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Laura Linney News & Gossip
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Laura Linney, 52, on her 'secret' pregnancy: 'I just didn't advertise it'
Added 8 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Laura Linney, 52, on her 'secret' pregnancy: 'I just didn't advertise it'
Laura Linney was on Live with Kelly on Friday, when Kelly cohosted with her husband, Mark Consuelos. (I’m still taping that show but it’s filling up my DVR so I may have to rethink that. It’s one of those shows I might need for my job so I just save too many of them.) Laura is promoting her role on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows, which seems unfortunate given her level of talent and experience. It’s probably a nice paycheck though and I can’t begrudge her that.

Laura is a normal person who doesn’t say batsh*t things like her co-star Megan Fox, but she knows how to get headlines when necessary. Kelly Ripa asked her about her “secret” pregnancy, two and a half years ago, when she gave birth to a boy at 49 and no one knew she was even pregnant. Laura said it wasn’t secret per se and that she wasn’t in hiding or anything, she just didn’t advertise it:

When you got pregnant you kept it a secret, you were on our show and pregnant and we didn?t even know. Why did you decide to keep it a secret?

Well I was an older mother to be and it had taken me a very long time to have a child, so I wanted to make sure that my child actually arrived and was safe and healthy. So I just was very quiet about it. I didn?t hide it intentionally I just didn?t advertise it.

I was going to the theater when I was eight months pregnant and no one said a thing. When I actually had the baby this big deal was made about ?she was secret,? no I just didn?t have a sign that said ?I am pregnant now.?

How is Bennett?

He?s great, he?s two and a half.

You?re lucky that nobody noticed

Well I vomited a lot. So yeah, I wasn?t huge.

[From Live with Kelly, aired June 3, 2016]

That’s so funny that she said she didn’t get big because she vomited a lot. I was looking through the photos on Getty and WENN and Laura didn’t attend any events which I can find after June, 2013. So after she was about three or four months pregnant she stopped doing red carpets, which was smart. She may have gone out, but it’s not like she deliberately went to places where she would be photographed. She’s never opened up about her fertility struggles and Laura seems to keep a lid on her personal life, so she waited until she had the baby to say anything. It’s admirable and shows that celebrities can keep their private lives under wraps when they want to. Laura also has no Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts which aren’t fan-run. She lives in NY and does her thing under the radar.

Laura in June, 2013:

Here’s that segment with Laura on Live with Kelly:

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Laura Linney, 49, had a baby boy, Bennett, but the press didn't know she was pregnant
Added 10 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Laura Linney, 49, had a baby boy, Bennett, but the press didn't know she was pregnant
Here’s an example of a celebrity flying so under the radar while pregnant that the press didn’t even know she was pregnant. Granted this is Laura Linney. As much as we love her we don’t gossip about her and she’s rarely photographed by paparazzi. So it was a pleasant surprise to hear that Linney, 49, welcomed her first child, a baby boy, on Wednesday. She made the announcement in the afternoon on Friday, when it was the least likely to get press. The story is already off People’s homepage, so I’m thinking she doesn’t want much publicity for it and just issued a press release out of necessity. Laura and her husband of almost four years, Marc Schauer, named the boy Bennett Armistead Schauer.

Laura Linney sure knows how to keep a secret!

The actress, 49, recently became a mom after giving birth to a baby boy on Wednesday, Jan. 8, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Son Bennett Armistead Schauer is the first child for Linney and her husband Marc Schauer.

?Mother and baby are happy and healthy,? the rep tells PEOPLE.

The couple became engaged in 2007 and were married in May 2009.

?They are very happy,? her rep said at the time of the engagement.

[From People]

I really like the name Bennett, it’s unique without sounding strange. Baby Name Wizard says it’s a variant of “Benedict,” which makes sense, and that it started out as a last name which got turned into a first name.

I loved Linney in The Big C on Showtime, she was so good at playing that character it was hard to watch at times, and often bittersweet. I also had the honor of seeing her on stage in NY, in The Crucible with Liam Neeson, in the early ‘aughts. It’s surprising how little we know of her personal life, which is probably just how she wants it. Congratulations to Linney and Schauer!

This is the most recent photo that we have of Linney, from June, 2013. She would have been about two months pregnant at the time.

There are hardly any photos of Laura and her husband, Marc. This is from 2011 and the photo below is from 2007.

