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Mark Wahlberg feels pressure 'whether it's putting on weight, losing weight, whatever'
Added 246 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Mark Wahlberg feels pressure 'whether it's putting on weight, losing weight, whatever'
Yahoo has a body image series pun-tastically named It Figures, where they talk to different celebrities and experts about body confidence and self-esteem. Their latest conversation was with Mark Wahlberg. I actually think this makes sense, cause Wahlberg?s fitness regimen is arguably the biggest asset he brings to his projects. During his talk, Wahlberg touched on his productive hours between waking up (insanely) early and getting his kids up for school, and also the pressure he feels to get in the precise shape required for a role. The struggle is real, nevertheless he persists:

Mark Wahlberg works hard ? just look at his alarm clock for proof. The actor, who previously woke up at 2:30 a.m. and more recently has added an hour of snoozing to arise at around 3:30 a.m., says this routine allows him to prioritize fitness and then leave the rest of the day to deal with the ?too many other things? he has going on.

The actor acknowledges that his early rising time isn?t for everyone but doesn?t understand people?s reactions to his personal choice.

?When I kind of talked about my schedule at that point in time, it got a little blown out of proportion and people didn?t know how to interpret it. ? People thought I was taking an hour and a half long shower,? he says, referring to the daily schedule he shared on Instagram in 2018. ?But it?s just getting up early, having my prayer time, meditation, doing my workout, and then reading and doing all the things that I need to do before I even get the kids up for school. It just worked for me.?

Bedtime is a priority for Wahlberg too. ?I want to get to bed as early as possible to get my eight hours of sleep.?

His routine aligns with ample research suggesting that the early morning might actually be the best time to exercise for various reasons. Wahlberg?s fitness goals, however, tend to be driven by his work.

?I always feel an immense amount of pressure when somebody takes a risk on me and says, ?OK, I want to have you starring in this film. And you know, you?re supposed to show up like this,?? he explains. ?Whether it?s putting on weight, losing weight, whatever it is, I have to deliver. I have to be prepared, I have to bring something to the table and I take that very, very seriously.?

[From Yahoo! Life]

?I always feel an immense amount of pressure when somebody takes a financial risk on my $30 million salary!? Yeah, the least he could do is get the physique right. Remember last year when we were laughing at the ?look at the weight I gained!? Oscar campaign he did for Father Stu? Well the joke?s on us, cause he did get a Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama nomination? at the Satellite Awards (and lost to Brendan Frasier). So there. Call me unforgiving, but all I ever think of when I see Mark Wahlberg is the $1.5 million he swindled out of a few week?s worth of reshoots for his supporting role in All The Money In The World (on top of being paid ten times the amount the actual star of the film made). And that?s really not fair of me, because it ignores the blithely callous statements he made about the Trump presidency.

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Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas have come to 'an amicable resolution' in their divorce
Added 246 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas have come to 'an amicable resolution' in their divorce
Last week, we heard that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas had agreed to go into mediation to try to work out the terms of their divorce. In September, Joe filed for divorce in Florida, where they lived and had a home up until early this year. Weeks later, Sophie sued Joe in a New York court, saying that he had abducted their children, refused to relinquish their passports and that the girls need to return with her to the UK. It was set to be a catastrophically messy and international custodial battle, but the fact that they agreed to the mediation and agreed to some temporary terms laid out by the New York court seemed like good first steps. As it turns out, their mediation went really well and they?re likely about to sign an agreement. TMZ had details about the immediate custodial framework for the rest of the year:

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have struck a deal in their divorce case and it sounds like theyre both on the same page. As we reported, Joe and Sophie were hashing out the terms of their divorce during 3 days of mediation last week.

There is a prenup, so it looks like assets were not a big issue. The bigger issue, of course, was child custody. Sophie wanted the kids to live with her in the UK, and Joe wanted them to stay with him in the U.S.

According to settlement docs, obtained by TMZ, an amicable resolution on all issues between them is forthcoming. Translation theyre super close to signing a settlement.

In the meantime, they have agreed to a temporary child custody agreement. Under the terms, the 2 kids ages 1 and 3 will be with Sophie from October 9 through October 21. During that time, shes allowed to travel with them to the UK. On October 21, Sophie must return with the kids to the U.S., where Joe will then take them through November 2.

The kids will then go back to Sophie until November 22. Joe gets them on that day and will presumably spend Thanksgiving with them. The kids go back to mom on December 16, where they will stay until January 7. So she gets them for XMAS and New Years. Sounds like a final settlement is looming.

[From TMZ]

This kind of custodial framework will only ?work? while their daughters are young. Once they get to school age, it?s highly unlikely that either parent would agree to a two-weeks in the UK, two weeks in the US pattern. So, while I?m glad that mediation worked well for them for the time being, I?m not sure if they?ve actually come up with long-term solutions. It also strikes me that Sophie and Joe are both wondering if the other will relent about their (separate) living situations. Sophie might be going into this thinking that Joe will eventually buy a home in London, and Joe might believe that Sophie will eventually want to move back to the US.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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Princess Kate & William commissioned another 'survey,' this time on mental health
Added 246 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Princess Kate & William commissioned another 'survey,' this time on mental health
Update: Some photos of William and Kates event finally came in, so now you dont have to click on that Mail link!

Ive been waiting for a while to see if we would get photos of the Prince and Princess of Wales today in Birmingham, for their big event for World Mental Health Day. Our photo agencies are seemingly taking part in the Mute Challenge, so you can see the pics here at the Mail. Kate wore her best bumblebee attire black trousers, a black crewneck and a bright yellow blazer. I usually think that Kate looks surprisingly good in yellow, but this shade is off. It?s too goldenrod. You know we?re going to get another dozen embiggening commentary pieces about how Kate is the first woman to ever wear trousers, right? Deep sigh. Meanwhile, did you know that William and Kate commissioned yet another survey? These two love to collate their meaningless data and put that data in nonsensical pie charts. Here are the results of their latest survey:

Kate Middleton and Prince William are sharing the results of a survey that they administered ahead of World Mental Health Day that found that nearly all young people feel their friends are struggling with mental health issues.

The survey, which was conducted by the Prince and Princess of Wales Royal Foundation, was taken by 3,000 young people in the U.K. According to the findings, 95% of 16-24-year-olds say they think their peers are having some sort of problem with their mental health.

The poll also found that around 60% of participants think that it?s very important for young people to have greater awareness and understanding of social and emotional skills. Additionally, 39% feel that they dont manage their emotions very well.

[From People]

The survey? asked kids if they think it?s good to be ?aware? of mental health. This reminds me of Kate?s Early Years busywork, the purpose of which is purely awareness-raising. As in, all Kate does is say ?the Early Years are important,? and then an endless amount of time, money and resources are devoted to compiling data about whether or not people think the Early Years are important. I?ll conduct my own survey: do you think these two lazy jackasses will ever do anything more than an awareness-raising campaign with their endless resources? Yes or no.

Incredibly proud of our Youth Board who supported today?s Exploring Our #EmotionalWorlds with @KensingtonRoyal & @TheMixUK. Listening to young peoples experiences is critical in creating a mentally healthy society. #WMHD

Beyond (@wearebey0nd) October 10, 2023

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