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Celebrity News and Gossip
Brooke Shields In Her Calvin's!!!
Added 359 days agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Brooke Shields In Her Calvin's!!!
I don’t know if I’ve ever done a post on Brooke Shields before, considering I’m pretty sure she was considered washed-up by the time I started this site. But I’m always willing to make an exception for any hottie looking to restart her career by posing in her underwear. So here’s Brooke looking pretty damn […]

28-Mar-2018 :Brooke Shields is on vacation and modeling bikinis
5-Oct-2014 :Brooke Shields Launches Signature Makeup Line for MAC Cosmetics
17-Apr-2014 :Brooke Shields gained 10 lbs following knee injury, couldn?t care less
27-Sep-2011 :Brooke Shields' Private Burlesque Party
19-May-2011 :Brooke Shields: 2011 amfAR Gala Gorgeous
7-Dec-2010 :Brooke Shields Has Seen Better Days
3-Jun-2010 :PETA inevitably blasts Brooke Shields for endorsing fur
2-Jun-2010 :Brooke Shields makes a custom fur coat, enthuses about wearing it all the...
27-Apr-2010 :Brooke Shields says being a mom helps you eat less
17-Nov-2009 :Brooke Shields on post-partum depression: I was suicidal
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Rihanna wore Prada at Paris 'Valerian' premiere: feathered showgirl costume'
Added 359 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Rihanna wore Prada at Paris 'Valerian' premiere: feathered showgirl costume'
Here are some photos from the Paris premiere of Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets last night. All of the people who attended the London premiere two nights ago attended this one, including Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Clive Owen and Dane DeHaan. Rihanna has been getting most of the attention at these premieres, even though her role is just supporting (Cara and Dane are the leads). I think Rih is fine with that – she seems to want the attention, which is why she?s been wearing a parade of WTF-gowns.

Rihanna wore Prada in Paris, having worn Giambattista Valli at the London and LA premieres. I?m grateful that this isn?t a maternity-esque ball gown-sack. I?m also grateful that this isn?t some kind of ballerina look. But is this Prada actually good? No. Not really. If it was on anyone else, it would look like a cheap showgirl costume. Because it?s on Rihanna, I?m obligated to give it one ?yaas queen? even with all of those feathers. Also: I like that Rihanna has no f–ks to give about putting on a little weight. Rihanna is not overweight or anything, but she?s gotten a bit thicker this year and she?s owning that sh-t. I love it.

As for Cara, she wore this Alexandre Vauthier Couture dress which I mistook for Burberry initially. It?s pretty. I would have liked to see Rihanna and Cara switch dresses, actually.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

14-Jun-2018 :Rihanna looked like a fancy baked potato in Poiret at the UK ?Ocean?s Eig...
6-Jun-2018 :Rihanna in Givenchy at the ?Ocean?s Eight? NYC premiere: gorgeous sack dr...
5-Jun-2018 :Rihanna apparently broke up with Hassan Jameel, ?she gets tired of men so...
8-May-2018 :Rihanna was the People?s Pope in Maison Margiela at the Met Gala
24-Jan-2018 :Cara Delevingne Works It Good
4-Dec-2017 :Rihanna won?t be doing trans-only castings for Fenty Beauty any time soon
20-Oct-2017 :Rihanna: ?I actually have had the pleasure of a fluctuating body type??
4-Oct-2017 :Cara Delevingne Has No Panties
20-Sep-2017 :Rihanna in a lavender Molly Goddard babydoll dress: tragic, twee or lovel...
15-Sep-2017 :Rihanna in Ralph & Russo at her Diamond Ball: lovely or unflattering?
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Heather Graham Still Insanely Sexy In A Tiny Bikini
Added 359 days agoSource: Popoholic
Heather Graham Still Insanely Sexy In A Tiny Bikini
Here’s a photo that one of my favorite celebrity babes of all time, forty-seven year old Heather Graham, just posted on her Instagram proving once again that she stopped aging at thirty years old, and that she still has one hell of a drop dead sexy body/tight in a tiny bikini… wowzers! I don’t know how she still looks that ridiculously hot or how her body looks like it did back in Boogie Nights, but I dig it. Hot damn do I ever! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Instagram

