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Happy Easter from the witchy goth twins, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Happy Easter from the witchy goth twins, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
For years now, it?s been pretty rare to see Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen walk a red carpet together. They maybe do it once a year on average, perhaps at the Met Gala or maybe at some random event that they?re involved with. Like this event last night: the Youth America Grand Prix?s 20th Anniversary Gala. MK and Ashley were each other?s dates, and they did the matchy-matchy goth thing and they posed the same way they always do standing angled towards each other, faces close. They?re so creepy, it?s actually pretty funny.

I?m assuming both women were either in vintage or their own designs from The Row (or a combination of both). That?s the thing about their designs for The Row they all look the same and they tend to all have that baggy, ill-fitting vintage vibe. I also think it?s interesting that suddenly, after years of NOT matching their hair colors, they both seem to be using the same colorist and the same shade of bronde?

Anyway, this post is just for EASTER WITCHES. Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter from the goth witch twins.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund are 'just having fun hanging out & hooking up'
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund are 'just having fun hanging out & hooking up'
This is a photo of Emma Roberts from a few weeks ago this is maybe one of the cutest polka-dotted dresses I?ve ever seen in my life, and Emma completely ruined it with her hosiery and shoe choice. Damn, does this woman have ANY style? Anyway, we?ve been talking about Emma recently because she seems to have suddenly dumped Evan Peters (yet again, for the millionth time) and immediately jumped off with? Garrett Hedlund. They?ve been pap?d together a few times, like this stroll from last week:

Over 60 exclusive new pics! Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund pack on the PDA:

ExtraTV (@extratv) April 10, 2019

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Zoe Saldana's 'not thrilled' about turning 41: 'My knees hurt, my circulation isn't as sharp'
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Zoe Saldana's 'not thrilled' about turning 41: 'My knees hurt, my circulation isn't as sharp'
Just five years ago, I genuinely believed that if I took care of myself with diet and exercise, everything would be a breeze from an ageing standpoint. I?ve grown less vain as I get older, so I don?t care so much about laugh lines and wrinkles and such. I thought, well, I use a good night cream, I work out four times a week, and my diet is somewhat okay, so I?ve got this whole ?ageing? thing taken care of. But as I came closer to a big birthday last year, that sh-t started falling apart in ways I did not predict. I gained some weight in my midsection that won?t go away. I still use a good night cream but I can still see the lines around my eyes and they bug. But the worst thing is that my body is just? not the same. I can?t work out the same way or with the same intensity. My feet hurt (arthritis), my shoulders hurt (sitting at a desk/big boobs) and the worst thing is my knees suck now. My knees are a suckfest. Why didn?t anyone tell me that I would waste so much brainspace thinking about my knees at this point in my life? Well, Zoe Saldana and I are the same. She didn?t believe this sh-t could happen to her either, and her knees are a suckfest too.

Zoe Saldana is celebrating her birthday this summer, although the actress isn?t exactly looking forward to it. The 40-year-old Missing Link star turns 41 on June 19 and jokes to PEOPLE she?s ?not thrilled about that.?

?You know, my mother said once when I was growing up, she goes, ?I blinked and I was old,? says Saldana. ?I was like, ?Ew. It?s never gonna happen to me.?

The star, who is now a mother of three boys, admits she looks back at her mother?s comments with more understanding.

?I?m like, ?Oh, that?s what that blink meant. That?s what she meant she when she said, ?I blinked,? she says. And as for what she feels reflects her age? ?My knees hurt,? Saldana says laughing. ?When I squat to pick up my children and I?m there for longer than a minute,? she says. ?I don?t just like bounce off like, ?Hey!? If I bounced off I?d pull a charley horse.?

?My circulation isn?t as sharp. I drink one glass of wine and I hear voices,? she adds, laughing. ?It?s not OK.?

[From People]

She speaks the truth. I would say everything before 38, you?re like ?I?ve got this sh-t figured out.? And then sh-t starts falling apart and it doesn?t even really matter if you kept up with fitness and diet and all of that. Your body has other ideas. Your body just starts to break the fk down in big and small ways. The youths are always like ?omg, I was so stressed out about turning 25/30? and the conversations are so much about appearance and confidence, but we?re lacking the conversation of just how much it sucks when your body just starts to fall apart naturally because your ass is getting old. UGH.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Robin Tunney, 46, gets sent scripts to play grandmothers
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Robin Tunney, 46, gets sent scripts to play grandmothers
First of all, I love the new show The Fix. It?s trashy good and it leans into it without going overboard or taking itself too seriously. It?s co-created by Marcia Clark and has some commonalities with her unsuccessful prosecution of OJ Simpson. It features a prosecutor, Maya Travis, returning to LA after the girlfriend of actor Sevvy Johnson, who was exonerated of his wife?s murder 11 years ago, turns up dead. Maya was the original prosecutor, there?s a corrupt lawyer representing Sevvy, and there are so many great twists and turns. There is a wish fulfillment element to it, but it?s still awesome. Everyone I?ve told to watch this has loved it. We still don?t know who the murderer is either, but my mom and I have a theory I?m not going to post here because of spoilers.

