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Princess Kate is 'punishing' the Sussexes 'in a classy way' by getting good press'
Added 220 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Princess Kate is 'punishing' the Sussexes 'in a classy way' by getting good press'
Two weeks ago, Piers Morgan ?revealed? the names of the royal racists which were named in a ?mistranslation? of Omid Scobie?s Endgame (which were originally named by the Duchess of Sussex in a letter to King Charles). The names are: King Charles and the Princess of Wales. After a lot of performative pearl-clutching and ?demands? that Prince Harry and Meghan speak up in defense of the Windsors (lmao), nothing much happened. There was a crisis meeting between Charles, William and Kate, and they apparently decided to say nothing and just keep doing photo-ops with diversity props. It?s also clear that Kate was in a panic and she reached out to dumbasses like Camilla Tominey to defend her honor (Tominey made Kate sound even more unhinged though). So, what is Kate?s larger plan? Just keep style-stalking Meghan and lean into her ?simpering white supremacist Karen? vibe? Pretty much.

Kate Middleton is yet to publicly comment on allegations in Omid Scobie?s new book that she was one of two royals who questioned Prince Archie?s skin colour. But according to one expert, that doesn?t mean she is going to take the absurd accusations lying down and will punish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in her own classy way.

Brand expert Denise Palmer-Davies exclusively told Fabulous: ?The accusations made in the book are utterly absurd, but they will still ultimately have hurt Kate. She won?t let that show though she is a strong, powerful woman and she will keep calm and carry on. Responding to the claims only gives them attention, so Kate is carrying on with her life as normal. She is much like the Queen in that respect, stoic, she won?t show how upset she really is. She put on a brave face at the Royal Variety show and at her Together at Christmas carol concert.

?I don?t doubt that those close to Harry and Meghan would want all this to take off her shine but far from it. In fact, Kate remains popular, she has the public?s support and while she is on the front pages of all the newspapers, it is all positive press, like her Strictly visit. It?s like she is unintentionally punishing them in her own classy way.?

Kates name being dragged into the racism row will only further deepen the rift between her, Harry and Meghan.

?I didn?t think there would be a way back for Kate and William and Harry and Meghan, but there absolutely won?t be now,? Denise said. ?I can imagine William is furious. It is attack after attack it?s just relentless. I can?t see Kate or William ever forgiving them for this. Even though Meghan and Harry haven?t directly named her themselves, someone associated with them apparently has, and the fact they haven?t come out and defended her speaks volumes. It?s a huge betrayal and totally unforgivable.?

[From The Sun]

?The fact they haven?t come out and defended her speaks volumes? so you agree that it speaks volumes when royals don?t step up and defend someone who is being unfairly maligned and denigrated? You agree that it?s an unforgivable betrayal when a royal briefs racist lies to a royal reporter? Gee, I wonder why Meghan was suicidal in the first place? Could it be that Kate, William and their people were openly targeting her maliciously and that?s the whole reason why the Sussexes left? Besides, it?s now clear that Kate *was* one of the many royals openly discussing her ?concerns? about how dark Meghan?s children would be. Why the fk would Meghan and Harry defend her? As for Kate?s ?classy? punishment? I mean, creepily style-stalking the Black woman she hates is certainly a lot of things, but ?classy? isn?t one of them.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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Sydney Sweeney wore Miu Miu to the 'Anyone But You' NYC premiere: eh or nice'
Added 220 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sydney Sweeney wore Miu Miu to the 'Anyone But You' NYC premiere: eh or nice'
Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell have been in New York this week to promote their rom-com Anyone But You. There are too many movies with similar-sounding names out right now, or is it just me? Anyway, this film seems utterly forgettable but Sydney?s still trying her best to sell it, bless her heart. Her fiance didn?t come to the premiere, from what I saw. Glen hasn?t been in a relationship since Gigi Paris dumped him for how close he seemed to Sydney. At this point, I?m not sure that Glen and Sydney are happening, but I would absolutely believe that they slept together at some point.

As for Sydney?s premiere look, she wore a Miu Miu dress with a million crystals, plus earrings from Fred Leighton. Sydney is a brand ambassador for Miu Miu and she?s talked about how grateful she is for the extra money and attachment to a major label. All in all, it?s a pretty good fit between actress and brand. While this dress isn?t my favorite thing ever, it suits her and it suits the film promotion. As a fellow big-chested girl, I will say that I admire the fact that Sydney manages to walk that fine line between ?being too covered up? versus ?being too boobs-forward.?

