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Vivica A. Fox swears she's not on board with the Psychic Friends Network
Added 3269 days agoSource: CeleBitchy
Vivica A. Fox swears she's not on board with the Psychic Friends Network
Yesterday, video swept the internet of Vivica A. Fox promoting the Psychic Friends Network. You remember them from back in the day. Well now they've returned. And somehow they got Vivica on board as their spokesperson.

I didn't think Vivica’s career was going that badly. Sure, she was on 'Dancing with the Stars,' which tends to say, 'My career is nearly over ' save me!' But she got a lot of good press for it. She made the mistake of starring with Jessica Simpson in her straight-to-DVD film 'Major Movie Star,' but everyone makes mistakes. However, apparently Vivica thought it was going to be all downhill from there, and decided to prepare in advance, by joining the Psychic Friends Network.

Even though there's clear video evidence to the contrary, Vivica is now saying she has nothing to do with the cheesy fortune tellers.

After an infomercial video and flyers for her alleged campaign with The Psychic Friends Networks hit the web on Monday, actress Vivica A. Fox contacted BV Buzz exclusively to address the matter.

In a statement that the star of ‘Two Can Play That Game’ and ‘Soul Food’ sent via e-mail late Monday night, she declared: “Vivica A. Fox is no friend of The Psychic Friends Network.”

Fox is alleging that the footage circulating online “is using her unauthorized likeness, footage, voice and photographs as an endorsement of their service.”

Additionally, the actress is demanding that The Psychic Friends Network “cease and desist immediately” with use of the video and images.

Details about why the video was shot or how the images were obtained by The Psychic Friends Network were not explained. The 44-year old actress most recently starred on Larry David’s HBO series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’

[From Black Voices]

I'm confused about how it's unauthorized, since it appears to be Vivica on the pre-recoded video. Which seems to have been filmed in a studio. Hmmm. I understand a person might panic and agree to something as cheesy as the Psychic Friends. And later, it'd make sense to have some deep, deep regrets when you realize you just traded in your career in exchange for a lifetime of free 1-900 calls. But if she sat down and filmed all that footage, I'm assuming there was a contract in place. Regrettable, yes. But I highly doubt unauthorized. This is going to be another Jessica Simpson-esq workout video debacle all over again.

Here's Vivica at Ne-Yo’s 29th birthday party on October 28th. Images thanks to WENN.

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