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Taylor Swift worries that Travis Kelce won't be able to handle her fame
Added 49 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Taylor Swift worries that Travis Kelce won't be able to handle her fame
Post-Super Bowl, I?ve gone back and forth about whether I believe Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are in it for the long haul. For about a month post-Super Bowl, my vibe was that they were actually winding things down. Then Travis seemed to recommit himself, and he stayed with Taylor in LA for more than a month, and they reportedly enjoyed their downtime together. Then Taylor released The Tortured Poets Department, most of which is about Matt Healy, with some Joe Alwyn and Travis thrown in. How does Travis feel about it? A ?source? told People Magazine that Travis listened to the album before its release and ?He is always in awe of her.? Which might even be true, but it sounded like it came from Taylor?s people, not Kelce sources. So, yeah, I don?t know what to tell you the vibe is off again. And I do wonder if something else is being soft-launched. Read this Page Six piece and tell me what you think.

Taylor Swift is so in love with Travis Kelce, she?s getting nervous about things going wrong ? or that he?ll wind up thinking the fame is too much, sources tell Page Six.

?She wants a happy ending with Travis,? a source tells us. ?She is worried about jinxing things.? The source further explained that Swift cares so much, ?She is nervous something will mess things up.?

The source says that while the Kansas City Chiefs star seems more than comfortable in the limelight ? hosting his own podcast, and even once starring in his own ?Bachelor?-style TV dating show, ?Catching Kelce? ? Swift?s level of boundless fame can be daunting for anyone.

?There?s very little oxygen between her life and fame,? says the source. ?Travis is a peacock, but he has never dated a celeb before, and she is one of the most famous women in the world. Right now he is enjoying everything and she is hoping that it stays like that.?

The insider adds that Swift is stressing that ?he doesn?t get freaked out about the fame. That the constant-ness of it doesn?t get exhausting for him.?

Now that Swift?s latest album has dropped, things are even more in overdrive. Our source tells us that like all artists, Swift can feel ?vulnerable,? after releasing her music.

?It?s stressful, you feel vulnerable,? says the source. ?It?s her most complicated piece of art.?

[From Page Six]

If Taylor and Travis break up, this will be the conversation from Team Swift, right? He couldn?t handle her fame, it was too much for him, he didn?t realize that her fans just love her so much, he was unprepared for TTPD?s success. Team Swift ran a similar op on Joe Alwyn post-breakup too Joe only liked Taylor when she was lowkey and never went out, Joe couldn?t handle her super-stardom, etc. When it turned out that Taylor was (most likely) banging Matt Healy at the end of her relationship with Joe. Anyway, the vibe is off. It will be interesting to see if Travis joins Taylor for her European concerts. My half-assed prediction is that Travis will come to Europe for a week or so and then there will be a slow phase-out.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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Zendaya on her new tennis obsession: 'I?ve pretty much seen every video'
Added 49 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Zendaya on her new tennis obsession: 'I?ve pretty much seen every video'
Zendaya, Josh O?Connor and Mike Faist cover the current issue of Variety, all to promote Challengers. While Variety interviews the actors, the piece is also about the strange journey this film has had for the past two years. What was supposed to be a more art-house drama about a tennis love-triangle has gotten the promotional rollout of a potential blockbuster, and that?s after producers pushed back the release date because of the strikes last year. I also learned something new: the screenwriter developed the script after watching the 2018 US Open women?s final, the disaster which unfolded between Serena Williams and chair umpire Carlos Ramos, where Naomi Osaka ended up winning her first major title. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Zendaya on filming the threesome scene: ?The only reason I really remember is because Beyonc came out with ?Break My Soul? that day. I was having a great day, like, ?Y?all. Beyonc?s single just dropped.? That?s what I was focused on, to be honest.? Josh O?Connor: ?We lost Zendaya for like a week. She was on set, normal, chatting with us. Then one day Beyonc released something. They called ?cut,? and she immediately had headphones in. She was completely lost to the world.?

Zendaya on how this is more than a tennis movie: ?It?s a movie, and it?s tennis, but it?s not a tennis movie. It?s much deeper. Tennis is just a metaphor for a lot of bigger sh-t. For power. For codependency. They?re using tennis as their device to get these things out of their system. It?s the only way they know how to communicate.?

Zendaya became tennis-obsessed though: ?I?m watching tennis as we speak. I?m watching Wimbledon.? As Novak Djokovic triumphed over Andrey Rublev, she said, ?I was not a tennis person before this. All I really knew was, like, Serena and Roger Federer. So I just threw myself in there. I?ve pretty much seen every video, every match that?s online. It became my thing.?

O?Connor on getting fit: ?I find gyms incredibly tedious. I get bored very quickly. I always catch myself in the mirror, and I?m like, ?You look so pathetic. You look rubbish holding your weights. And out of your depth.? So I just never really lasted.? But he?s so built in ?Challengers,? he felt proud to wear a sleeveless shirt in the final tennis match in the film. The competition and camaraderie motivated him to get in shape. ?There?s a piece of equipment that measures how strong your abdominals are. And Zendaya had the best abs of the three of us by a long way. I remember me and Mike laughing, but we were also furious and desperately trying to improve our strength.?

Zendaya on the racial element to the script: ?It?s very clear to her that she?s coming into a place of privilege and access that she clearly didn?t grow up with, so she enjoys fking with them about it. All of her background is riding on her shoulders. It?s clear that she?s had to fight her way in, and is dealing with it on the daily, what it means to be a Black girl in that space. Tennis means more to her than it does to them; it?s not just something she decided to do because ?I had the luxury of getting tennis lessons as a kid.? This is it for her. This is what?s going to take care of herself and her family and the future. There?s so much riding on it.?

[From Variety]

As I read more about the film, it feels like there?s one big ?tennis flaw? in the script the idea that Zendaya?s Tashi would be this amazing young player and everyone knew she was on the verge of becoming a superstar, AND she was putting that on hold to go to Stanford. That? rarely happens. I don?t think that?s ever happened in tennis?s open era. Someone as good as Tashi would have turned pro at 16/17, if not before. As for Zendaya becoming tennis-obsessed? I love it. I love the idea that she?s watching all of the YouTube highlights videos and doing deep dives into Serena Williams and Justin Henin?s rivalry. Some people have suggested that Zendaya might have even used Jelena Ostapenko as an inspo for some scenes. I HOPE SO!

This week?s Variety cover story:

?Challengers? Heats Up: How Zendaya?s Star Power and a Sexy Love Triangle Could Give Gen Z Its Next Movie Obsession

Variety (@Variety) April 24, 2024

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