier Caso, he lives in NY and works as a photographer, and no sisters. The fact that the paparazzi have these photos (and theyre not exclusives) suggest theyve either patiently waited for her the last three weeks or that they were tipped off.

So whats going on with Ana and Ben? I think he cooled off on her after the WaPo article came out and the spell was broken. (Kaiser used that spell was broken phrasing in an email, I should give her credit.) Its like they went from 60 to 0, photo-wise, you know? Plus she got a new puppy. Something is up.

Ben is shown on 7-17. Photos credit: Backgrid

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