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Charlotte McKinney And Her Huge Knockers Hit The Beach
Added 7 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Charlotte McKinney And Her Huge Knockers Hit The Beach
Here is Charlotte McKinney in a little bikini at the beach. Besides her delicious ginormous breasts, for an “Instagram Supermodel” she is looking a little doughy. I think I can help. Charlotte, come to my mom’s basement and while you do some deep knee bends, I will motivate you by motorboating your huge knockers. #charlottemckinney […]

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Doutzen Kroes And Joan Smalls Make A Great Pair
Added 7 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Doutzen Kroes And Joan Smalls Make A Great Pair
As for supermodels go, Doutzen Kroes and Joan Smalls are getting up there in age. I think it’s time for them to do like Miranda Kerr and find themselves a billionaire otherwise all that hard work keeping in shape and looking amazing will go to waste. Lesson of the day: everyone model needs a back […]

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Eva Mendes on her style: 'If it doesn't have baby vomit on it, I?ll wear it'
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Eva Mendes on her style: 'If it doesn't have baby vomit on it, I?ll wear it'
Embed from Getty Images

Eva Mendes has a fashion line with New York and Company, which is of course how many celebrities earn revenue and seems smart on her part. She’s been with them since 2013 and last year they extended their agreement up until 2019 so it’s obviously a mutually beneficial partnership. Eva has a new interview with ET Online discussing her fashion line, which had a show at NYFW. ET had a brief video of the show and they had models of all sizes, which was nice to see. She talked about her love of dresses because they’re easy to get on and off and joked that her fashion sense involves finding clothing without vomit on it. Eva and her partner, Ryan Gosling, have daughters Amada, four months, and Esmeralda, who turns two next week. She also said that she’s not in talks to do Fast 8, as has been rumored. (She was in the second and fifth one and IMDB has her listed for Fast 8, but she says that’s not happening.)

ET caught up with the always fashionable actress at her New York & Company Spring Summer 2017 runway show at Academy Mansion in New York City on Tuesday, where she dished on how her fashion has changed thanks to her two daughters –1-year-old Esmeralda and 4-month-old Amada — with longtime love Ryan Gosling.

“I’ll just wear anything clean at this point,” Mendes joked. “If it doesn’t have baby vomit on it, I’ll wear it!”

The 42-year-old actress is similarly down-to-earth when it comes to her personal style. Mendes — who admits to using baby powder as a dry shampoo alternative — prefers nothing too constricting.

“I really love dresses and anything that’s really comfortable — not, like, jeans that are hard to get on and off,” she explains.

Indeed, Mendes looked chic in a lace burgundy dress at the event — a piece from her own New York & Company collection that retails for $80 — which she added sleeves to.

As for her acting career, the mother of two debunked rumors that she’ll be reprising her role as agent Monica Fuentes in the upcoming Fast 8, the latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise.

“It’s not even in discussion,” Mendes said.

[From ET Online]

Eva made that joke about checking for vomit on her clothing a couple of months ago too, when she was promoting her beauty line with Circa Beauty. It’s probably true that she has to make sure she doesn’t have baby puke on her before she goes out. (I don’t miss that time!) As for what she said about dresses, I feel exactly the same. In fact Jessica at Go Fug Yourself wrote something strikingly similar that last month, and I remember it because I tweeted about it. She wrote “I personally love a dress. They are so easy! You can just throw one on and it’s your whole outfit!” And, like Jessica when she wrote that, I’m wearing a dress now too. Wrap dresses and jersey dresses are my favorite, especially in the summer because they’re light and you feel like you’re both casual and dressy enough to go anywhere.

As for Mendes’ style backstage at Fashion Week, I like the lace burgundy dress and would definitely wear that, but the stockings don’t seem like they go with it. It’s kind of overkill with the stockings because the patterns compete somewhat. Also the turban is back! Eva is wearing a turban again and I love that. She’s going to bring turbans back. Nick Cannon already got the memo. (Update: and Alicia Keys!)

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

This is the coat she wore with it, which – yeah, overkill.

photos credit: WENN and Getty

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Tom Hanks on movies: 'you want to see something you?ve never seen before'
Added 7 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Tom Hanks on movies: 'you want to see something you?ve never seen before'
Tom Hanks is promoting his Clint Eastwood directed film, Sully, about Capt. Chesley Sullenberger who successfully landed his plane on the Hudson River. It opens this Friday and looks good. The part seems to call for all the conflict, gravitas and depth that Hanks can bring to these roles.

While being interviewed about Sully at the Telluride Film Festival, Eastwood spoke to wanting to do more original content after which Hanks interrupted his own interview to proclaim the brilliance of Damien Chazelle?s new film La La Land, which had been shown the day before. Hank’s remarks were part trumpeting the film’s brilliance and imploring support for original content.

?I like to think we approach movies the same way we approach being members of the audience in that you just want to see something you have never seen before. It?s funny. Who saw La La Land yesterday?? Hanks said as members of the audience clapped in response. ?When you see something that is brand new, that you can?t imagine, and you think, ?Well, thank God this landed,? because I think a movie like La La Land would be anathema to studios. Number one, it is a musical and no one knows the songs.?

Hanks then made a quip about Warner Bros., the studio distributing Sully, likely being thrilled that he interrupted an event for the film to praise another studio?s movie before elaborating on his initial sentiment.

?This is not a movie that falls into some sort of trend. I think it is going to be a test of the broader national audience, because it has none of the things that major studios want,? he said. ?Pre-awareness is a big thing they want, which is why a lot of remakes are going on. [La La Land] is not a sequel, nobody knows who the characters are?But if the audience doesn?t go and embrace something as wonderful as this then we are all doomed.?

[From Entertainment Weekly]

Only Tom Hanks could get away with pausing a Warner Bros. press interview to promote a Lionsgate film. Technically Hanks was just citing an example of what Eastwood had discussed but most outlets are running with the narrative that he encapsulated our frustration for unique content. However, Sully is original in that this story has not been made into a film before (the film is adapted from Sullenberger?s autobiography, Sully: My Search for What Really Matters). And yet Hanks didn’t cite it for it’s originality because let’s face it, a conflicted-hero story is not exactly foreign in Hollywood. I think Hanks was hyped about a very different type of film but I also think he was reminding the movie-goers to put their money where their mouths are. Most indy films make their way to my neck of the woods. I don’t go see half the ones I should but I complain about the “same old thing” all the time.

However much we claim to dislike remakes we do love reunions. Such was almost the case yesterday on Good Morning America when both Tom and Meg Ryan were promoting their films (she is promoting Ithaca, in which Hanks has a cameo). Alas, they were not in the same place at the same time – Tom saw Meg outside the window and yelled “I love you sweetie! I?ll find you. I?ll wait for you. I?ll meet you in the park.” He also pointed out the Bubba Gump Shrimp company restaurant in the background and said that in 1977 it was a bank where he had to cash a $47 check. “I wish I could have said ‘Hey, this is going to be a restaurant based on my movie.’” Tom then invited everyone for free appetizers.

WATCH: "I love you sweetie!" – @tomhanks and @RealMegRyan on @GMA the same day!? Love it!!

— Good Morning America (@GMA) September 6, 2016

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