Robin Tunney stars and I assumed she was ten years younger because she just looks great and not too filled or Botoxed. She?s my age though at 46. On Busy Tonight she said she gets sent scripts for grandmother roles because she?s over 40. I can?t imagine that! She also said that it?s nice to work on a show created by women where they make an older woman sexy and desirable.

[Maya is] a middle-aged woman who a lot of men want to sleep with? she?s vibrant. After I did The Mentalist I started getting these scripts [including one] for a grandma. And they?d be like ?well you?re over 40 it?s kinda the same thing. I played Finn Wittrock?s mother in a movie and he?s like 37 or something. [Ed note: he?s 34 but still.]

I finally found a show created by women and they decided you can be 45 and men still want you.

Hollywood it?s a crazy thing they try to do with women. They put you in a box.

After that Robin told a story about the two other child actors in Chicago that she competed with when they were growing up and how she?s doing better than both of them. Busy said ?I love a bitch that holds a grudge.? And you wonder why I like Busy! Also Robin said she played the hooker that Corky on Life Goes On lost his virginity to. (True story, I dated the son of the creator of that show.) Plus she was in Encino Man (loved that movie). She said that she had to borrow $60 from her neighbor Joe in 1991 for gas to go to that audition because she was so broke. Busy tracked Joe down and the brought him on the show! Joe moved to NY and he?s a playwright. Busy paid him back for Robin. You can see that clip here it?s so fun.

As for Robins story, the more I hear from actors, the more insane that industry sounds. This story reminds me of Amy Schumers ?last f?kable day? skit, which is funny and sad at the same time. I just watched it again and cracked up. I?m glad there are more shows being created and run by women. That seems to be more the case on TV than in cinema. Also watch The Fix you won?t regret it!

Here?s the part of Robin?s interview where she talks about being typecast for being over 40:

Photos credit: WENN

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Kim Kardashian 'really doesn't care' that people are laughing at her lawyer dreams
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kim Kardashian 'really doesn't care' that people are laughing at her lawyer dreams
I support Kim Kardashian?s legal studies. She?s rich and privileged though she won?t admit it and I think there are a million worse ways she could be spending her time. People want to put Kim in a box where she?s labeled ?vapid/superficial/basic/stupid,? and while she is those things some of the time, she?s also sort of smart about other things. Basically, I?m still not mad about the reading-the-law thing. But I get that other people are mad about it and they?re mocking her for it. But it?s a lot like the Receipts-Snake drama of 2016 public opinion of Kim is already so low, she might as well do whatever the fk she wants. But I can also tell that Kim cares and she wants to be taken seriously. That?s why someone I?m assuming Kris Jenner went to People Magazine and talked about how Kim will make a great lawyer:

A source says Kim knows she?s being ridiculed: ?Kim realizes that some people are laughing at her for the lawyer thing, but she really doesn?t care. She is focused that this is what she wants to do, and she?s going to do it, regardless of what people think.?

Kim is well-suited to be an attorney: According to the source, the soon-to-be mother of four is ?extremely well-suited to be an attorney?.She has a fantastic memory. She can process multiple things at once. She?s great at multitasking and at time management. She can grasp very complex concepts. She has a very strong sense of what she believes, and is extremely persuasive. She?s also a very hard worker. Kim more than holds her own in discussions of religion, politics, law. She is extremely well-informed. She knows what?s going on in the world.?

Kanye is fully supportive: ?Kanye is Kim?s biggest cheerleader about becoming a lawyer, and he thinks she?d be an amazing one. He?s 100 percent supportive of her. He checks in with her all the time to see how the studying is going, if there?s anything she needs, how he can help. He wants her to follow her passions. He thinks she?ll be a fantastic lawyer. Kanye has been cheering her on since she started looking into law. He was there every step of the way for the Alice Johnson situation.?

Kanye & Kim are basically Kennedys now: The source says Kim ?believes that she?s been gifted with a very tall platform, and that she needs to use it to do some good in the world.? And West ?is on the same page,? the source says, adding that Kimye has a ?very interesting dynamicThey really inspire each other to follow their passions. Even if they disagree about the particulars, they both agree that each other should do what they think is right. When Ye came out as a Trump supporter, Kim didn?t necessarily agree with everything, but she loved his passion about him. She loved seeing how much he lit up when he?d talk about politics. And he does the same thing for her. In many ways, they?d make a fantastic political couple. They are so unified when it comes to doing things greater than themselves. They?re working towards more than just their brands.?

[From People]

Narrator?s voice: They did not, in fact, make a fantastic political couple.

I mean, if anything, Kanye is now one of the reasons why Kim?s legal pursuits aren?t being taken seriously, because an off-his-meds Kanye sat in the Oval Office and ranted and raved in a MAGA hat in front of the national and international media. That was an utter catastrophe on so many levels, and one of those levels was the Kimye Brand. Kanye might have been Kim?s ticket to greater celebrity legitimacy (he was), but at this point, he?s hindering her ?take me seriously? image reboot.

As for Kim being ?well-suited? to legal life? I would argue she?s the Kardashian most like her father, a respected LA lawyer for decades. She?s probably the one who retained the most from Robert Kardashian?s lessons and advice. Do I think Kim is a brilliant legal mind? No. But she?s doing this to improve herself and to transition into more advocacy work, and I can?t hate on her for that.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid and Avalon Red.

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