Photo credit:, FameFlynet and PacificCoastNews

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15-Jul-2010 :Laura Linney: ?getting old is a privilege? so don?t complain about it
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Laura Linney: 'getting old is a privilege' so don't complain about it
Added 13 years agoSource: CeleBitchy
Laura Linney: 'getting old is a privilege' so don't complain about it
Unassuming actress Laura Linney doesn’t get much press. She’s a solid well known character actress and conducts herself with such grace. Linney’s cover story interview in Prevention this month doesn’t contain anything shocking or particularly revealing. She just lets us know about her rather sensible diet and exercise plan and speaks in positive general terms about her life. It’s all so normal, healthy and refreshing. Compare Linney’s diet and exercise advice with that of say starving rickets-suffering overexerciser Gwyneth Paltrow or “no salt/sugar/meat/bread” Jessica Biel. (Comparatively Biel’s diet isn’t as bad as Goopy’s but that’s not saying much.)

Here’s what my would-be friend Laura Linney, 46, says about getting old, her diet and exercise regime, and her friendship with vegan Alicia Silverstone. She’s promoting her role on Showtime show The Big C, also starring Oliver Platt and Gabourey Sidibe, as a mom with breast cancer. As part of what she’s learned from the role she’s cleaned up her diet and is living a more healthy lifestyle. I love her perspective on aging. She’s not just paying lip service to it, either, and really seems sincere.

Actors say it all the time, but has this role actually changed any aspects of your life?

Absolutely. When the concrete idea that we only have a set amount of time hits you in a different way than just an intellectual idea, it changes you. So I’ve been changing my diet and going to the gym. My level of appreciation of all the basics of life has gone up… You know, I recently heard someone complaining about getting old, and I had such a violent reaction to that. There’s no question that getting old isn’t easy, but it’s a privilege, folks. I’m over people being “woe is me” about getting old.

You starred on Broadway in Time Stands Still [which reopens with Linney on September 23] with famously vegan Alicia Silverstone. Did she help shape your diet?

I love Alicia - she had an enormous influence on me. I burst with pride over her book [The Kind Diet]. And she said, “You don’t have to be one thing or the other, just figure out what’s best for you.” I had been so rigid in my thinking about if I was going to be a vegetarian, if I was going to be a vegan. I don’t have to put that pressure on myself. I”m just trying to learn what the best diet is for me.

What kind of changes have you made?

Well, I certainly feel better now that I’m barely eating meat. I don’t feel as heavy, my digestion is better, my skin is better - even my hair is better! And I feel healthier when I don’t eat dairy, but that’s really hard for me - I love cheese. But food is not just nutritional, it’s mental, so you know, if I need a little chocolate every once in a while, I need a little chocolate.

Actresses usually tell us about their Pilates or yoga workouts, but you’re into gym workouts. Why?

I’ve always been very flexible - I used to dance as a child - but I’ve never been very strong. I wanted my body to work better. Now I work out with a trainer twice a week and go once or twice on my own. She has me doing balance exercises and weight-bearing stuff. It’s strengthening large muscle groups, making sure I balance myself correctly.

Random question time: what’s you’re preferred method of de-stressing?

I’m in love with the steam shower. If I can take a steam for about 20 minutes at my gym, I’m in much better shape.

Hanging out with friends can be relaxing. Describe your best friend.

She’s joyous, curious, very alive. We go to the theater, have dinner, hang out with her kids… and talk and talk…

What’s your advice for staying positive?

Say yes to things that you might not normally say yes to.

Can you give me an example of that?

Meeting my husband [former broker Marc Schauer] 5 years ago was certainly unexpected. I’d always assumed I would be with someone in my business, because who could understand the crazy hours, the demands on our time, the travelling? He wasn’t in the performing arts; normally I would never have given it a chance. But something in side me said, Try something new. If you assume that you know yourself completely, you’ve shut yourself down.

[From Prevention, print edition, August 2010]

I want to hang out with Linney and eat normal healthy food and go to the gym. She sounds so smart without a hint of artifice. I love that she’s not into anything particularly trendy in regards to diet and exercise and that she doesn’t deprive herself. Can we please get her an Oscar already? She’s been nominated three times and it’s about time she won.

6-Jun-2016 :Laura Linney, 52, on her ?secret? pregnancy: ?I just didn?t advertise it?
18-Jan-2014 :Laura Linney, 49, had a baby boy, Bennett, but the press didn?t know she ...
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