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Kim Kardashian went to Staten Island for a pizza date night with Pete Davidson
Added 952 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kim Kardashian went to Staten Island for a pizza date night with Pete Davidson
Like so many things around Kim Kardashian, this Pete Davidson story has followed a familiar pattern: a quick rush of public interest, followed by internet jokes, followed by public ambivalence, followed by Kim flogging the proverbial dead horse until we?re all sick of the story. So it is with Pete. It was just this past weekend that People Magazine magically got exclusive photos of Pete and Kim holding hands on a roller coaster during a double-day in LA. Kim traveled to New York on Monday, where she?s been staying at the Ritz-Carlton. Some wondered why she was still in New York following her Monday night appearance at the WSJ. Innovators event. Turns out, she had another date with Pete. She actually traveled to Staten Island so that they could eat at one of his favorite restaurants.

Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson had a secret dinner rendezvous Tuesday night, TMZ has learned. Kim ventured out of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Manhattan and headed for Petes turf Staten Island. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ the 2 entered the backdoor of Campania restaurant one of Petes favorites. They presumably chowed down on pizza or pasta the specialty at the joint.

[From TMZ]

Not me looking up the Campania menu online!!! It?s pretty standard Italian fare lots of pizzas, familiar pasta dishes, various salads. I wonder what Kim ate. I bet she did have some pizza, don?t you think? Especially if he ordered pizza. Meanwhile, Page Six had a little bit more information:

Pete Davidson?s BDE got Kim Kardashian to his native Staten Island. The Skims founder and ?Saturday Night Live? star dined at Campania?s Tuesday night, Page Six confirmed.

?Pete arranged a dinner on the rooftop privately,? a restaurant source told us. ?It was just the two of them.?

Our source also added that they didn?t have any security with them.

?They quietly were able to sneak in and out,? our source added.

[From Page Six]

Ah, the old in and out. Did he take her back to the house he bought for himself and his mom? Did Kim meet his mom? Anyway, at least he planned out a date and he was trying to impress her with what I suspect was rooftop pizza and maybe some candles. A date that involved Kim traveling to Staten Island, but hey, I?m sure she has a car and driver. She was probably looking around like ?we?re not in Calabasas anymore.?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instar.

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Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik have 'met with lawyers separately' to work out custody
Added 952 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik have 'met with lawyers separately' to work out custody
About five weeks ago, Zayn Malik assaulted Yolanda Foster and tried to get physical with a security guard. He screamed abuse at Yolanda and at Gigi Hadid, who was on the phone from Paris. Gigi had to pull out of some Paris Fashion Week runways and return home to Pennsylvania to sort everything out. Both she and Yolanda pressed charges and Zayn pleaded ?no contest? to four misdemeanor charges. The news only came out last week. We?re in the ?what happens now? part of the situation, with Zayn and Gigi having broken up in September, and they?re trying to figure out how to coparent Khai, who is just over one year old.

According to Us Weekly, Gigi ?met with her lawyers last week. She also met with new lawyers to start helping with custody issues. There will be conversations about custody.? The good news is that Gigi and Zayn weren?t married, so at least they don?t have to work THAT out. The bad news is that there will still be big custodial issues, especially if Zayn is prepared to hire a big legal team to fight Gigi. E! News had a lot more about how the Hadids feel about Zayn and what Gigi?s doing with her lawyers:

Its a tense situation, a source close to the Hadid family told E! News. Gigi and Zayn are broken up, but intend to co-parent Khai in a peaceful and healthy environment. They are working out custody details. They are in contact over Khai and making decisions for her.

Gigi and Zayn have both met with lawyers separately. They both want to make sure they can sort out the custody situation with Khai and both feel entitled to custody of her, the source explained to E! News. She needs space. They have been in communication and have been working on how they will continue to co-parent, but its very tense right now. They do both want whats best for Khai and are trying to be civil.

Meanwhile, Gigis family is trying to stay out of her way, the source close to the Hadid family said, but also feels very protective and wants the best for her.

If fans are hoping for a potential reconciliation between Gigi and Zayn, they shouldnt count on it. According to the source connected to Gigi, she is done with Zayn for good. The situation not only marks a bitter end to Gigi and Zayns six-year on-and-off romance, but also an immense strain between him and Yolanda, who once told The Daily Mail that he was like a son to me.

Yolanda is very distraught about what happened especially after everything she has done for Zayn and how welcoming she has been, the source close to Gigi said. She, Gigi and Bella have been staying together in NYC and have truly been supporting each other. They have a great family support system and are glad they have each other to lean on.

The whole family wants Gigi to be done with Zayn for good, the source close to Gigi added. They have seen this behavior before and think its unacceptable.

The source close to the Hadid family echoed, Everyone is sad that things got so ugly and took this turn. In every family there is drama and emotions run high, but they feel Zayn crossed a line and he needs to be accountable.

[From E! News]

?The whole family wants Gigi to be done with Zayn for good? They have seen this behavior before and think its unacceptable?? Yeah. That?s been my near-constant thought whenever I?m reading about what?s going down in this situation. This didn?t happen out of the blue, it wasn?t like one day, Zayn just went bonkers and violently shoved Yolanda into a dresser. There have been signs and incidents before now. I also think that?s why Gigi?s family stayed so physically close to her in the past two years Bella spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania during the pandemic, and Yolanda was just a short distance away (and obviously checking in regularly). They were there as backup, in case Gigi needed them. I also think there was probably a reason why Yolanda showed up at Gigi?s house that day with a security guard in tow, don?t you?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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