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Michelle Williams will campaign as lead actress, not supporting, for 'The Fabelmans'
Added 671 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Michelle Williams will campaign as lead actress, not supporting, for 'The Fabelmans'
Here are some photos of Michelle Williams at the Toronto International Film Festival, at the TIFF premiere of The Fabelmans. The Fabelmans is a barely-fictionalized account of Steven Spielberg?s childhood and family, and Michelle plays a version of Spielberg?s mother, who was musical, artistic and always encouraged him to follow his dreams of making movies. Michelle has spoken before about what an honor it was to be offered the role, to be directed by Spielberg as she played a version of his mother. Here?s the trailer for the movie:

It looks good and dare I say, very self-referential on Spielberg?s part. As in, he?s almost exclusively referencing his own oeuvre. Anyway, it?s clear that he still has a boyish idea of his parents as larger-than-life figures, and it?s also clear that Michelle is giving an awards-bait performance. The Fabelmans was produced under the Universal banner, and Universal was prepared to put a lot of money into Michelle?s Oscar campaign. But here?s the kicker: the studio wanted to submit Michelle for Best Supporting Actress. Now Michelle says that she?s submitting herself in the lead actress categories:

Not every race is what it seems, and so it goes with the first category decision of the season. Variety has confirmed Michelle Williams? work as the piano-playing mother in Steven Spielberg?s ?The Fabelmans? will be campaigned for the Oscars in best actress, instead of supporting as many pundits had speculated.

The film, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, won the prestigious People?s Choice Award and became the undisputed frontrunner in the early days of the awards season. One of the highlights of the cast was Williams? turn as Mitzi Fabelman, a lover of the arts who serves as an inspiration for her filmmaking son Sammy (played by newcomer Gabrielle LaBelle).

The acclaim for the semi-autobiographical story of Spielberg?s childhood was palpable in Toronto, with many seeing Williams? turn as a sure-fire ticket to her fifth career Oscar nomination, perhaps even a highly probable winner in supporting actress. The supporting actress field is now wide open for any of the cast from Sarah Polley?s ?Women Talking,? such as Jessie Buckley or Claire Foy.

Can Williams top the two presumed actress frontrunners, Michelle Yeoh, from ?Everything Everywhere All at Once? or Cate Blanchett from ?Tar??

It?s still up in the air whether Paul Dano, as Sammy?s father, will similarly campaign for leading attention. Co-star Judd Hirsch received the lion?s share of attention and could become the second-oldest performer ever nominated in supporting actor at 87.

[From Variety]

Usually, category fraud goes in the other direction an actor will give a performance which is clearly more of a lead role, and they?ll put themselves up for supporting actor awards because they think it will be easier to win. A lot of cases of category fraud are not even the actors? calls though, it?s the studios making decisions about what kind of campaign they will pay for and how the film is promoted. This specific case, with Michelle, reads to me like the studio was on the fence and they were prepared to finance her supporting-actress campaign, but Michelle saw the film, saw her screen time and decided ?nope, I?m the lead.? It?s bold and it feels like she?s proudly gambling on herself. I?m proud of her for declaring herself the lead like that.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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Kaley Cuoco makes fun of Pete Davidson for wearing a hoodie to their premiere
Added 671 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Kaley Cuoco makes fun of Pete Davidson for wearing a hoodie to their premiere
Last summer, Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson filmed a movie called Meet Cute, which premiered on Peacock yesterday. There were quite a few pap photos of them filming together in New York and Kaley split from her husband around the same time, so there was idle speculation Kaley and Pete would date in real life too, but that never materialized. So I guess theyre just friendly costars who gently roast each other? The two of them attended a premiere earlier this week and while Kaley looked cocktail cute in a sparkly dress, Pete looked like he rolled off his couch in a hoodie and sweatpants.

Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson had two very different fashion looks as they headed to their movie premiere.

Ahead of their new film together ? Meet Cute, which debuts on Peacock Wednesday ? the pair stepped out on Tuesday night in New York City.

Cuoco, 36, looked radiant in a metallic blazer dress and black strappy heels, which she accessorized with a gold sequin clutch.

Davidson, meanwhile, went with a much more casual look for the 28-year-olds first public appearance since his split from Kim Kardashian last month.

Davidson wore a white hoodie, green pants, and sneakers, completing the outfit with sunglasses.

Im glad Pete dressed up for the occasion. That is so bad, Cuoco jokingly told Entertainment Tonight. She then looked over at her costar and repeated the comment to him.

Im really glad you dressed up tonight, The Flight Attendant star said, as he looked over his outfit with a smile before continuing to pose for photographers.

In Meet Cute, Cuoco plays Sheila, who uses a time-traveling machine to relive her love-at-first-sight dates with Gary, played by Davidson. Sheila, though, wants their nights to be even more perfect in her eyes, traveling again and again to Garys past to try to change him into her ideal man.

[From People]

So is Pete so depressed about breaking up with Kim that he only wears sweats now? Just kidding! Kaley joked to reporters and to Pete himself about his outfit. I couldnt find a video to hear her tone, but in my mind it was a little pointed because it really is so bad! Its annoying that Kaley is all dolled up and hes out there looking like a schlub. Some of the coverage described Pete as wearing a hoodie and green pants, but thats giving the latter too much credit because those are definitely sweats, elastic ankles and all. Theyre not even nice or matching sweats either. Would it have killed him to throw on a button down and jeans? Its just a premiere for a streaming movie, but a little effort from him to match his co-lead would have been nice. I feel like men get away with this often and its annoying.

The movie looks kind of funny and Ill check it out this weekend. Theres one scene in the trailer where theyre talking in Panna or Panna II about the time travel and he smiles and nods and that was the first time I saw his appeal. But there are some beats in the trailer where I cant tell if its supposed to be a rom-com or a thriller. Probably a rom-com, but a thriller would be interesting and did anyone else get that vibe from the music and that quick-cut montage? Also, I kind of call BS on the names Gary and Sheila for two millennials. Ive never met a Sheila my age. But otherwise, the movie looks good!

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A post shared by Kaley Cuoco (@kaleycuoco)

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