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Leighton Meester isn't interested in Goop's V-steams, the V is 'self-cleaning'
Added 279 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Leighton Meester isn't interested in Goop's V-steams, the V is 'self-cleaning'
I've always liked Leighton Meester. She seems very real to me, as in she's a celebrity who genuinely seems grounded and authentic. She doesn't seem to go in for celebrity-fads, whether it's dieting or exercise or fashion or steam-cleaning one's va-jayjay. In a new interview with Byrdie, Leighton talked politics, sexism, diets and' whether or not she would ever try Gwyneth Paltrow's recommendation for a V-steam. You can read the full piece here at Byrdie. Some highlights:

The political mood: 'I feel like every time I open my phone and look at the news or listen to the radio, it's about really sad, depressing things' It's a crazy time. Sometimes it's challenging having the news on constantly, but at least we can see for ourselves what's going on.'

Women's rights & the environment: 'The thing that gets all the attention is 'women's right are humans rights,' and that's certainly a true statement. Maybe some people are mistaken that sexism is gone and that women are treated equally, but we're not. ' That said, I do think people will fight for [those] rights. I'm not saying we should take these issues for granted. But I think what can't be as easily defended is the environment, and people are doing irreparable damage. ' It's pretty unbelievable that there are people out there who don't think so. They just ignore the facts, and that's pretty scary. Four years: Maybe we don't have that long.'

Her diet: 'I'm never hard on myself when it comes to what I'm eating. I usually just go with my gut ' what I want, what I feel like, and what's easy. To get through the day, I usually need to give myself little treats. So I'll eat chocolate, or I'll drink coffee. When I go to bed, I'm excited about coffee in the morning.'

When asked if she would ever V-steam: 'What'! What is that'' When it's explained to Leighton that Goop claims the V-steam 'balances female hormone levels,' Meester is genuinely horrified. 'I personally don't feel like you should be adding anything into your vagina'it's self-cleaning,' she says, deadpan. 'We're fine; I'm going to say neither on the vag steam.'

On Goop's 'grapefruit diet' and bee-sting therapy: 'I don't know what that is either,' she says of Paltrow's other favorite treatment, which involves the use of bee venom to reduce inflammation and scarring on the face. 'That sounds like something from My Strange Addiction. It just doesn't seem right.'

[From Byrdie]

Some sites are using Leighton's quotes as some kind of celebrity-beef, like Leighton vs. Gwyneth. I don't think Leighton gives a sh-t about Gwyneth. I think Leighton was asked about V-steams and she just gave her opinion, which is that they are absolutely absurd. That's the normal reaction across the board to Gwyneth's promotions of ridiculous fake science. As for what Leighton says about politics' I get what she's trying to say and I understand that she was trying to frame her statement the right way. She's not saying sexism and women's rights are unimportant, she's just hoping that people can get behind fighting for the environment in a similar way. We can care about many issues all at once and I think she's saying we should care about all of these things at once.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Kristen Stewart: 'You?re not confused if you?re bisexual. It's not confusing at all'
Added 279 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kristen Stewart: 'You?re not confused if you?re bisexual. It's not confusing at all'
For the most part, Kristen Stewart has avoided defining her sexuality. I take her actions and relationships at face value, which is what she has recommended doing when she said 'Google me, I'm not hiding.' She's had relationships with men (Sparkles!) and over the past four years, she's had a string of relationships with women. She's never really 'come out' or done an interview specifically where she's explained her views on her bisexuality/sexuality' nor does she need to. The 'google me, I'm not hiding' covered all of that rather brilliantly. That being said, she half-joked about her sexuality in her SNL monologue a few weeks back when she called herself 'so gay.' But according to Kristen, in a new Guardian interview, she defines her sexuality in more nebulous terms. Some highlights from The Guardian piece:

She's just playing herself in every movie: 'I can be nothing other than myself. I know actors who say: 'Oh, this role had nothing to do with me, it's just the character'. And I think: 'Yeah, but it is your interpretation of the character.' Because you can never get away from being you. That's always going to be there. That's the persistency of life. An interaction with a good director might bring you closer to aspects of yourself that might have been less apparent before. But it's still about self. It's still all about me.'

