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Scarlett Johansson gushes about Colin Jost's 'James Bond situation' proposal
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Scarlett Johansson gushes about Colin Jost's 'James Bond situation' proposal
Scarlett Johansson is 34 years old and about to get married for the third time. And it?s fine as I?ve said before, I expect that of her. Twenty years from now, she?ll probably have three more marriages under her belt. It?s one of the things I legitimately like about Scarlett: she goes through phases where she?s obsessed with some weird dude, she?ll sometimes marry them, and then after a year or two, it?s on to the next phase/dude. She did ?marry a weird sockless French dude? and that blew up in her face. Now she?s in the ?marry an SNL bro? phase. By 2021, this phase will be over. But for now, we just have to enjoy it, and enjoy the many gushing stories about Colin Jost?s ?romantic? proposal:

Looks like Colin Jost has a few tricks up his sleeve. Scarlett Johansson and the Saturday Night Live funnyman recently got engaged, and the actress told Ellen DeGeneres that Jost ?killed it? when proposing with ?a whole James Bond situation.?

?It was surprising, he?s got a lot behind that news desk he?s hiding,? Johansson said, referring to Jost?s job as Weekend Update host. ?He?s very charming and very thoughtful and romantic. But yeah, I was surprised. Even if you kind of imagine what that moment?s gonna be like, it?s still beautiful moment.?

Johannson, 34, and Jost, 37, became engaged in May after two years of dating. The Avengers: Endgame star debuted her 11-carat engagement ring in July while taking the stage at San Diego Comic-Con for her upcoming Black Widow prequel film. ?It was very personal. It was a special moment,? Johansson added of the proposal. ?I think, more than anything, when someone tells you they want to spend their life with you, that?s a lovely, special thing.?

[From People]

?He?s got a lot behind that news desk he?s hiding?? Does he though? I?m really asking. Jost has the reputation as a smart guy, but he also has a reputation as a total bro who veers towards sexism. I wouldn?t think he?s capable of planning some James Bond-esque proposal, nor would I have thought that ScarJo would be into that. But, as I said, it?s just a phase. Also: the proposal must have been amazing for Scarlett to say yes to this fugtastic engagement ring.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Christina Hendricks & Geoffrey Arend are splitting after 10 years of marriage
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Christina Hendricks & Geoffrey Arend are splitting after 10 years of marriage
This surprised me, and yet? I guess I should have suspected something. Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend are splitting after a decade of marriage. They were together throughout Christina?s rise to fame on Mad Men. He?s also an actor, mostly a character actor taking smallish roles in film and television, and his career got overshadowed by hers for all of their marriage. Still, he seemed so proud of her and he just looked as happy as can be with his bombshell wife. But they haven?t been making many public appearances together this year. Hm. Here?s their joint statement, posted on Christina?s Instagram:

?Twelve years ago we fell in love and became partners. We joined our two amazing families, had countless laughs, made wonderful friends and were blessed with incredible opportunities. Today we take our next step together, but on separate paths. We will always be grateful for the love we?ve shared and will always work together to raise our two beautiful dogs.?

?We will be taking time to rediscover ourselves in this transition and we thank you for your patience and support in giving us the space to do so.?

[From Christina Hendricks? IG]

I?m sad about this. They seemed to love and support each other a lot. I have zero clue as to what was behind this split, but if I had to guess? it was probably a mix of ?Christina?s career was always the priority for both of them? plus ?disagreements about whether to start a family.? Christina always seemed like she wasn?t really interested in having kids. Maybe he was fine with thatuntil he wasn?t. In any case, I wish them both the best and I hope this split doesn?t get messy.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Demi Moore sleeps with seven dogs in her bed: 'We?re a communal species'
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Demi Moore sleeps with seven dogs in her bed: 'We?re a communal species'
Demi Moore?s memoir, Inside Out talked about the relationships in her life that went wrong. So it begs the questions, will she love again? Demi says maybe, but whoever it is will need to negotiate with her seven pups to get there.

As for what the future holds for her, she won?t rule out a fourth marriage, but believes the relationship she has with herself is the most important.

?I never like to say never because I think that?s the set up for being made to be wrong but I don?t feel a need to. I feel like, most importantly, this time has been about being in a relationship with myself and that relationship with myself needing to be whole and complete before I could really open to someone else,? she said.

