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Ryan Reynolds is taking a sabbatical for his kids: 'I really enjoy being a present dad'
Added 947 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ryan Reynolds is taking a sabbatical for his kids: 'I really enjoy being a present dad'
In October, Ryan Reynolds finished filming Spirited, his modern, musical version of A Christmas Carol with Will Farrell and Octavia Spencer. When the film wrapped, he posted it to Instagram along with the announcement that he?s taking a ?sabbatical from movie making.? Since then, his film Red Notice opened which had enough star power to get a huge promotional junket, so it feels like he?s been everywhere. Plus, I just saw Free Man so that also makes me feel like I?ve been inundated with Ryan lately. But if Ryan is really taking a break, that means that after Spirited is released, we won?t see him for a while. Recently, Ryan opened up as to why he?s stepping away. It?s to be a more ?present dad? to his three daughters. And that?s a pretty good reason.

Ryan Reynolds is opening up about why he decided to take a break from acting.

The Deadpool actor, 45, spoke with LinkedIn News Senior Editor at Large Jessi Hempel, who asked about the actors sabbatical.

Well, Ive done a lot of [acting], Reynolds said in the video interview, published Monday, adding that hes extremely passionate about his creative agency Maximum Effort, which he co-founded in 2018, and software platform MNTN, where he serves as the Chief Creative Officer. MNTN acquired Maximum Effort in June.

Reynolds continued, The biggest thing for me, and I know you have kids as well, is that I dont want to miss this time with my kids.

The actor ? who shares daughters James, 6, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, with wife Blake Lively ? also shared why this is the perfect time for him to take a break.

When Im shooting a film, Im oftentimes in Europe, Im away, there are incredibly long hours, its a ton of constant, kind of requirement to be there the whole time ? not just because Im performing but Im also generally producing and writing on my movies as well, he said.

They tend to chew and blow bubbles with every aspect of my life when Im shooting a film, he added. So allowing myself to step away right away, its sort of the perfect time. Not just for my family but for MNTN and for Maximum Effort, to just kind of focus on those for a little while.

Reynolds later said he simply wants to live life like a normal human, stating, I want my kids to have a pretty normal schedule. For many years when my wife Blake would shoot a film, I would not shoot a film and I would be with the kids and vice versa. So we would sort of trade off. We never really worked at the same time. But always we were away. So the kids were away too.

That lifestyle has become challenging as their children get older, he explained. Now that theyre in school, they have a somewhat normal schedule. I think its totally important for their development and I really enjoy being a present dad. I love taking them to school in the morning, I love picking them up. I love that I have the hours in between to focus on the things that Im really passionate about like MNTN and Maximum Effort, Reynolds said. It is a juggling act.?

[From People]

All things being equal, school is when things really shift to child-oriented lives for parents (if they weren?t already). We travelled all the time before we had to adhere to school schedules. Prices, lack of crowds, flexibility ? it was so much better. So I understand why Ryan crammed so much in while he could and is hitting pause now. It makes sense. And honestly, good for him. It would be really easy to keep going while assuming there will always be time after the next project. But the time to truly be present can get away from anyone. I think he?ll be glad he took this breather. He can make movies during summer break. Or find a local project.

Like I said, that?s all things being equal, though, which they decidedly are not in Ryan?s case. He has very wisely set his family up financially, so he has no problem taking time off from making movies. In addition to MNTN software and his Maximum Effort creative agency, he?s got Aviator Gin and his stake in Mint Mobile. Even if he?s an active partner in all of those, he can do those jobs from an office and still be a present parent to his girls. I admire Ryan for diversifying, especially if it allows him to make the personal choices he wants to. I also think it?s not a bad time for Ryan to maybe step back. I really like Ryan but like Jennifer Lawrence said, people can get sick of you if you?re everywhere for an extended period. Ryan and Blake Lively have done a lot to reinvent themselves ? and for the record I think it?s honest growth for them. Now is a good time to let those favorable impressions simmer with the public.

Photo credit: Avalin Red and InStar Images

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Blake Shelton on people saying he's a lazy deadbeat husband: 'The truth is, I am'
Added 947 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Blake Shelton on people saying he's a lazy deadbeat husband: 'The truth is, I am'
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani got married in Oklahoma back in July. By all accounts, Gwen organized and planned everything and Blake was very happy to let her do her own thing. The wedding photos made everything look a lot nicer than I expected Gwen?s Vera Wang dresses were pretty but not over-the-top. There was tons of food. Kids and dogs were included. Golf carts were utilized. Blake appeared on The Ellen Show this week and he?s still got that newlywed glow, honestly. I?m left with the impression that he?s happy as can be with Gwen, and he talked a lot about their wedding and how great it was:

On Gwen planning the wedding: At one point, I was saying in an interview, Were letting Gwen do whatever she wants for the wedding. And then some writer wrote, Well, oh, look, hes already a lazy deadbeat husband.? But the truth is: I am. What do I know about that stuff? Of course it was her and her vision. And all I had to do was drink and kiss Gwen Stefani, I mean, my God. The greatest gig Ive ever had.

Their wedding had less than 20 guests. Thats exactly what it needed to be.?

He?s been buying her lots of Christmas gifts: He said he tells her not to get him anything, but there ends up being a pile of crap this tall of gifts. Literally today I got on the phone with the internet company because they thought there was credit card fraud because I kept going back to this website buying her more stuff. Im getting her a bunch of stuff. I dont know that shes going to like any of it but its going to look good in the wrapping paper, you know?

Gwen?s wedding vows: The thing that got to me was she spoke about my [late] brother and my dad as if she had known them almost. She didnt make it seem that way, but it felt that way as she was speaking about them. She said she wished they were there and what kind of men she thinks they mustve been. Man, it hit me. Like, I couldnt believe how hard it hit me. I felt like at this point, Ive kind of gotten calloused. I guess Im not because that absolutely slayed me. Its hard to even remember what else she even said. Ill never forget that feeling.

[From People]

The quote about Gwen?s vows is actually from a People interview he did about a month ago, I just hadn?t seen that quote before now, that?s why I included it. If you watch the video (below), you can see how happy Blake seems. He really adores Gwen and he seems so proud of her and being married to her.

He also jokes about not inviting his work-wife, Adam Levine, to his wedding because Adam told Ellen that he doesn?t support Gwen and Blake?s marriage, because Gwen is cool and Blake isn?t.

Photos courtesy of Gwen?s Instagram, cover courtesy of People.

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