13-Feb-2018 :Heather Graham Looking All Kinds Of Ridiculously Hot And Busty
7-Feb-2018 :Heather Graham Ultra Cleavagy And Bootylicious In A Tiny Bikini
23-Jan-2018 :Heather Graham In Bed And Showing Off Her Massive Cleavage
18-Dec-2017 :Heather Graham Is Still Looking Good
20-Nov-2017 :Heather Graham Still Has An Insanely Sexy/Tight Bikini Body
2-Nov-2017 :Heather Graham Looking All Kinds Of Insanely Hot In Her Halloween Costume
12-Oct-2017 :Heather Graham: Harvey Weinstein implied sex-for-scripts in the early 200...
24-Aug-2017 :Heather Graham Still Looking Ridiculously Sexy In A Tiny Bikini
9-Aug-2017 :Heather Graham Tries To Look Older, Still Looks Ridiculously Hot And Youn...
4-Aug-2017 :Heather Graham Still Looking All Kinds Of Ridiculously Hot And Busty
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Kate Bosworth Puts On A Sexy Little Leg Show
Added 359 days agoSource: Popoholic
Kate Bosworth Puts On A Sexy Little Leg Show
Here’s one my favorite celebrity babes on the planet, Kate Bosworth, looking absolutely adorable and stunning and showing off a whole lot of her ultra sexy little legs at yesterday’s 2017 Summer TCA Tour presentation for The Long Road Home, and I don’t know about you guys, but I can stare at said sexy little legs until the cows come home. Oh, so can you? Good. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Getty

8-May-2018 :Kate Bosworth in Oscar de la Renta at the Met Gala: morose, saint-like?
14-Mar-2018 :Kate Bosworth Drops Some Impressing Cleavage Action
7-Nov-2017 :Kate Bosworth Looking All Kinds Of Adorably Hot And Chesty
5-May-2017 :Kate Bosworth Looking All Kinds Of Adorably Hot And Perky
12-Apr-2017 :Kate Bosworth Unleashes Her Sexy Little Curves
3-Feb-2017 :Kate Bosworth Exits Car, Puts On A Killer Leg Show While Doing So
3-Aug-2016 :Kate Bosworth Gets Ultra Leggy And Boobtastic, Oh My!
8-Jun-2016 :Kate Bosworth Musters Up Some Sexy Cleavage
22-Apr-2016 :Kate Bosworth Looking All Kinds Of Stunningly Hot
5-Apr-2016 :Drop Dead Sexy Kate Bosworth Bikini Pictures? Hell Yeah!
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Amber Heard Flashes Some Bikini Bosom And Booty Action
Added 359 days agoSource: Popoholic
Amber Heard Flashes Some Bikini Bosom And Booty Action
Here’s a photo that Amber Heard just posted on her Instagram featuring her sexy little self taking a dip in the ocean and teasing her bikini bosom and her booty curves in a thong bikini… hoochie mama! Yeah, I know, we’re not getting anywhere near enough booty action, but we’re at least getting some booty curves and bikini thong action, and considering it’s coming from Amber Heard, it’s enough induce a drool-fest, so… enjoy!

