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Olivia Wilde wore Kwaidan Editions & Valentino at the San Sebastian festival
Added 666 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Olivia Wilde wore Kwaidan Editions & Valentino at the San Sebastian festival
I genuinely don?t know what the original promotional plan for Don?t Worry Darling was, but I have to believe that it wasn?t ?Olivia Wilde goes out solo repeatedly to make an ass out of herself.? I haven?t seen Gemma Chan, Chris Pine or Florence Pugh do one dedicated interview for DWD, although Harry Styles has done some interviews to promote the film, plus his tour plus his other film, My Policeman. Still, DWD?s promo has become The Olivia Wilde Show.

Olivia actually had a one-week reprieve last week, when most gossip outlets were focused on the Toronto International Film Festival and Queen Elizabeth II?s death. Olivia managed to squeak by without too much backlash for her completely fking bonkers Vanity Fair cover story, which mimicked the lies she told to Variety. In the rare moments when she could have actually clarified or apologized for her lies, she?s smugly pontificated about how the DWD shambles is all some gossip conspiracy or something. Meanwhile, Florence won?t do any promotion, and neither will Chris Pine.

So here?s Olivia, going solo this past weekend at the San Sebastian Film Festival. She?s the only person from DWD to show up. For the photocall, she wore a ?70s-style dress from Kwaidan Editions. For the premiere, she wore a green Valentino. I actually like the bold print, I just think she styled it poorly? I hate to say it, but this would have been the moment to do a center part with pin-straight hair, leaning into the ?70s vibe. The Valentino is meh to me too I hate this recent design element to cut the bust so narrow, all to expose some side-boob or whatever.

Meanwhile, Don?t Worry Darling opens this week. Some prognosticators are trying to say that all of the drama around the film will help the box office. I?m not so sure.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Cover Images.

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