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Celebrity News and Gossip
Hilary Duff Climbs A Wall, Looks Ultra Bootylicious While Doing So
Added 277 days agoSource: Popoholic
Hilary Duff Climbs A Wall, Looks Ultra Bootylicious While Doing So
Here’s uber hot mama Hilary Duff climbing one of those kid-friendly climbing walls at the Farmers Market in Studio City this past weekend, and putting on quite the booty show in her tight jeans while doing so… hoochie mama! Hot damn, what I would do to be one of those onlookers at the bottom of that wall. Hell, what I would do be her jeans! Alright, alright, enough nonsense… enjoy!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Margot Robbie & Tom Ackerley slipped away & got secretly married in Australia
Added 277 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Margot Robbie & Tom Ackerley slipped away & got secretly married in Australia
Margot Robbie is, by all accounts, a rather low-key and down-to-earth sort of woman. While she was promoting several movies this year, those are the stories we kept hearing: that she's the kind of person who will sleep on someone's floor, that she goes backpacking through Europe for fun, that she's not a high-maintenance princess. I sort of believe that. Another element to Margot's down-to-earth vibe is her years-long relationship with Tom Ackerley, a British assistant-director. They don't do red carpets together, but they're not actively looking to dodge the paparazzi either. Anyway, there were rumors last year that Tom and Margot had gotten engaged. She never really breathed a word about it this year though. And now it seems like Margot and Tom just got secretly married in Australia!

Margot Robbie has married boyfriend Tom Ackerley at a secret location in Byron Bay. The 26-year old actress arrived home in a suggestive Say ‘I Do’ Down Under T-shirt last week at Gold Coast airport. The Daily Telegraph reported that she wed over the weekend.

Tipping the publication off, were pictures of her brother Cameron at their wedding party with four of her friends, and other images posted by Tom’s brother James. The article suggested James posted from a renowned wedding venue Harvest Newrybar in Byron Bay on Sunday. While other guests have kept a low profile on social media, the publication suggested a friend of the star, which they chose to not name, posted a secretive snap of an intimate beachside location set up for a wedding.

Having now tied the knot with her filmmaker partner of three years after being engaged earlier this year, the happy couple are yet to post their own snaps from the wedding. While The Sun have also reported on the union, suggesting Margot’s mother Sarie gave her away at the wedding, as she is estranged from her father Doug. Her other siblings Lachlan and Anya were assumed to also be in attendance, with her sister believed to be her maid of honour on the special day. Cameron, who flew back to Queensland on Saturday, was tagged in a photo at their wedding party with four of her friends.

[From The Daily Mail]

I like this. Just slip away and get married on a pretty beach somewhere, with your family and maybe a handful of friends as witnesses. Margot is Australian, so I assume her family helped her put together the wedding, although it doesn't sound like it was some big to-do. I hope Tom's family and friends got to come out too!

Oh, and last week it was announced that Margot will be getting a stand-alone Harley Quinn movie from the same guy who directed her in Suicide Squad. The film will be called Gotham City Sirens.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.

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Denzel Washington on Oscar unfairness, lack of diversity: 'I?ve lived it'
Added 278 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Denzel Washington on Oscar unfairness, lack of diversity: 'I?ve lived it'
Denzel Washington is generally believed to be one of America's greatest actors, if not one of the greatest actors of all time. He already has two Oscars, a Supporting Actor Oscar for Glory and a Best Actor Oscar for Training Day. He also got four other Oscar nominations, for roles in the films The Hurricane, Malcolm X, Flight and Cry Freedom. Most people believe that Denzel will probably get nominated for another Oscar for Fences, which he directed and stars in, although I'm not sure if he'll be nominated for Best Director. I think there's a good chance he'll be nominated for Best Actor though, considering he already won a Tony for playing the same role.

What's my point' I don't even know. Like, I think Denzel has been well-rewarded during his Hollywood career, although I do believe he probably could have and should have won more awards along the way. Is that a racial issue' Again, I don't know. During the Sony Hack, we learned that studio executives believed that Denzel's movies don't sell overseas because of his race, and that perception affects the kinds of films he's offered, which of course affects which awards he's up for. That being said, Denzel has never really participated in the #OscarsSoWhite conversations so we don't know how he really feels about all of this. Until now' Denzel sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes to promote Fences and he was asked about #OscarsSoWhite and diversity.

Denzel Washington doesn't have to think about whether the Oscars are unfair when recognizing diverse talent ' because he's lived it.

'I don't have to think about it, I've lived it. I've been the guy at the Oscars without my name being called' when my name is called' when everybody thought they was going to call my name and they didn't,' Washington said to CBS' Bill Whitaker during an interview on Sunday night's 60 Minutes.

