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Emily Ratajkowski Is Still Flaunting Her Bikini Body
Added 5 years agoSource: HollywoodTuna
Emily Ratajkowski Is Still Flaunting Her Bikini Body
Yes, once again its The Queen of Instagram Emily Ratajkowski doing her daily grind and posting hot pictures of herself in a bikini. Ill never get tired of this. I just hope she keeps it going for another 3 years until she reaches 30. After that, she will need to retire because she will be []

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Jada Pinkett Smith on Willow's cutting: 'Give children space to deal with their shadow'
Added 5 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jada Pinkett Smith on Willow's cutting: 'Give children space to deal with their shadow'
When I read the headline on Jada Pinkett Smith talking about Willow cutting herself, I felt so sorry for Willow. That sounds awful, but more than that Willow values her privacy. We know that she chose to step back from fame after the success of ?Whip My Hair? because her family has talked about it. I assumed Jada was violating Willow?s privacy yet again, but it turns out that Willow, 17, opened up earlier this year about cutting herself, at age ten, when she was trying to cope with the pressures of fame. Willow told that story on her mother?s Facebook show, Red Table Talk, on an episode about loss which aired in the first season. Jada and her mom are promoting the second season, airing now, and Jada made these comments in a podcast interview with her mother.

Pinkett Smith ? who was accompanied by her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones ? revealed she and Willow, 17, had ?talked? about the moment after the teenager admitted on Red Table Talk she had been self-harming after achieving success with her 2010 single ?Whip My Hair.?

?I wanted to make sure she was okay,? Pinkett Smith said. ?We went through what happened and in the moment I realized as a mother you also have to give your children space to deal with their own shadow.?

?There?s lots of things that my mother didn?t know about me that she?s just finding out about me,? she added. ?Our kids don?t want to burden us.?

?I focused more on how she got herself out versus what got her there,? she said. ?I was most proud about that she could share it in the way she did, which let me know she had come through in a major way that she could put it on the table like that.?

?I wanted to focus on what [it was] that got her through,? the actress explained. ?I really talked to her about her powering side [sic] of her journey and give her all the praise in the world for that part instead of focusing on, ?Why didn?t you tell me??

[From People]

This episode isn?t available to download yet so I couldn?t confirm that Jada is saying that the first time Willow told her that she used to cut herself was seven years later, while they were taping their show. Jada words it like that, which makes me question why they still aired it. Jada?s quotes here are a bunch of platitudes and I?m still mad for Willow that she?s talking about it. However Willow turns 18 next week (on Halloween!) and it was her decision to make this public at least. She?s not a child anymore and her parents did respect her choice not to pursue a singing career. It sounds like it was hard fought.

photos credit: WENN

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