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Katie Couric: 'What I realized is that there was a side of Matt I never really knew'
Added 1009 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Katie Couric: 'What I realized is that there was a side of Matt I never really knew'
Katie Couric?s memoir, Going There, has been leaked out in dribs and drabs, and all of the excerpts are appalling. There are layers to the offense: Couric?s words are genuinely offensive, as she seems to still be an out-of-touch Mean Girl who hates women and capes for sexual predators like Matt Lauer. The other layer of offensive is that as she was writing the book, she didn?t seem to understand how bad she sounded and how people would be appalled by her ?story.? Her promotion for the memoir thus far has been Couric trying to do damage control on her own words, because clearly it?s too late to rewrite the damn book. So we?re supposed to forget about how Couric actually admitted (in the book) that she had knowledge of Lauer sexually harassing women in the NBC offices, and she?s trying to change the subject about how she was super-stunned to learn that Lauer is actually this vile predator. So? Couric was on the Today Show this morning and she said many words:

(I enjoy the fact that Savannah Guthrie seems to be SEETHING in that video.)

Here?s part of what Couric said to Today:

Tuesday, reflecting on when the news broke of sexual harassment allegations against her on-air partner of nine years, Couric said on Today that it was really, really hard, and it took me a long time to process what was going on.

The side of Matt I knew was the side of Matt I think you all knew. He was kind, generous, considerate, a good colleague, she said. As I got more information and learned more about what was going on behind the scenes. And then I did some of my own reporting, talked to people, tried to excavate what had been going on. It was really devastating and also disgusting.

I think what I realized is that there was a side of Matt I never really knew. I tried to understand why he behaved the way he did, and why he was so reckless, and callous, and honestly abusive to other women, Couric said, adding that they have no relationship today.

[From People]

On one side, it?s not Katie Couric?s ?fault? that Matt Lauer was and is a predator who raped, harassed and abused women. That is his sh-t. And on that side, Couric is right about the ?permissive? atmosphere NBC News, like all newsrooms, is a boys club set up to protect men. Lauer was long considered ?the reason? why people tuned into Today, so NBC News gave him implicit permission to do whatever he wanted. But on the other side of all of that? Couric had knowledge of some (not all) of Lauer?s predatory behavior. And instead of using HER power to protect her female coworkers, she did nothing. And then gloated about Lauer?s victims? humiliation in her book. And now she?s trying to rewrite her own appalling memoir as she does promotion.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, screencap from Today.

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Jessica Simpson is about to buy the majority stake in her billion-dollar business
Added 1009 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jessica Simpson is about to buy the majority stake in her billion-dollar business
For years now, there?s been a lot of misinformation about Jessica Simpson?s business, her eponymous fashion and shoe line. I?ve seen comments on this very blog claiming that Jessica doesn?t own her business, that she just licensed her name out and other people do the work. That?s not the case. What is the case is that Sequential Brands Group owned a majority stake in Jessica?s brand, but she and her mother still owned 37.5% of the label. Considering Jessica was one of the first singer-celebrity-designers to have a big, successful mass-market label, Jessica has made A LOT of money from her brand, even without the majority stake in the company. And now? she and Tina are about to gain a majority stake, if not the whole company:

Jessica Simpson and her mother, Tina, are about to pull off the ultimate mother-daughter power move as they plot the next chapter for their billion-dollar brand, which has defied the odds and become one of fashion?s longest-running success stories.

For the past several months, Jessica and Tina, who currently own 37.5% of the brand they founded in 2005, have been negotiating with Sequential Brands Group Inc. to buy the remainder of the business. (The Simpsons declined to comment on whether the deal had been completed. Sequential bought the majority share from Camuto Group in 2015 but filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in August and has been rapidly selling off its portfolio.)

?It means the absolute world to me to be able to take over complete ownership of my brand,? Jessica told FN last week. ?After 16 years in business I feel ready to meet this next exciting phase with open arms. I know the sky is the limit when my mom, our incredible team and I lock into our customers completely.?

The watershed moment also brings a sense of pride to mom Tina, who said this has been the team?s main goal for some time. ?For all of our hard-working, talented, amazing licensing partners, to know Jessica is at the helm gives them strength and belief in the future. And for Jessica to regain control of her namesake brand, it allows her and I, alongside our amazing team, licensing and retail partners to build the legacy brand to carry on to her children and family,? she explained.

Currently, the Jessica Simpson women?s footwear line is licensed through Camuto Group as part of a long-term partnership, and will remain intact no matter who is the majority owner.

[From Footwear News]

I?m happy for her! I wonder if she and Tina have the money to buy it outright or if they?ve getting money from silent partners or investors. In any case, Jessica?s label is the most successful part of her portfolio, and in recent years, that?s where most of her efforts have gone too, towards designing and building the business. People make fun of Jessica?s line for not being high-class or high-fashion, but she makes cute, affordable things and I know there are a lot of people who quietly swear by the quality. Like, Jessica?s shoe line is supposed to be particularly good for the price range, and Jessica really cares about making cute, affordable, wearable things. She?s not trying to be high-fashion!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Angelina Jolie wore Balmain & brought her kids to 'The Eternals' premiere
Added 1009 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Angelina Jolie wore Balmain & brought her kids to 'The Eternals' premiere
The Eternals had its big world premiere in LA last night, and Angelina Jolie stole the show, rolling up to the carpet with five of her six children. Pax is the only missing Jolie-Pitt kid, and my guess is that he just opted out because he doesn?t really like to be photographed. Or maybe he had school? So we got to see Knox and Vivienne (who are 13), Zahara (16), Shiloh (15) and Maddox (20). Can?t believe she has all those teenagers and she?s still standing!

Angelina wore this Balmain look in a sludge/mud brown. I wish it had been brighter, but I appreciate that Angelina and the kids sort of coordinated their looks. People are calling this Balmain a ?dress? but I think it?s actually pants. Big, flowy pants. There?s some structure to the top part, and I think it?s basically a built-in bustier, and then there?s some half-sack fabric to make Angelina happy. Her jewelry is vintage Tiffany & Co. and Beladora. The Beladora piece is likely the chin-cuff. How does the chin-cuff make you feel?

As for the kids? I don?t know what designers they?re wearing except for Zahara. Zahara is wearing her mom?s old Elie Saab gown!! Angelina wore that Saab gown to the 2014 Oscars. It looks like Zahara and Angelina took it to a tailor and then made a few edits, but it looks lovely on Z. It feels like this is basically a confirmation that Zahara is the one pulling stuff out of her mom?s closet. I don?t think Shiloh and Vivienne can be bothered, they know their mom is pretty unstylish. Also: Shiloh in a dress! She?s such a tomboy, this is one of the few times we?ve seen her in a dress.

Embed from Getty Images

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