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Hugh Jackman: the hardest part of preparing for Wolverine was eating a lot
Added 45 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Hugh Jackman: the hardest part of preparing for Wolverine was eating a lot
Co-stars and besties Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds appear on dual covers of the most recent edition of People to promote Deadpool & Wolverine, which hits theaters on July 26. They interviewed each other about working together, fatherhood, their longtime friendship (and faux feud), and getting in shape for their superhero roles. One of the most well-known things about Jackman playing Wolverine was his insane fitness and diet regimen. I still vividly remember reading about how he would get up every few hours at night to make sure he ate hard boiled eggs or whatever. Well, Hugh went back to his 8,000 calorie a day diet while training to get back into Wolverine shape. As it turns out, eating all day to bulk up muscle is really tough.

Hugh Jackman has opened up about the ?hardest? adjustment he made while gearing up to play Wolverine again this summer. The 55-year-old actor ? who stars alongside Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming superhero film ?Deadpool & Wolverine? ? told People magazine that he was pumped to prepare for his big screen return as the iconic mutant.

?My body was a little sore at the beginning, but I was thrilled that my body was still responding. And I realized how good it is for your brain. But the hardest bit?the food,? said Jackman, who initially decided that he?d retire from playing Wolverine after ?Logan? in 2017.

Jackman, who shared a snapshot of his apparent 8,000-calorie diet days on social media early last year, acknowledged that he had to ?eat a lot? for the role.

?For me, for my body type, I?m naturally skinny. To get the size on, that?s the hardest bit. That?s the bit that does my head in,? said Jackman, who previously told CNN?s Chris Wallace that he?d make it his ?job? to train for the part in ?Deadpool & Wolverine.?

Reynolds noted that five or six meals a day might sound ?great? to some people.

?But it?s not like the type of food that you would really necessarily enjoy,? he said. Reynolds, who is set to star in his third ?Deadpool? movie, told People that he ?couldn?t believe? Jackman?s change in physicality.

?Just the sheer relentlessness that you dedicated yourself towards stunts, choreography. It was the first time I?d ever seen how invaluable a background in song and dance is when you are doing an action movie,? he said.

He continued, ?You hit your marks in those fight scenes with speed and confidence, the likes of which I have never seen. I don?t care if you were 25, 35, 45 or 55. It was lightning.?

[From HuffPo]

My body was a little sore at the beginning, but I was thrilled that my body was still responding. No joke, Mr. Rosie and I climbed a mountain over Memorial Day Weekend and even though I walk/hike on hills several times a week, I was still having trouble walking down stairs for a full five days afterwards. It was one of those, ?Okay, well, #ThisIsActually40? moments for me. So, I have to give mad props to Hugh and his commitment and dedication. I would have a hard time eating that much, too, though. I have a healthy appetite, but really nowadays, pizza and brisket are the only two foods that get my dopamine inhibitors up, and I?m pretty sure neither of those were on Hugh?s list of approved non-cheat-day foods. I know, I know; he gets paid millions of dollars to eat chicken burgers and grass-fed sirloin, which is #goals, I guess. Kudos to him for sticking with it and not being like, ?It?s okay if I sneak this bag of chips or one-half of a Crumbl cookie,? because even getting paid millions of dollars, that?s the exact argument I would be having with myself.

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Jennifer Lopez is 'devastated' but 'also relieved' to cancel her 'TIML' concerts
Added 45 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Jennifer Lopez is 'devastated' but 'also relieved' to cancel her 'TIML' concerts
Last Friday, Jennifer Lopez announced the cancelation of her This Is Me? Live Tour, which was supposed to start this summer. Jennifer has been in the dance studio for months, working out the show, so it came as a surprise in a narrow way Jennifer is a workaholic and it felt like she would just barrel through with the tour, even as her life was falling apart. Now, that being said, I?m sure she was hurt by the poor ticket sales and the general ambivalence towards the album and the tour too. It was going to be a flop tour to support a flop album and the optics would have been awful. Jennifer spent the weekend being seen out and about in LA, going to the farmer?s market with Emme and going to her stepson?s basketball game. According to People Mag, J.Lo?s life is ?a lot right now.?

Jennifer Lopez is taking time to recalibrate her life after canceling her upcoming tour. A source close to the singer-actress tells PEOPLE that Lopez is devastated to call off her summer concert tour but understands the extra time to dedicate to herself and her loved ones is key.

Life is a lot right now. As sad as she was to cancel the tour, she?s also relieved. She needs to take care of herself, says the source.

The decision was something that her team encouraged, the source adds. Everyone is supportive of her focusing on family right now.

Lopezs This Is Me Live tour, in support of her latest album but also rebranded to be a greatest hits concert, was set to kick off June 26 in Orlando, Florida, and travel for shows in Austin, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, Toronto, New York City, Boston and more. It would have been her first tour since 2019s Its My Party Tour.

The news comes as sources told PEOPLE that Lopezs marriage with husband Ben Affleck is not in the best place at the moment. The two, who famously rekindled their decades-old romance before marrying in 2022, have been living under different roofs while both in Los Angeles.

[From People]

It feels like no one is capable of giving both Jennifer and Ben the benefit of the doubt here. I think it?s more than possible that Ben gave her an ultimatum: it?s our marriage or this dumb tour. As in, you need to stick around this summer and we need to spend time as a family, or else it?s over. Now, was Ben also following the fact that the concert tickets weren?t selling and the whole thing was going to be a disaster? For sure. Anyway, I genuinely hope that Jennifer spends the summer? chilling out with her kids and stepkids and working on her marriage.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez reunited on Sunday for Samuel's basketball game
Added 46 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez reunited on Sunday for Samuel's basketball game
Good lord, there are so many strong opinions about Bennifer these days. Strong opinions about Bennifer the couple, and strong opinions about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck individually. For what it?s worth, I?m still rooting for Bennifer as a couple but I acknowledge that both Ben and Jen can be (and often are) enormously problematic. That being said, there?s way too much bullying of J.Lo these days and it?s giving me flashbacks to the original Bennifer relationship, where there were all of these racist dogwhistles thrown around about Jen, and she was given sole agency over a complicated relationship and failed engagement. Jennifer is an ahole? but so is Ben.

Last Friday, Jennifer announced that she was canceling her planned tour in support of her flop album, This Is Me? Now. The ticket sales were in the toilet and very few people wanted any of this. Instead of refusing to acknowledge that and barreling ahead with the tour, J.Lo waved the white flag. She clearly wants to spend this summer working on her marriage too, which I think is a good idea.

On Sunday, Jen stepped out with Ben at his son Samuel?s basketball game. Jennifer Garner was there too, but everyone arrived separately. Ben and J.Lo greeted each other with air kisses, but? they left together and Ben drove them to Jack In the Box for lunch. It?s all very suburban. J.Lo used to like that about Ben, that he was a normal guy from Boston who loves his Dunkin and his fast food. Does she still love it?

Also: I fking LOVE J.Lo?s jeans in these photos. They?re so retro! Like, she wore this kind of cut during the original Bennifer relationship. Everything about her style here is so 2003 to me.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck avoid locking lips, give air kisses while attending his son?s basketball game

Page Six (@PageSix) June 3, 2024

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