The 61-year-old Oscar winner, who won for his roles in Training Day and Glory, addressed those who think the Academy's selection process is unfair.

'Yeah, and so what' You going to give up' If you're looking for an excuse, you'll find one,' he responded, adding that you can find excuses 'wherever you like. Can't live like that. Just do the best you can do.'

[From People]

Looking at Denzel's Oscar-nomination history provided me with some clues to what he's referencing ' I think when he was up for Malcolm X, a lot of people thought he was going to win' But he didn't ' he lost to Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman. He was probably told that he was going to win for The Hurricane too, but that Oscar went to Kevin Spacey for American Beauty. So, yeah, he's lost to white actors. But he also beat white actors when he did pick up his two Oscars. So I still don't know. I think it’s too simplistic to go with the message of “just keep your head down and worry about your own work,” because actors of color have tried doing that and we still had two years in a row of #OscarsSoWhite. So I would love to hear more from Denzel about the state of Hollywood today, but then again' maybe he's too busy working to comment, which is great.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Kim Kardashian thought about divorcing Kanye before his nervous breakdown
Added 278 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kim Kardashian thought about divorcing Kanye before his nervous breakdown
If and when Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West, I do think that the big mic-drop moment/harbinger will be the story on People Magazine, where a source boldly announced that Kim 'currently has no imminent plans to file for divorce.' That story came out in the wake of Kanye West's meeting with Donald Trump at Trump Tower, and it came after several rough months for the Kardashian-West family. I think they'll keep it together through the holidays. But beyond that, it's anyone's guess. I also believe that People Magazine is getting the dirtier/truthier leaks from Kamp Kardashian, as opposed to the leaks going to E! News, the Kardashians' home network. If and when Kim files, People Magazine will probably report it first. And Kim will probably do her first interview with People. I can't believe I'm actually talking this way, but here we are. Anyway, this is the latest leak to People Magazine:

The past three months have been a trying time for Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye, but a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE that the power duo's marriage was strained even before the rapper was hospitalized at the end of November.

'The divorce rumors come from before he had the breakdown. She didn't know what was up with him and they weren't spending time together. She didn't realize it was a mental breakdown,' the source tells PEOPLE.

On Oct. 3, Kardashian West, 36, was held at gunpoint and robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry in her No Address Hotel room during Paris Fashion Week. Seven weeks later, West, 39, was hospitalized for exhaustion after canceling his Saint Pablo tour. Throughout the week that West was hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center, his wife made it a priority to be by his side, including Thanksgiving when she went to the hospital in the morning to visit him and remained by his side for a few hours.

Although Kardashian West's robbery in October was an 'added stress' to their relationship, the source says that 'splitting is not even a point of discussion' between the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and musician.

'Truly no truth behind divorce rumors,' the source tells PEOPLE. 'It's not something she would divorce him over.'

[From People]

Well' yeah, she's not going to divorce him because she was robbed in Paris. She's not going to divorce him because he had a nervous breakdown either. She's going to divorce him because A) he's still not around for her or the kids, B) he seems to be actively pushing away any support system they could offer him, C) he seems to be getting worse, as evidenced by that Trump meeting and D) he isn't taking this seriously. He isn't taking his mental health seriously, he isn't taking Kim's post-trauma issues seriously and he isn't taking the divorce rumors seriously. It's getting bad, folks.

Meanwhile, People Mag also had a story about Kanye 'conquering' his mental health issues. Sources say he's getting better every day but that this is something he'll be dealing with for the rest of his life. Sure. Look at these photos and tell me that with a straight face.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.

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Kaley Cuoco Busting Out Big Time At The 'Why Him?' Premiere
Added 278 days agoSource: Popoholic
Kaley Cuoco Busting Out Big Time At The 'Why Him?' Premiere
Here’s The Big Bang Theory star/ultra hot babe Kaley Cuoco looking like a doll and doing what she does best at this past weekend’s Why Him' Hollywood premiere. Oh, and just in case you’re clueless and/or partially blind, what this babe does best is bust out her drool-inducing/awesome/huge/fake bosom… hoochie mama! Enjoy the show!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Blake Lively Drops A Ton Of Cleavage At Ryan Reynolds' Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony' WOW!
Added 278 days agoSource: Popoholic
Blake Lively Drops A Ton Of Cleavage At Ryan Reynolds' Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony' WOW!
Ryan Reynolds was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this past weekend, and he totally deserves it just for Deadpool and for being Canadian if you ask me. But forget about him. Let’s focus on his lovely wife, Blake Lively, who also attended… and busted out her huge/perfect cleavage as if she were getting a star as well… sweet baby Jesus! Does she looks amazing or what!' And her curves in that dress are off the freaking chart! And back to her awesome cleavage show… good lord! Alright, enjoy the photos and check out the rest after the jump!

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