Photo Credit: Instagram

11-Jul-2018 :Amber Heard Looking All Kind Of Stunningly Sexy And Braless
5-Jul-2018 :Amber Heard tweeted a racist stereotype about an ICE checkpoint in LA
25-Jun-2018 :Amber Heard Struts Her Ultra Sexy Body And Curves
18-Jun-2018 :Amber Heard As Mera From Aquaman Will Knock Your Socks Off!
6-Jun-2018 :Amber Heard Shows Off Her Cute Little Booty In A Skimpy Swimsuit? WOW!
22-May-2018 :Amber Heard Unleashes Sexy Little Curves
18-May-2018 :Amber Heard Busting Out Her Bustier Bosom? WOW!
14-May-2018 :Amber Heard Puts On A Drool-Inducing Leg Show? WOW!
11-May-2018 :Amber Heard in bold, graphic Valentino in Cannes: stunning or cartoonish?
11-May-2018 :Amber Heard Busts Out All Of Her Sexy Braless Cleavage? WOW!
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Kate Upton's Massive Bosom Spilling Out Of Her Tiny Bikini Top' Yes Please!
Added 359 days agoSource: Popoholic
Kate Upton's Massive Bosom Spilling Out Of Her Tiny Bikini Top' Yes Please!
Here are some photos that model/actress/uber babe Kate Upton posted on her Instagram the other day letting us know how swell her luxurious vacation in Italy in going, and how ridiculously sexy and drool-inducing her massive boobs look while lying on her side in a tiny bikini… good lord! They’re literally about to pop out of said tiny bikini, eh? And they’re not the only ones about to pop. Booya! Enjoy the show!

Photo Credit: Instagram

16-Jul-2018 :Kate Upton Is Pregnant And Already Busting Out A Megaton Of Epic Cleavage...
23-Mar-2018 :Kate Upton?s Funbags In A Bikini, For The Weekend
6-Mar-2018 :Kate Upton Is Blowing My Pants Off
1-Mar-2018 :Kate Upton Busts Out Big Time
26-Feb-2018 :Kate Upton Unleashing Her Ginormous Super Bosom Like A Boss!
22-Feb-2018 :Kate Upton Struts Her Sexy Legs In Skin-Tight Jeans
16-Feb-2018 :Kate Upton Busts Out Her Ginormous Super Cleavage For The 2018 Sports Ill...
15-Feb-2018 :Kate Upton Topless Goodness
17-Jan-2018 :Kate Upton Drops A Massive Cleavage Bomb In Naughty Lingerie
15-Jan-2018 :Kate Upton?s Funbags Are Back And Better Than Ever
Kate Upton photos
Kate Upton videos
Kate Upton news

Jessica Biel Gets Busty Hot And Curvalicious For Jimmy Fallon
Added 359 days agoSource: Popoholic
Jessica Biel Gets Busty Hot And Curvalicious For Jimmy Fallon
Here are some promo photos for Jessica Biel?s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and judging by the photos her appearance definitely is a must-see (to be fair, it always is) thanks to her stunning hotness and her busty (bustier?) bosom and awesome booty curves in a groovy bodysuit, woohoo! Oh, and it looks like she got up to play a game of charades, which means I’ll be posting the video as soon as it’s released because I’m sure we’re going to get some booty shots. Until then, enjoy the photos!

Photo Credit: Getty

17-Jul-2018 :Jessica Biel shuttered her terrible LA restaurant Au Fudge after two awfu...
13-Jul-2018 :Jessica Biel Puts On A Sexy Leg Show In Skin-Tight Jeans
16-Mar-2018 :Jessica Biel Flexes Her Awesome Bootylicious Booty
1-Feb-2018 :Jessica Biel Showing Off Her Hipster Hotness
31-Jan-2018 :Jessica Biel?s Ultra Fit And Sexy Body In Skin-Tight Workout Attire
26-Jan-2018 :Jessica Biel Looking All Kinds Of Stunningly Hot And Leggy
15-Jan-2018 :Jessica Biel Shows Off Her Ultra Fit And Sexy Body
12-Jan-2018 :Jessica Biel Works Out Her Ultra Fit And Bootylicious Body
8-Jan-2018 :Jessica Biel Gets Chesty And Stunningly Sexy At The Golden Globe Awards
5-Jan-2018 :Jessica Biel Leggy And Ultra Sexy In Naughty Knee-High Socks
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