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Kristen Bell in Maria Lucia Hohan at the Art of Elysium gala: pretty or pepto tin foil?
Added 498 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kristen Bell in Maria Lucia Hohan at the Art of Elysium gala: pretty or pepto tin foil?
This year was the 20th anniversary of the annual Art of Elysium gala, which is an LA-based organization dedicated to bringing the arts into children’s hospitals and treatment facilities. The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with the founder, Jennifer Howell, and she says that they’re “currently expanding into prisons and veteran hospitals” with the goal of expanding nation wide and bringing their programs into public schools.

Kristen Bell attended this year in a Pink and bronze-hued Maria Lucia Hohan strapless gown featuring a slight side train. We get most of our fashion IDs from the Twitter account for The Fashion Court, and they have a photo of this dress in the original mint color. Check out the back, it has a laced corset closure. In theory I find this dress striking, but the Pink color is somewhat off to me and there’s something “Little Mermaid” about the bodice. Plus Bell’s styling is off. Her makeup needs to be blended better as I can see the highlighting and shading. This calls for a more subtle lip I think. I really like her Lucite clutch.

Emmanuelle Chriqui was in this see-through lace Thai Nguyen Atelier gown with strategic applique around the top and bottom. Maybe with a different lace pattern this would work, but as it is it looks cheap. I hope this trend of see-through lace dresses dies out in 2017, but it’s doubtful that will happen. The pattern at the bust looks very superhero when you see it close up, but the overall effect is strange. Her styling is lovely.

I don’t have an ID on Ali Larter’s dress but it’s a somewhat forgettable v-neck halter top with ruffles along the top, side cutouts and a sheer skirt. I don’t get why she (or her hairdresser) threw that little rhinestone bobby pin on the side of her hair. Also, she looks incredible I thought she was pregnant, but it turns out I was confusing her with Molly Sims. Ali, 40, has two children, son Theodore, six, and daughter Vivienne, who turns two next week.

Here’s Zelda Williams in a black gown with gold floral stitching and a bizarre built-in bolero jacket. Is that what that is? This is all sorts of fug, but she’s having fun and I love to see her out. Her makeup is perfection too.

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Evan Rachel Wood in Jonathan Simkhai at the BAFTA tea party: lovely or dated?
Added 498 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Evan Rachel Wood in Jonathan Simkhai at the BAFTA tea party: lovely or dated?
Here are some more photos from Saturday?s BAFTA Tea Party. One of the best side-effects of Westworld is that Evan Rachel Wood is back and wearing interesting clothes. I?ve always had such affection for ERW, and I think she has style, even if I don?t always love what she?s doing. ERW wore Jonathan Simkhai to this event? I think we?re calling this a jumpsuit? Sure. All I can see is her super-structured hair. She has the face for short hair, absolutely (I actually think she?s a million times more striking with short hair), but this is the same haircut that every skater boy had in the ?90s.

Emma Stone in Diane von Furstenberg. This reminds me of the brown-and-white polka dot dress Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman, and now that?s all I can see. I don?t love or hate this. I do hope Emma brings it, fashion-wise, to the Globes tonight. Bonus Ryan Gosling! My dream is that Ryan brings Eva Mendes to the Globes!

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. It?s a cute dress and those are cute shoes too. But she looks like a ghost. It?s the combo of pale dress + pale skin + white hair. Betty White looks more youthful.

Ruth Negga in The Vampires Wife. I actually really like this. I want to make some edits on it (the ruffle on the bottom needs to go and I would put her in different shoes), but she looks amazing.

Lily Collins is a Golden Globe nominee? and Michael Shannon isn?t. Keep that in mind. Lily wore this Dior dress to the BAFTA tea party. I kind of hate it. I?m glad Jennifer Lawrence didn?t wear it.

Naomie Harris in Thom Browne. Yeah, no. Too many patterns, too many different fabrics. I understand the idea behind this, and to be fair, this is a well-tailored and smart version, but I still don?t like it.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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Thandie Newton in Monse at the BAFTA tea party: quirky cute or just weird?
Added 498 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Thandie Newton in Monse at the BAFTA tea party: quirky cute or just weird?
Quite a few big names attended the BAFTA pre-Globes party last night and we’ll have some coverage of the fashion for you this morning. Here’s the woman who should win supporting actress tonight for her sublime performance in Westworld, Thandie Newton. She looks like she’s having fun, I’ll give her that, in this loose off-the-shoulder polka dot Monse dress. That’s the kind of dress where you don’t have to worry about being able maneuver in it or wearing any kind of foundation garments. It’s comfortable-looking although it’s like a pajama dress with some extra features to make it “dressy.” Let’s hope she brings it for the Globes tonight.

