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Danica Patrick had breast implant illness: 'trust your intuition, get them removed'
Added 594 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Danica Patrick had breast implant illness: 'trust your intuition, get them removed'
In 2014, Danica Patrick got breast implants. She decided to do it because it would?

make me feel more feminine and sexy, which is why a lot of women get implants. And I assume Danica had the cash for a pretty good plastic surgeon, too. But even with access to high end cosmetic surgery, something went wrong, and it led to a health crisis that took years to solve. In 2017, Danica?s general health declined. She was fatigued, gaining weight and her hair started falling out. A year later, one of her implants solidified, followed by the other. She continued to decline until 2022 when she realized it was the implants causing the problem. That?s when she was diagnosed with Breast Implant Illness (BII).

Danica Patrick is giving an inside look at the five-year health ordeal she experienced due to her breast implants.

Although the first three years with implants went well for Patrick, in 2017 she started noticing changes in her body and energy level, including fatigue, weight gain, dryness and hair loss.

I thought maybe my hormones were off, so I just said, Dig deeper, Danica, try harder,' she says of her persistent health problems.

A year later, Patrick says one of her breasts turned rock-hard, and the other followed. For so many years I didnt hug people tight because I didnt feel like pushing these little balloons into them. Whenever I was with a guy, I could not stop thinking that they knew they were fake, Patrick explains.

I went down a pretty deep rabbit hole, she says of trying to get answers. I had every test that could be done.

It wasnt until early 2022 that she realized her implants may be the problem after seeing a series of videos on social media about Breast Implant Illness, or BII.

BII symptoms have been reported with all types of breast implants and can occur immediately after implantation or years later. The top five most common symptoms associated with BII are fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, anxiety and hair loss, according to the FDA.

Along with BII, the FDA has identified a possible association between breast implants and the development of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

When theres an inflammatory response, it wears your body out. So for women experiencing BII, their system is just not working as it should, says board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shaun Parson, who treated Patrick. Its important for women to put their health first and their aesthetic goals second.

In March, Patrick decided to get her implants removed and she says the results were instant. She hopes other women experiencing similar symptoms wont feel so alone.

Trust your intuition, she urges. Get them removed, and see how you feel.

[From People]

When I first read that Danica?s implant turned ?rock hard,? I thought of course it?s the implants! But it?s always easy to diagnose something when you know the answer already. Those symptoms are synonymous with perimenopause, I?m sure plenty of people wrote it off as that. Even Danica said she thought it was her hormones. But if BII can lead to two different forms of lymphomas, make sure you see a doctor ASAP if you have any of those symptoms listed.

The good news is, Danica said as soon as she removed her implants she started feeling better. I?m sure it would suck to take out something you put in to feel better about yourself. But if it?s literally poisoning you, listen to your body, like Danica said.

And look, I know Danica is not the most popular person. But the message here is about BII and recognizing symptoms, not any of her other BS.

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People: Olivia Wilde & Jason had 'problems' before Olivia started up with Harry
Added 595 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
People: Olivia Wilde & Jason had 'problems' before Olivia started up with Harry
Here are some photos of Olivia Wilde out and about in LA on October 24th. Despite my predictions that Olivia and Harry Styles would be done as soon as the Don?t Worry Darling promotion was over, they are still together. I always thought that Harry didn?t go for this kind of romantic messiness, but maybe he?s changed. Olivia telegraphed their romantic status in these pics by wearing a ?Harry?s House? hoodie. Clever merchandising. Anyway, Olivia and Jason Sudeikis?s former nanny kind of ruined Olivia?s big argument/lie that she didn?t cheat on Jason with Harry, and that she and Jason were done long before she met Harry. Throughout DWD?s promotion, Olivia kept insisting that no, of course she didn?t cheat on Jason with Harry, she would never. Except that she absolutely did. So here?s Olivia excuse me, ?a source? telling People Magazine once again that Jason and Olivia were having problems long before she started banging Harry.

Problems between exes Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis predated the Dont Worry Darling directors romance with Harry Styles, sources say.

There is no easy way to end a long-term relationship, a source tells PEOPLE in this weeks issue regarding claims the couples former nanny made in an interview with the Daily Mail. There were issues between them before. Adds the source, Regardless of what anyone else says about their relationship, nobody but the two of them know what went on and why they split. Jason and Olivia are co-parenting and doing fine with that. The custody issues between them from before have not gotten in the way of both parents being with their kids.

A separate industry source says despite the breakup, the exes are united in their co-parenting priorities involving daughter Daisy, 6, and son Otis, 8.

Olivia and Jason have pretty much worked things out and are sharing custody of their children in a mature manner, says the insider. The split was unpleasant, but they have moved on. They will always have to communicate and be adult because they have two kids together.

As for Wildes relationship with Styles, 28, they are simply trying to move forward peacefully: Olivia and Harry have a dynamic relationship which is filled with admiration and respect for the other, says the industry source. The couple, who started dating during production of Dont Worry Darling, are currently spending time together in Los Angeles, where the singer is playing shows over the next several weeks.

Harry and Olivia are great. Theyre better than ever, adds a separate source. They rise above this sort of thing all the time, and theyre just moving forward with their relationship and are happy and thriving

[From People]

Most of what comes out of Olivia?s mouth is a lie, and this is coming straight from her camp. None of this is true, I suspect. While Jason and Olivia are likely coparenting and trying to dial down the drama, he literally had her served with custody papers in the middle of her CinemaCon presentation. Their filings in their custody fight in New York family court were really rough. And Olivia still plans to MOVE to London with the kids, which is what Jason has been trying to block. Anyway, I kind of think the point of this People story was Olivia wanting to brag about how she and Harry are still in love.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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