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Scarlett Johansson on falling for Colin Jost: He looked different because I was available
Added 859 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Scarlett Johansson on falling for Colin Jost: He looked different because I was available
Scarlett Johansson was on The Drew Barrymore Show promoting her new skincare line, The Outset. I didn?t realize that Drew and Scarlett are such good friends. Drew said they bonded during He?s Just Not That Into You and have stayed close since. It made for a fun interview because it was equal parts interview and catching up. One of Drew?s favorite topics to talk about is love, so she brought up Scarlett?s relationship with Colin Jost right away. Both Drew and Scarlett are six-time SNL hosts, going back long before Scarlett and Colin got together. Drew asked how things turned romantic with Colin. Scarlett said it was timing, because all the previous times she met him she?d been in a relationship. But in 2017 she finally saw him with new, available eyes.

Scarlett also talked about how she met Colin several times before they finally started dating in 2017.

?It was just the timing was good. When we met, the timing was right,? she said. ?He?s a very ? I think ? a cute guy, but the other times that I was there, I was in a relationship and I was not [looking]. This time, it was the timing was right. He looked differently to me because I was available.?

?I?ve definitely been in relationships where the timing was not right, and I also think you have to recognize when it?s not the right person, but sometimes it?s a good person but the timing is off, and it?s important to be open to that too,? she added.

[From Just Jared]

This makes sense to me. Plenty of couples were friends for years before they started dating and it usually has something to do with their availability. Scarlett told Drew her first time hosting SNL was Colin?s first year writing for them. That was back in 2006, when Scarlett was dating Josh Harnett. Her appearances before 2017 line up with her husbands Ryan Reynolds and Romain Dauriac. She admited she thought Colin was cute, but that there?s a difference between finding someone attractive and being attracted to them. Like Scarlett said, that filter is usually if you are available to date them.

Getting back to Drew and Scarlett?s relationship, there was a sweet moment at the end when they were doing the Final Five (when Drew asks her guest five random questions). Drew challenged Scarlett to cry on command ? which she did! After, though, Scarlett lauded Drew for everything she?d done with her show and Drew admitted she?d gotten very emotional when Scarlett walked out because she was proud to show it off to Scarlett. It was a nice moment between two women who clearly care for and want good things for each other.

Photo credit: Avalon Red

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Anne Hathaway in David Koma at the 'WeCrashed' premiere: cute or awful'
Added 859 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Anne Hathaway in David Koma at the 'WeCrashed' premiere: cute or awful'
Here are some photos from last night?s premiere of WeCrashed. This whole time, I thought this was a movie, but no, it?s an AppleTV+ series and it?s eight episodes long? Dang, that?s a lot of scamming. Especially for a scammy start-up which, I don?t know, wasn?t even one of the biggest business scams of the past twenty years? But sure, scammers are having a moment. Especially because they?re white! WeCrashed tells the story of WeWork and its founder Adam Neumann (played by a clean-shaven Jared Leto) and his wife Rebekah, played by Anne Hathaway. Spoiler: they scam everybody. Anne?s character is a bit of a hippie/guru.

For the premiere, Anne wore this David Koma dress which? it?s bad, okay? This dress is actually making me angry! Anne is so pretty and she has a great figure, why would you put her in this dress with cut-outs and bad darting? She doesn?t even look comfortable in it, especially the cutout in her midsection. Jared wore Gucci. Apparently, they got along really well during the production. Anne told ET:

Hes so sweet. Hes really playful and we just make each other laugh. We have a really gentle thing, Hathaway gushed. The little that I know about Jared, is that he cares about what he does, body and soul, so much. And Im the same way. So, to be able to connect like that over a shared passion, something that we both really love giving ourselves fully to in a way that I get it, its unusual it was really, really special. I feel really lucky that he was my partner in this.

I didnt commit to it. I just found myself there in the end, Hathaway said of her raw vegan diet. She kinda took hold. Its not all bad though, with Hathaway joking, I love it until I dont.

[From ET]

She also mentioned that Jared stayed in character the whole time, which makes me believe that he was so ?sweet? to her because Adam adored his wife. Anyway? this dress. Ugh. My queendom for a Valentino on AnnE!

Anne Hathaway was "really conscious of making sure this was not a piece that dragged anybody or humiliated anybody" when working on #WeCrashed. "I'm a human being, playing a human being."

Variety (@Variety) March 18, 2022

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