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Marisa Tomei in Dundas at the Costume Designer's Awards: tacky or awesome'
Added 92 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Marisa Tomei in Dundas at the Costume Designer's Awards: tacky or awesome'
The Costume Designers Institute Awards were last night and there was so much fun fashion there. As Kaiser pointed out to me the makeup was bad overall though. You can see the list of winners on Variety and they include some of my favorites. Crazy Rich Asians won for contemporary film, Black Panther won for scifi/fantasy, and The Favourite got the award for period film. Kaiser/Chandra and I are going to talk about that on the podcast thats out next Monday. (Its an episode with bonus content as its coming out the day after the Oscars.) We both loved the costuming in The Favourite, and Chandra especially loved the film.

Marisa Tomei was in a green Dundas gown with a deep v-neck, puffy sleeves, a giant brooch-like detail at the waist and a crazy green and purple floral bird print with gold jagged stripes over it. My god I love this. Its so wonderfully 80s and while it is tacky I would wear the hell out of this. She looks amazing.

Look at Judith Light! She has been killing it this awards season, or maybe forever and I havent noticed until now. I dont have a designer on this gown but check out how shes working it. It fits her like a glove and I love the intricate design with the heart-like bodice.

Presenter Halle Berry was in a structured Ruth E. Carter gown featuring incredible detailing and a pencil skirt that flared out at the sides and waist. I love this, its so dramatic. The look calls for bolder styling though. Ruth E. Carter is the fashion designer for Black Panther, which so expertly combined futuristic and traditional African design. This reminds me a little of the scifi show Halle was on a few years ago, Extant. I really enjoyed that and the fashion was fun too. (Different designers worked on that though, I checked.)

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Kimberley Garner Busting Out Her Huge/Perfect/Braless Cleavage Like Bananas!
Added 92 days agoSource: Popoholic
Kimberley Garner Busting Out Her Huge/Perfect/Braless Cleavage Like Bananas!
Heres Kimberley Garner looking absolutely stunning at the Naked Heart Foundations The Fabulous Fund Fair in London the other night, and inducing a serious drool-fest thanks to one hell of a jaw-drooping display of her awesome booty, and her sexy braless cleavage thats popping out of her skimpy top like bananas sweet baby Jesus! I usually gush over this girls ridiculously sexy/perfect booty, but hot damn, her cleavage is just as sexy and just as perfect. Wow. Just wow. And said cleavage is all out there, so enjoy the show!

Photo Credit: WENN

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Keira Knightley Still Looking All Kinds Of Ridiculously Stunning
Added 92 days agoSource: Popoholic
Keira Knightley Still Looking All Kinds Of Ridiculously Stunning
Heres Keira Knightley looking just as stunning and adorable as she did back in the Pirates days at the world premiere for The Aftermath, and making me weak at the knees with just her sultry looks alone, which is crazy wowzers! She really looks like she hasnt aged a day since 2007, eh? Yeah, she probably made some sort of dark deal with one of those zombie pirates. Alright, enjoy!

Photo Credit: WENN

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Avril Lavigne Returns With A Massive Braless Cleavage Show' WOW!
Added 92 days agoSource: Popoholic
Avril Lavigne Returns With A Massive Braless Cleavage Show' WOW!
Heres a photo that Canadian cutie Avril Lavigne just posted on her Instagram featuring her sexy little self backstage at one of her shows, and flashing a whole lot of her massive braless cleavage in a dress that was made to show off as much braless cleavage action as possible sweet Christmas! Wow, she still looks super hot, and she totally looks bustier than ever! And she knows it too, because shes busting out said massive braless cleavage like the fate of the galaxy depended on it! Who knows maybe it does! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Hilary Duff Leggy, Curvy, And Bootylicious In Skin-Tight Jeans
Added 92 days agoSource: Popoholic
Hilary Duff Leggy, Curvy, And Bootylicious In Skin-Tight Jeans
Here?s new mom Hilary Duff taking a stroll with her baby in Los Angeles the other day, and not only is she looking like one of the hottest moms on the entire freaking planet, shes also inducing a drool-fest with her ginormous bosom, and her sexy legs, and thighs, and curves, and bootylicious booty in a pair of skin-tight jeans good lord! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: WENN

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