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Nicolas Cage will likely marry his young girlfriend of one year, Erika Koike
Added 91 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Nicolas Cage will likely marry his young girlfriend of one year, Erika Koike
These photos of Nicolas Cage made the rounds earlier this month. Cage was in Austria for the Vienna Hofburg, and he posed for photos with an assortment of businessmen and their wives. He also seemed to pose a lot with this young woman in the purple dress. Is this his girlfriend? I ask because there are not that many photos of Cage?s latest girlfriend, Erika Koike, and I think she might just be a shapeshifter who looks radically different with different hair. If this is Erika, here you go Cage has been dating her for about a year. No one knows much about her other than A) she?s much younger than Cage, who is 55 years old, and B) she?s a makeup artist. And now she might be Nicolas Cage?s fourth wife.

Nicolas Cage is ready for wife #4 hes asking the state of Nevada to greenlight a marriage to his GF in Las Vegas, no less. According to court record, Nic applied Saturday for a marriage license in Clark County, and he listed his new-ish girlfriend, Erika Koike, as the second party. Nic lives in Sin City, BTW and his marriage license is valid for one year from the time its approved.

Nick and Erika have been together since April 2018. They were seen hanging out in Puerto Rico at the time while Nic filmed a new movie although, not much more is known about his potential bride-to-be. She appears to be a makeup artist with at least one credit on IMDb.

[From TMZ]

I actually had to backtrack and search my memory for all of Cage?s prior relationships and marriages. Alice Kim was his third wife, and that arguably seemed like the most stable marriage and relationship in his history. They were together for more than a decade, and they have a 14-year-old son together. Cage was also briefly married to Lisa Marie Presley, and he was married to Patricia Arquette (something I forgot about completely).

So, do we find this shady? Or no? I think Cage is probably a giant mess in his personal life and this young woman looks like she?ll take him to the cleaners, but joke?s on her, I don?t think he has much money anymore. So maybe it?s true love!!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Nicolas Cage photos
Nicolas Cage news

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Mandy Moore Looking All Kinds Of Ultra Cute And Busty!
Added 92 days agoSource: Popoholic
Mandy Moore Looking All Kinds Of Ultra Cute And Busty!
Heres This Is Us super cutie Mandy Moore looking absolutely adorable at the 2019 PaleyFest LA event, and busting out her huge braless bosom like bananas wowzers! This peach is totally looking hotter than ever, and definitely bustier than ever as well. Thats my favorite part. Although her groovy thighs are a close second. Alright, enough gushing enjoy!

Photo Credit: WENN

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Mandy Moore news

Jessica Alba Braless, Ultra Busty, And Leggy, Oh My!
Added 92 days agoSource: Popoholic
Jessica Alba Braless, Ultra Busty, And Leggy, Oh My!
Here are a whole bunch of screen caps from Jessica Alba?s Health magazine video featuring her drop dead sexy little self showing off her ultra sexy legs and a whole lot of her thighs in skimpy/revealing shorts, and busting out her massive braless cleavage and bosom which is nearly poking through her top sweet Christmas! It aint often that we get to see Alba this leggy and boobtastic, so stop reading this and enjoy the photos and video!

Photo Credit: YouTube

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Jessica Alba photos
Jessica Alba videos
Jessica Alba news

Madison Beer Selfies Her Insanely Sexy Body And Booty In A Tiny Bikini' WOW!
Added 92 days agoSource: Popoholic
Madison Beer Selfies Her Insanely Sexy Body And Booty In A Tiny Bikini' WOW!
Here are a whole bunch of screen caps from a video that Madison Beer just posted on her Instagram featuring her sexy little self filming her insanely sexy little body in a tiny bikini, and especially her bootylicious little booty in thong bikini bottoms sweet baby Jesus! Hands down one of the sexiest/most drool-inducing bodies on the planet, eh? And she knows it too, because shes filming and posting it on Instagram for our drooling pleasure. God bless her. Enjoy, and try not to drool all over yourselves!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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1-May-2019 :Madison Beer Busting Out In A Skimpy Tubetop!
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