She's so hard: 'I feel curious about who I would be if I had gone to university. Because I worked pretty f–king hard in high school. And sometimes I feel pissed off at my own inferiority. Because there's stuff I don't know. But then there's always stuff you don't know' And I still read a lot. My favourite author is John Steinbeck. East of Eden is my bible. I love Kerouac. Bukowski. In high school, I loved The Outsider.'

Being a high-profile LGBT actress: 'Well, yeah. And that's been nothing but positive. I mean, it's hard to talk about. I don't want to seem presumptuous, because everyone has their own experience. The whole issue of sexuality is so grey. I'm just trying to acknowledge that fluidity, that greyness, which has always existed. But maybe only now are we allowed to start talking about it.'

Whether she thinks being out-in-Hollywood is a big deal: 'Oh, I think things are changing. I mean, I don't think I would have approached my life differently if that hadn't been the case. But who knows' Individually we are all part of that change and so I can take some credit for it, I guess ' there's no reason why I should shy away from that. But all the prejudice; it's going for sure.' She reconsiders. 'I mean, yeah, it's definitely still there. People still have some horrendous f–king experiences. But it's cool that you don't have to nail everything down any more. That whole certainty about whether you're straight or gay or whatever. You're not confused if you're bisexual. It's not confusing at all. For me, it's quite the opposite.'

On Donald Trump tweeting about her in 2012: 'So it's probably the most fascinating, bizarre thing to have ever happened to me. To be personally called out by the future president. It's like I've become a piece of history.'

She recently pitched in on a benefit album for Planned Parenthood. 'And obviously that's all because of the person who I'm not even going to name. Because the truth is, he's terrifying. He's not funny at all.'

[From The Guardian]

In the past, I've had mixed feelings – or outright dislike – of how Kristen presented herself and her seemingly 'performative' awkwardness, but as it turns out, that awkward Twilight girl turned into a pretty woke swan. I continue to enjoy how matter-of-fact she is about her sexuality, and this is the biggest confirmation we've ever gotten about how she defines herself: 'You're not confused if you're bisexual. It's not confusing at all. For me, it's quite the opposite.' I think that certainty has made her more confident and more interesting. Look at our little lip-biter, you guys. She's all grown up! I'm proud of her.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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Gwen Stefani Gets Leggy In Fishnet Stockings And Knee-High Boots, Oh My!
Added 279 days agoSource: Popoholic
Gwen Stefani Gets Leggy In Fishnet Stockings And Knee-High Boots, Oh My!
Here’s my old high school crush, forty-seven year old Gwen Stefani, looking absolutely stunning and not a day older than thirty years old at this past weekend’s 2017 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, and making all the kids and grownups blush thanks to her drop dead sexy leg show in naughty fishnet stockings and knee-high boots… wowzers! Now that’s one way to speed up puberty, eh' And make grown men cry like babies! Hot damn, she’s still ridiculously hot. And nobody look hotter in fishnets than she does. Alright, enough gushing… enjoy the photos!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Jennifer Lopez & A-Rod went on a no-kids vacation together to the Bahamas
Added 279 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Lopez & A-Rod went on a no-kids vacation together to the Bahamas
Jennifer Lopez is in love with love. Jennifer Lopez cannot be alone. Jennifer Lopez is incapable of being single for more than a month. Jennifer loves love so much that she often overlaps lovers and relationships just to ensure that she will never be alone. If Jennifer isn't overlapping relationships, she's simply moving on from one breakup to a new relationship in a matter of days. So tell me what you think happened between Drake, J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez' While some of you never believed that Drizzy and J-Lo were the real deal, she changed her New Year's plans to be with him. I think they were legit dating for a few months, but it fizzled out in January. WHY it fizzled out is up for debate – did Drake leave Jennifer to try his luck with a newly-single Nicki Minaj' Or was Drake simply a placeholder for Jennifer until she found her Forever Douchebag' _(')_/

Whatever happened, I think we can safely say that there was a lot of overlap. Jennifer started this thing with Alex Rodriguez when she was still technically dating Drake, and A-Rod was seemingly in a relationship too. Still, the overlaps are like the least offensive part of this. The most offensive part' The fact that Jennifer seems all-in with such a noted jackass within a matter of a few months. They're currently on vacation together.