Here’s Thandie’s costar, Angela Sarafyan, in a spaghetti strap Giorgio Armani with a raised red sequin dot pattern. The added jacket and matching shoes and clutch are incredible and I love how minimal she went with her makeup. She looks so otherworldly. Not much of a rind on her.

Tracee Ellis Ross also looks weather-appropriate in a longsleeve blue Polite gown with an multicolor floral pattern and mock turtleneck. Tracee is her own stylist and she likes to take risks which don’t always pay off for her. The empire waist and half pleated skirt on this dress make it look fussy, I think. I like her double french braids.

Hailee Steinfeld, 20, was in a light blue babydoll Elie Saab with gathered sleeves. This is very 70s and young-looking. She is quite young so there’s that. Her hair looks like an afterthought though.

photos credit: FameFlynet

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Amber Heard sparkles at the Art of Elysium gala: gorgeous or boring?
Added 498 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Amber Heard sparkles at the Art of Elysium gala: gorgeous or boring?
You know what I enjoy? I enjoy the fact that Amber Heard has not gone into hiding following her divorce from Johnny Depp. Depp has thrown so much bulls?t her way, and it was obvious months ago that the divorce was quite a strain on Amber. But towards the end of 2016, she started going out more often, spending time with friends and walking a few red carpets. Good for her. Last night, she attended the Art of Elysium ?Heaven? gala honoring Stevie Wonder. One year ago, she attended the gala with Depp, and he looked half in the bag (if not fully in the bag). I hated her red satin gown last year, but I?m enjoying this beaded look. I can?t find the ID on it but CB and I think it?s Elie Saab? It?s pretty and flattering.

Camilla Belle in Schiaparelli. I like Camilla and I think she?s pretty, but she?s in desperate need of some volume around her face. This hair is too severe. The dress is okay (not my style but it?s cute). Camilla was honored along with Stevie Wonder for her volunteer work.

Hailey Baldwin in Jonathan Simkhai. Um? it?s a little bit much for who she is and the event, right? I would expect to see this on, like, Mariah Carey at the Grammys.

Meanwhile, I think Jaime King seems a bit underdressed. This Altuzarra dress seems like it would be more at home at a daytime fundraiser event rather than a gala.

Ashlee Simpson got it right in this Grace Loves Lace dress. Appropriate for a gala, not too ?LOOK AT ME!? and it?s actually flattering. Nice.

Chrissy Teigen in Jonathan Simkhai. Um?no. Granted, I absolutely loathe ruffles and I don?t understand why grown women want to look like antebellum curtains, but even if this dress wasn?t so RUFFLED, I would still think this is a bad dress.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Bryce Dallas Howard in Victoria Beckham at the BAFTA tea party: striking or ill-fitting?
Added 498 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Bryce Dallas Howard in Victoria Beckham at the BAFTA tea party: striking or ill-fitting?
Bryce Dallas Howard famously buys her own dresses for events, which doesn’t always work out for the best. (To be fair, women with stylists don’t get it right a lot of times either.) In this case I think she’s working this check print green and black Victoria Beckham dress at last night’s BAFTA tea party. The fit is off though, like the top is too big for her and needs to be tailored. She looks like she lost some weight (she didn’t need to, this is just an observation) in that her face looks more thinned out. That could also be the result of whatever she’s been getting done. Bryce came with her dad, director Ron Howard, which was cute!

Here’s Christina Ricci looking fab in a sleeveless blue Carolina Herrera with wide dark blue stripes. I love this so much, but I do like Herrera as a rule. Hecate just got her hair cut in this short piecey lob style, similar to Cate Blanchett’s hair last awards season.

Octavia Spencer was in a merlot Tadashi Shoji skirt and scalloped lace top topped with a black leather jacket. This is a great look and I have to remember to wear a leather jacket over a skirt, that looks so cool. Octavia is nominated for a Golden Globe for best supporting actress for Hidden Figures.

Caitriona Balfe is nominated for a Globe for best actress in a TV series for Outlander, for which she was also nominated for last year, that went to Taraji P. Henson. She’s in Ferragamo and this is a snooze of a black dress but my goodness is she pretty.

Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things was in Kate Spade. She’s only 12 years old! This dress is both age appropriate and mature looking and was a nice choice. Her hair is so cute in those soft waves.

Photos credit: FameFlynet

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