?I hope that there is a partner in my future when it?s the right time. I think we?re a communal species ? we?re not supposed to be alone ? although I?ve gotten very comfortable alone ? me and my seven dogs,? she said. ?My aunt gave me a pillow that says ?I sleep with dogs? and I do, but maybe I can make a little room in the king-size bed.?

[From Women?s Wear Daily via Jezebel]

First of all, I?m really happy to hear Demi?s focus is completing herself and not looking for a partner to do that. I cannot emphasize enough how important, albeit incredibly difficult, that is. And if Demi has seven furry therapists to help her complete herself, we know she?s on the right treatment path. I swear to God my two cats got me to where I am today mentally.

As for the sleeping arrangements, I?m useless. We just got a king-bed after two decades of a queen. When we had the queen, we only had a Pomeranian and a cat who didn?t like us, so it wasn?t overcrowded but now that we have the room, it?s fair game. I have dogs, teenagers and their infinite blankets or slankets and pillows ? pillows for everyone, including the damn dogs. If I?m alone, they all get to stay but if my husband is home, their time in the bed is limited. Honestly, it?s for the best, I get woken up so many times when the dogs sleep with me. How Demi can do it, I?ll never know. Even at their diminutive size, you know at least half are looking for either body heat or a heartbeat. Although, I?m picturing Demi bringing a new partner into that scenario. The dogs are all sweet and waggy-tailed until Demi heads off to the restroom and all of a sudden, the dogs are on her date like the Lilliputians to Gulliver, ?What are your intentions? You hurt her and we will poop in both your shoes!? I am fully convinced those pups are organized when no one?s looking. Whatever happens in Demi?s romantic life, if she has one or not, we know she?s in good paws.

View this post on Instagram

Emotional Everything!

A post shared by Demi Moore (@demimoore) on Jun 1, 2019 at 1:24pm PDT

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Angelina Jolie's message to girls: 'Find their own power, but respect & learn from men'
Added 4 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Angelina Jolie's message to girls: 'Find their own power, but respect & learn from men'
Angelina Jolie and Disney are on the same page for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Disney seems to love this collaboration because Angelina goes all-in to sell the movies, and because she can talk about feminism while still staying on Disney-message. Disney?s feminism is definitely on the lighter, more consumer-driven side. I mean, little kids still want to be princesses, but maybe they also want to have horns and wings and wear all-black. Disney is giving them that choice = feminism. I have a point here! The point is that I love how Angelina and Elle Fanning put their own spin on Disney?s feminist-lite talking points:

Angelina Jolie has championed the role men can play in shaping the personalities of young girls. The actress, who stars in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, also said female characters in films should not have to be portrayed as physically tough in order to be considered strong.

I think that, so often, when a storys told which says this is a strong woman, she has to beat the man, or she has to be like the man, or she has to somehow not need the man, Jolie told journalists at the films launch.

Referring to her own character in the film and Princess Aurora, played by Elle Fanning, Jolie said: We both very much need and love and learn from the men. And so I think thats also an important message for young girls, to find their own power, but to respect and learn from the men around them. We have strong women, but the character that is wrong in the film and has to be taken out is also a woman. We show very diverse types of women between our characters, but also we have extraordinary men in the film, and I really want to press that point.

Fanning, who reprises her role of Princess Aurora in the film, echoed Jolies comments and said her characters strength is not necessarily physical, unlike many princesses in childrens films.

Auroras strength is her kindness, and she stays very true to herself, which is something I wanted to keep in the film. She is soft and feminine and wants to be a wife and have babies, and thats a beautiful, strong thing that isnt portrayed a lot on screen. A lot of the princesses are like were gonna make her a strong princess! And make her tough, so were gonna make her fight! And its like, is that what being a strong woman means? Like, we just have to have a sword and have armour on and go fight? Aurora can do that in a different way, in a Pink dress, and its beautiful that she keeps her softness and vulnerabilities.

[From BBC]

?She is soft and feminine and wants to be a wife and have babies, and thats a beautiful, strong thing that isnt portrayed a lot on screen.? Can we argue about this? Almost every romance and rom-com is based on the idea that yes, every woman wants a husband, a wedding and babies. Every magazine and every message from the media is that women want those things too. It?s not groundbreaking to portray a young woman wanting those things. It?s not feminist or anti-feminist either (it?s just a neutral choice). That quote is from Elle and I think she?s just trying to defend her character. But this quote from Angelina was just too much as well: ?Thats also an important message for young girls, to find their own power, but to respect and learn from the men around them?? Yeah but when are boys going to get the message to respect and learn from the women around them. Ugh.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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