They're on J-Cation. New couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are enjoying a romantic getaway at Bakers Bay Golf & Ocean Club, an exclusive, owners-only destination in the Bahamas, The Post has learned. The couple flew by private jet from Miami to Marsh Harbour on Friday night. At 9:30 p.m., they arrived at Harbour View Marina, where they were caught getting cozy on a power boat en route to their sequestered love nest. J-Rod are spending the weekend alone at a friend's home, according to a source familiar with their tropical canoodling.

'It's early days, but Jennifer and Alex are really into each other,' the source said.

The luxurious club, which sits on a seven-mile stretch of Great Guana Cay in the Abaco islands 150 miles off the Florida coast, is a favorite destination of the rich and famous. Celebrities known to vacation there include Reese Witherspoon, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bndchen.

Lopez, 47, and Rodriguez, 41, have been quietly dating for months, Page Six recently confirmed.

[From Page Six]

I wonder how Marc Anthony feels right about now' I've always believed he wanted her back, and I also believe he probably made a play for her, again, recently. And now he's got the kids for a weekend so J-Lo can canoodle with A-Rod in the Bahamas. Hm. As for how quickly this is all happening' is A-Rod 'the One'' By that I mean, it's been a while since Jennifer married a douchebag. Is Alex Rodriguez the new douchebag' Is he the long-awaited next husband' I have to give J-Lo some credit' at least she didn't marry Casper Smart. That's the only good thing I can say about that relationship. And she didn't marry Drake. So' she's due to make some terrible marriage mistake. And I think Alex Rodriguez is The One. It's either going to be the messiest thing ever or the cheesiest thing ever (or both).

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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Pink posts a makeup-free selfie with Baby Jameson and we all win
Added 279 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Pink posts a makeup-free selfie with Baby Jameson and we all win
Pink and Sia collaborated recently with Norwegian Production team, Stargate, for the new song Waterfall. I don't think I have ever not liked a Pink song but I don't always get hooked on them straight out of the gate. Some have to grow on me. Waterfall seems to be in this category. My daughter and I were somewhat nonplussed the first time we heard it. But I listened to it a second time for this post and I am already starting to warm to it. The vocals are beautiful. The song is getting mad love, though, which makes me happy because I always want Pink and Sia to succeed. I like them both as people so much. To celebrate the success of the song, Pink gave us this:

We just wanted to say "hey thanks!" To Sia and stargate and all the lovely humans showing us so much love for our little song on the radio. I love singing, I love Sia, I love this little guy and I'm stoked you all love it. Carry on…. TGIF #waterfall #love

A post shared by P!NK (@pink) on Mar 10, 2017 at 10:43pm PST

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Christina Hendricks Hides Her Huge Cleavage But Not Her Huge Booty
Added 279 days agoSource: Popoholic
Christina Hendricks Hides Her Huge Cleavage But Not Her Huge Booty
Here’s Christina Hendricks not unleashing her ginormous cleavage like she normally does, but she’s still managing to dropping my jaw to the floor and induce a drool-fest by doing something we hardly ever see her do, and that’s showing off her huge booty… good lord! Yeah, I’m all about the Hendricks super cleavage, but I totally dig that huge booty as well. Big time! And to be fair… she’s still busting out some of her ginormous bosom, woohoo! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Christina Hendricks photos
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More Boobtastic And Bootylicious Emily Ratajkowski Bikini Pictures, Woohoo!
Added 279 days agoSource: Popoholic
More Boobtastic And Bootylicious Emily Ratajkowski Bikini Pictures, Woohoo!
This past Friday I posted a gazillion drool-inducing bikini photos of model/actress/my future wife Emily Ratajkowski that left you all (and that goes for me as well) drooling like a brain-dead zombie. Well, the drool-fest continues today because here are a bunch of photos that Emily posted on her Instagram featuring her sexy little self, and especially her massive boobs and her bootylicious booty in the same skimpy little bikini… thank you baby Jesus! And thank you Emily, for the photos. And for the ridiculously drop dead sexy bikini body. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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