The thing is, when you actually see Glen and Sydney together, their attractiveness sort of cancels out and they just come across as bland, right? Also: I?m adding a bonus photo of Sydney wearing a bonkers ensemble of wide-leg jeans and a matching vest-and-coat look. That was right before the premiere!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Kaley Cuoco adopted a toothless senior dog named Red
Added 220 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kaley Cuoco adopted a toothless senior dog named Red
When I saw the headline with ?Kaley Cuoco? and ?addition to her family? I thought she and hubby Tom Pelphrey had announced they?re expecting since they have been vocal about wanting to expand their family. But they?re both mega animal lovers and activists, so in this instance the happy news was about Red, the senior dog Kaley and Tom have adopted. Red was being fostered by a ?friend of a friend,? and Kaley was just helping find him a forever home. Well, she did succeed in that endeavor!

Kaley Cuoco has happily welcomed a new member to her pack.

On Thursday, the animal lover and activist revealed she and partner Tom Pelphrey are now parents to a senior dog named Red. Cuoco explained in an Instagram post that she had initially been working to get Red adopted after he was found walking on the streets and was later fostered by a friend of a friend. The actress paid to get his teeth fixed and for his veterinary care. Ultimately, she took him in herself. ?We ended up finding him a home,? she said in her Instagram video. ?It was just our home.?

It sounds like Red has adjusted well to joining Cuoco?s family ? which includes an array of animals ? as she noted he?s been running around with her other dogs, loves cuddling on the couch, and has let her kiss him on the head after being afraid to be touched near his face.

?I knew Red belonged in our pack, I was just in denial for a while. At last here we are, and we love our newest senior family member, our expert drooler. ,? she wrote on Instagram. ?He also doubles as my heating blanket every night ? he always sleeps right next to me. Isn?t he so sweet.?

As she put it in her video, ?Red is super special. I somehow knew he was going to end up with us.?

[From ET]

Things I?ve learned about Red from Kaley?s full Instagram video below: He is a chestnut-colored chihuahua; he has no teeth which makes for a distinctive bark; he has that fabulous feature where his tongue hangs out on the side of his mouth; he seems to be enjoying his new pack of what appear to be mostly other chihuahuas, although he prefers snuggling with a human. And he is just friggin? adorable! Adopting a senior pet is a really beautiful thing to do. Lucky turn up that Red is liking his new canine family. Kaley acknowledged the mayhem of her household, saying ?Once you have 2 dogs, what?s three? Or four? Or five?? To which my answer is, a lot more! But Kaley and Tom have the hearts and the means to take in multiple rescues, so it?s wonderful that they are giving these pups (and other animals!) new homes. Congratulations on the latest addition to the Cuoco-Pelphrey household!

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Kaley Cuoco (@kaleycuoco)

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Sophie Turner really is dating Peregrine Pearson, heir to the Viscount Cowdray
Added 221 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Sophie Turner really is dating Peregrine Pearson, heir to the Viscount Cowdray
At the end of October, Sophie Turner magically appeared at the Rugby World Cup final in Paris she was part of the trophy presentation as part of her brand-ambassadorship with Louis Vuitton. People were like ?wow, I hope she enjoyed her weekend in Paris?? She did that same weekend, photographers caught her snogging a British aristocrat named Peregrine Pearson, heir to the Viscount Cowdray. Pearson is considered to be one of the most eligible bachelors in the UK, and he split with ?Princess? Maria-Olympia around the same time as Sophie and Joe Jonas were working out their divorce in mediation. Some people wondered if Sophie and Peregrine were just a hookup situation, a quick rebound for both of them. Looks like they?re really dating though.

Sophie Turner is enjoying her casual romance with Peregrine ?Perry? John Dickinson Pearson as a newly single woman. The ?Game of Thrones? star, who split from estranged husband Joe Jonas in September, has been on the market and ?casually dating a few people? since she and the singer split up, a source told Us Weekly.

Per the insider, Turner ?really seems to like spending time with Perry? as the two have ?become progressively closer.?

While the source told the outlet that it is ?too soon to tell if there?s long term potential,? they speculated that ?things might be headed that way.?

Turner was first linked to Pearson ? heir to the 4th Viscount Cowdray, a county in Sussex ? in late October when the two were spotted locking lips in Paris.

The two have since gotten more bold about their romance and were spotted packing on the PDA on Friday. In the photos, the British aristocrat and Turner shared a kiss while wrapped in each other?s arms during a stroll in London. The casual couple kept close during their daytime walk, grinning from ear to ear and holding hands when they were embracing each other.

[From Page Six]

The photos are linked below they definitely weren?t hiding, and they want people to know that they?re dating. Before all of this, I don?t think I realized that Sophie is posh? Like, she?s a royalist who is banging British nobility. It might turn out that Sophie?s whole ?married to a Jonas brother? American adventure was just a blip and she?s gone back to her posh roots permanently now. I definitely can?t see her with another American.

Winter is coming, and with it comes new romance for Sophie Turner. Click the link to see the photos of her and British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson: (: Splash News)

E! News (@enews) December 8, 2023

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